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Neshoba Ancestors that served in Regiments other than Neshoba Regiments (Misc. Reg.)

If you have any corrections or additions, please e-mail Marsha. These are Civil War Entries only.

Adkins, Jefferson Marion 
b. Jul 3, 1838
36th MS Reg. Co. D
Organized at Union, MS  Feb 22, 1862 under Captain J. S. Tatum, and mustered into the  Regiment at Meridian MS.
Howard G. Adkins

Allday, John (aka John Aglaly)
born October 14, 1841 died Febuary 6, 1919. He served in the 46th Infantry Company K. His captain was Captain McDonald. He also served in the Wise Legion Company F. According to his military paperwork he was born in Monroe County, TN.
Lisa Sandling

Bassett, Cristopher Columbus
36th MS Inf., Co. F
Pvt. Enlisted 5 March 1862 at Reinzi, Mississippi. Died of disease on 21 June 1862 in Northern MS. while serving. 
Joe Coston

Bassett, Lysander Wallace 
8th MS Inf. Reg.Co I, then Co. B, Capt. R. P Austin's Company
Pvt.,  Enlisted 8 June 1861 and was surrendered on 4 May 1865 at
Citronelle, Alabama.
Joe Coston

Breckenridge, Samuel J. Pvt.
Co I 5 MS Inf.
Paul Kines

Comans, Daniel 
12th Ms. Cav., Co. E
Tonya Glen Crenshaw, Annal Darvel
See "Soldiers"
12 Mar 1862 
Carol Shrader

Fulton, J. T.
Co. E., 16 MS Calvary, CSA
Alan Ray

Garrard, James R Pvt 
Hodges Battalion
Paul Kines

Garrard, John R. Pvt
Co I 5 MS Inf 
Paul Kines

Garrard, John W. Pvt
Capt. Gamblins Co State Troops MS Cav 
Paul Kines

Garrard, William H. Pvt
Capt. Gamblins Co State Troops MS Cav
Paul Kines

Greer, H. C.
MS Conscripts

Harrison, Wayne Crockett 
3rd Reg. Co. A, Alcorn’s Brigade, Army of 10000, Enlisted: Grenada, MS, on 8 Dec 1861.  Private, killed at Gettysburg, PA, in 1863 at 21 yrs. old
James K. Harrison

Henderson, Henry C.
Pvt., Williams Company, MS Cavalry, POW, Citronell
Gerry R. Lee

Henderson, Jesse R.
Pvt., Williams Company, MS Cavalry, POW, Citronelle
Gerry R. Lee

Holton, John A. Cpl/Pvt
Co K 43 MS Inf
Paul Kines

Hudson, William David
Pvt., Co. "I", 27th MS Infantry
Died Feb. 8, 1865 as POW, Camp Chase, OH
Gerry R. Lee

Hudson, William Henry David 
Pvt., Co. "G", 11 MS Infantry
Gerry R. Lee

Jones, Louis Johnson
Co. C, 11th Ms State Cav. Transferred to Co. K, 4th MS Cavalry
Bryan McRaven

Kilpatrick, J. J.
Camp of Instruction Guards
Enlisted in Enterprise or Brookhaven

Kines, James William Cpl
Co H 2 MS Inf
Paul Kines

Lee, Evan Ludbrook
11th MS Cav., Co. K, 11th MS Co A, and in Neshoba Rangers,
State Calvary, Corporal Perrin's Cavalry. The 11th was organized in the Spring of 1864 by the increase of Perrin's Cavalry, under Col. Robert O. Perrin, and surrendered April 26, 1865
P. K. Murphy

Lee, Thomas Jefferson
See "Soldiers", 14th MS Inf. Co. F
Harold C. Fisher

Martin, F. M.
Ross MS Brigade

McCrimmon, John B. Cpl
Capt. Wm. T. Wards Co 8 Regt MS Vol
Paul Kines

McCrimmon, John D. Pvt
Capt. Berrys Co of Inf Reserve Corps,MS
Paul Kines

McMillan, John
See also 33rd
5th MS, Co K at Carolina Church, Neshoba County July 1861 under Capt. Booth
Carol Shrader

Musgrove, Loveberry  ( b 1836 SC d. 1864) CSA as  a POW at Camp  Douglas. He  served in the  40th Ms. Infantry  Regiment, Company G (Dixie Rangers raised in  Leake County), although he  was  from  Neshoba County. He  can  be  found in  several  censuses  from the 1800's. He  was married  to  Caledonia  Parker of  Philadelphia, Neshoba.
Aleta Todisco

Myers, John A. 
26th Reg. Co. D, Enlisted October 18, 1863
Died at the "Battle of Wilderness" VA, May 6, 1864

Myers, Daniel R.
26th Reg. Co. D, Enlisted October 18, 1863
Died at Howard Grove Hospital, July 10, 1864 of "Fever"
Nan Hankovich

Nicholson, A. L.
MS Conscripts

Owen, Newton A.
Pvt., Co. "K", 2nd MS Cavalry
Gerry R. Lee

Owen, Russell A. 
Pvt., Co., "K", 2nd MS Cavalry
Gerry R. Lee

Parker, W. K. 
Camp of Instruction Guards, Enlisted in Enterprise or Brookhaven, Discharged by substitution

Rawles, Jesse
Camp of Instruction Guards
Enlisted in Enterprise or Brookhaven

Smith, Robert Wiley
Wounded in battle of Murfreesboro Dec 31, 1862. Buried in the Confederate Cemetery Murfreesboro, TN in an unmarked grave.

Stokes, George Pvt
Capt. Gamblins Co State Troops MS Cav 
Paul Kines

Stokes, William Pvt
Capt Gamblins Co State Troops MS Cav 
Paul Kines

Stribling, Thomas Joseph Thadius 
Williams Co. Cav., Dixie Rebels, MS., Captain, POW,  Sarah McElroy Stribling received a Confederate Widow's Pension in TX
Elreeta Weathers

Storey, A. F. 
Co K 26th AL Inf.

Tarver, Allen 
40th Infantry, Co. "B"
Gerry R. Lee

Tindol, William Robert 
40th Regt. Inf., Co. G.
George Stuart

Tiner/Tyner, James Polk
Co. "A", Cumberland Guards
Gerry R. Lee

Tiner/Tyner, James W. 
Co. "A", Cumberland Guards
Gerry R. Lee

Tiner/Tyner, Perry 
18th Texas 
Gerry R. Lee

Tiner/Tyner, George Whitfield
Co. "I", 33rd and Co. "I" 4th Infantry
Gerry R. Lee

Thomas, James D. 
13th  MS Inf, Co. C
Chad Johnson

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