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6th Cavalry, Co. G - "Runnel's Company" 

Raised in Neshoba County, MS

The following are men that served in this company. If you have additional Civil War information about your ancestor in this company, please let me know, so I can add them to the "Soldiers" section. These names came from the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System. Submitted by Marsha Bryant.

Allen C. H.
Barron T. Thomas
Barron Thomas
Beane O.
Beane T. A.
Beene O.
Beene Thomas
Blackwal A.C.
Blackwal J.
Blackwell I.
Boatler Uriah
Breland O. F.
Brewster H. H.
Brown E. J.
Brown E. T.
Brown M.
Brown M. L.
Bruster H. H.
Clark E.
Clark J. H.
Clark James
Coglin T. G.
Cotten I.W.
Coughlan T.G.
Covington L.H.
Dearman H. A.
Deha W.H.
Dehay W.H.
Dingman M.A.
Dulany A.
Dulany A.H.
Edgar E. N.
Edwards H. D.
Edwards I. B.
Edwards J. J.
Edwards L. C. D.
Eliott G. W.
Elliott J. W.
Eubanks A.
Everett J. W.
Everett John
Everett R. F.
Franklin A. H.
Franklin A. S. C.
Franklin L. C.
Germany Benjamin Campbell 
Germany H. M.
Stuart, William Davis, Pvt. George Stuart
Sutton J.M.
Tate A.
Thomas Gehu
Thomas J.S.
Thomas John
Tindal J.L.
Tinsley F.G.
Trawick C.C.
Ulmer T.I.
Vaughn W.M.
Vaughn W.W.
Virrett James
Viverett James
Watson John
Weathesby W.W.
Webb William
Weebb W.M.
Welch J.W.
Welch M.H.
Wells T.W.
Wells Thomas
Wethersby W.
White J.N.
Williamson J.
Williamson M.
Williamson Nixson
Williamson W.B.
Winstead, Henry- Wounded at Battle of Harrisburg (Tupelo, MS) July 14, 1864.  Tom Brannin
Wistead H.H.

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