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35th Co. A "Barry's Guards"

Organized in Kemper, Ms, 26th Feb 1862

The original is in the possession of Neal Watts. Another document that appears to be from the same or similar source is located on the Kemper site. Please check both in your research.
"I've tried to reproduce EXACTLY the characters on the handwritten document. As you know, old script frequently used superscripts in abbreviations. Also, abbreviations of other words are reproduced as written, even though different abbreviations were used for the same word in the document." -Tom Neal

Roster Co. A (This is on outer fold)
35th Miss - Regt. Mar/62
List of names and Roster of Co "A." 35th Miss —
Organized Mch 1862 at West Point Miss 
William J, Berry Col. 
James Watts Captain
WmT. Berry Col-
JasWatts, Cpt.
Adams J.M.
Never heard of after battle Corinth oct/62

Adams, Samuel
Jun. Lt. Killed at Corinth Oct. 4, 1862

Alexander Sam.
Joined Cavalry/63 Died Since War

Adams J. A.
Killed at Corinth Oct 4, 1862

Baker C. B.
Discharged /62, Discharged in 1863

Baker Eli
Transferred to Co. G. Wounded at Cor. /62

Barefield Frank
Died with fever at home /62

Barefield Frank
Died 1862

Bobbit James
in Texas

Boydston Ben
in Miss

Brittain Wm
Died Since War

Brittain W. M.
in Miss

Broadaway J. Westley
Killed at Franklin, Tenn., Nov 30, 1864
Brooke Ignateur F.
Brooke I. F. (Nase)
Substituted Peter M’Mahan. Enlisted in Cavalry Co. - Killed near Atlanta July 28 1864

Brooke Joseph
Died at Barton Sta Tens Dec/64
on retreat from Nashville, Tenn. 1864

Bruton Wm
Wounded Corinth & at Vicksburg
Died 1906, once severely

Burton Wm
Died in Ark.

Burke James
Killed at Vicksburg in 1863

Burton, Thomas
Died in prison
Burnett Joseph
Butler John
Died in Ark.
Calvert Thos
Killed at Corinth Oct 4, 1862

Calvert David
Lives near Waco, Texas

Cater John S.
Deserted in 1863

Chambers Hiram
Once a deserter, but at close came in and was Captured at Blakely Ala.

Clarke David
Killed at Vicksburg June,1863

Chandler Thomas
Died in hospital at Griffin, Geo. 1864

Clayton Rufus
Lauderdale, Co

Crawford M. D.
Substituted - Thornton in 1863

Cochran Hugh F.
Exchanged for Jas Rush of 24th. Was transferred to another Command and was severely wounded /64 in Georgia. Died at a soldier home in 1907.

Cole W. Troup
Acebot {?}-/62 Enlisted Cavalry - K - by wife {?} /98
Substituted Dick Evans- then enlisted in Perrins Cavalry Co & Regt - was killed by a mule in 1900

Cole, William Frank
Killed in accident at home. (Could be W. T. Cole)

Creed A. J.
Killed Atlanta /64

Creed, Cornelia "Neal"
Now blind or nearly so, died in 1902 Lauderdale Co

Creed Tom
Died in Northern Prison /64

Carmichail Geo.
Died in 1862.

Dabbs Hal
Killed Atlanta /64

Dabbs Henry
Died from wounds at Atlanta

Dabbs Robt
Severely wounded at Corinth Oct 4, 1862. Killed by negro, Walter Riley in 1874, who was hung in jail in 1877.

Davis William A.
Died in Abbeville, Dec. 1862.

Delk Jas
Died Since War

Edwards Jas K.
Edwards Jos E.
Edwards Joseph
Edwards A. J.
Eldridge E. T.
Wounded at Corinth, Oct. 3, 1862, Lives in La.

Ellerbee G. Wash
Died Meridian /98

Ellerbee G. W.
Died in 1900.

Etheridge Jas.
Transferred to Co G - and elected 1st Lt. killed in RR wreck at Edwards, Miss. Dec 1862.

Etheridge Geo.
Killed in RR wreck at Edwards, Miss. Dec. 1862. Transferred to Co G

Evans Dick
Substitute for W T Cole. Deserted in 1863.

Gill Wm.
Killed at Corinth Oct 4, 1862

Godby Wm.
Transferred to Navy at Mobile, 1864, Lives in Texas

Grady Curtis H
Went to Brazil /67 Died Since

Grady Curtis
Went to Brazil in 1866. Dead

Graham Wm A
Died Since War

Gully Jas A _
Living Meridian - Since War

Hadden Jas D.
Died Since War

Hall Wm
Died Since War

Hamlet Wm
Died in Prison

Hamlet D.
Haynes/Hayes Marion
Chaplain of Regt. Died in 1862 at Hospital

Hines "Johnnie"
Died Laud Co /94

Hines John
Wounded at Corinth, Dead.

Hodge Geo W.

Houston Doek
Transf - 43rd Reg K - Cor oct/62

Houston Dock
Transferred to 43 Regt. Killed in battle.

Hudnall Henry B.
Elected Second Jr. Lt. in 1863. Wounded at Corinth, Vicksburg, and Franklin 1864. Lives in Kiplin, MS.

Hughes Tom
Transfer Calvry for Jas Tatumat Mobile in 1864, from Ala Cavalry

Jagers/ Jagan Arnett H.
Died 1863 at Hospital

Jones J. Polk
Killed at Corinth Oct 4, 1862

Jones Martin L.
Lives in Hand, MS.
Jordan George
Killed at Corinth Oct 4, 1862

Jordan T. Sanford
Wound Cor transfer to Calv

Jordan Thos. Sanford
Severely wounded. Died, 1903

Kimbrough David
Lampley Ben
Transferred to 43 Miss. Regt. D. - After Capt Cavlry Died Since War

Lang Enoch
Lives in Smith Co.

Lilly Albert
Lives in Copiah Co., Died 1905

Littrell Moses
Lives in DeKalb, Kemper Co.

Lochlayer Reuben
Deserted in 1863

McConnell Andrew
Died at Home 1862

McConnell John
Died at Hospital 1862

McConnell Wm
Died Vicksburg 63

McCoy Redin
Now blind, wounded at Corinth in 1862, Died 1908.

McCoy Jackson
Woundd Corinth Franklin & Blakely

McDonald, J. S.

McKelvaine Ben
Died Hospital in 1863

McLain William
Lauderdale, MS.

McLelland Jas
Transfrd Cavlry /62

McLelland Josep.
Transferred to 4th Miss. Cavalry

McMahan Peter
Sub. for J F Brooke. D., a good soldier Died Since War

McMahan Archie

McRae Jas A.
Wounded Geo - /64 DeKalb, MS.

Mitchull Wile W.
Died Since War

Moore Stephen J.
Went to Texas

Mosley William
Went to Ark., Dead Since War

Mosely Robt
Died Since War

Mosley Travis S.
Wounded at Corinth, Oct. 3, 1862

Mosley Green
Died Hospital Paulene /63

Mosley Green
Died at Canton, Miss 1862

Nester John
Nicholson Neal W
Died Since War

Nicholson Sandy
Went to Texas.

Oliver Frank D.
Sergeant Died in 1902

Oliver Richard
Severely wounded at Atlanta, GA, 1864. Died Since War
Opelt Fred
13 years old Killed at Atlanta 1864

Page Charles
Deserted in 1863

Pollock Lemuel B.
Lives in Herbert, MS.

Poole Tho.
Killed at Kennesaw Mountain 1864

Poole Richard
Rea John
Died in 1906.

Reed Jesse
Killed at Vicksburg 1863

Reed Joseph
Killed at Atlanta, Ga. 1864

Reed John
Killed at Vicksburg 1863

Reed Thos
Died home /62

Reed Thos.
Died in 1863.
Reed Geo.
Transferred to Co G

Reed Reuben
Transferred to Co G

Reed Wm.
Died in 1862 at Hospital

Roach B. O.
Died Vcksbg /63

Roach B. C.
Killed at Vicksburg 1863

Roberts Byrum
1st Corporal. Died in Texas 1900 or 1898.

Robertson Anderson
Killed at Kennesaw Mt 1864

Robinson Wm.
Transferred to Co G as 2nd Lieut. Killed Died Prison /65

Robinson Bart
Transferred to Co G

Robinson Richard
Transferred to Co G, died in 90s

Rogers John
Killed at Vicksburg

Rollins Wm.

Ross W. W.
Sergeant. Killed at Franklin Nov. 30, 1864

Rush B. F.
Elect 2nd Lt Co G - Died Ohio /97 or /98

Rush John
Transferred to Co G as 2nd Jr. Lt., Died since war

Rush Jas.
Taken in exchange from 24th Miss. Regt. in 1864.

Seale J. Westley
Transferred to Navy at Mobile, Ala 1863

Seale Wm.
Deserted in 1862

Selby Daniel
Russellville, MS.

Selby Wm
Russellville, MS.

Selby John
Simmons J. M., M.D.
Made Asst surg. in 1863. Dead

Shumate Daniel D.
Discharged 1862. Died in 1862

Slayton A. M.
Deserted in 1862

Smith Ben

Smith Jas
Smith Martin J
Died House /62

Smith Martin
Killed at Vicksburg 1863.

Smith Malcom
Died Vcksbrg /63

Smith Malcom
Killed in Ga., 1864

Smith Marion

Spier Frank
Died in 1862

Spinks P.N.
Discharge in 1862. Died 1876

Spinks Enoch E./F.
Elected 1st Sergeant - promoted to Sen. 2nd Lt 62. Dangerously wounded at Franklin, Nov 30, 1864.

Spinks P. T.
Died after War Txs

Spinks, Presly N.
Died in Texas, Discharged Dec., 1862.

Spinks Raleigh W.
Severely wounded at Altoona, Ga. 1864 Died in 1875

Spinks Windsor J.
Wounded at Franklin 1864, Died.

Stephens Ned
Transferred to Co. G. lost on arm at Corinth 1862

Stephenson, Henry
Prismatic, MS.

Stewart Archie

Swearingin Jas.
DeKalb, MS

Swearingin Wilson
Killed at Atlanta 1864.

Tatum Jas
Subs - Tom Hughes - Killed at Franklin
Taken in Exchange for J. Hughes. Killed at Franklin 1864

Subs - deserted

A substitute for M O Crawford - deserted in 1863
Died Since War in Ark

Thomas Jas.
1st Sergt once, Dead.

Tinsley Burwell
Wounded at Corinth 1862. Killed in Texas 1866/1871

Tinsley Jas.

Tinsley Henry G.
Wounded at Vicksburg

Tisdale Singleton
Died in Laurd Co /98/9

Tisdale J. Singleton
Wounded at Cresville, Ga.

Tisdale Jas.

Treadway Wm
Died Since War

Van Devender Sam
Wounded at Corinth, Lives in Texas

Vickery John

Warren C. C.
Deserted in 1862.

Warren Caloway/ Galloway
Killed at Vicksburg 1863.

Watson Jas.
Deserted in 1862. But returned and was Captured 

Watts Jas
Deserted in 1862. But returned and was Captured
at Blakely 1865.

Webb Wm
Died Since War in Txs

Weston Robt.
Died in Hospital /64

Weston Robt.
Died at Vicksburg of wound received.

White John Z.
Died Since War

White John

White John A.
Wounded at Franklin, Tenn on Nov 30, 1864.

Williams Ralph
Deserted /62

Williams Ralph

Winingham Van
Wenningham Van
Wounded at Corinth. Dead
Copd Aug 1900Jas

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