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40th Inf., Co. E, "Steam Mill Rangers"

The following men served in this company. If you have additional Civil War information about your ancestor in this company, please let me know, so I can add them to the "Soldiers" section. These names came from the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System. Submitted by Marsha Bryant.

Abbott, B. F. Private 
Abbott, J. T. Private 
Abbott, Jesse T. Private 
Adkins, John 
Surrender at Vicksburg Jul 4, 1863, exchanged Sep 12, 1863. b. 8 Nov, 1846
Ainsworth, David S.
Bazeman, M. J.
Blalock, J.B.
Bowell, George W.
Bozeman, Meare J.
Busby, J. D.
Busby, L. P. 
Chambers, J.E., 1st Lt.
Clark, Franklin
Clary, D. A.
Collins, E.
Collins, J. D.
Coughran, Bartholomew S. 
Crowder, A.N., 1st Lt. 
Crowther, Albert W.
Dansby, Moses S., 2nd Lt.
Davis, Daniel F.
Day, William S.
Deweese, Joseph W.
Doues/Duese, Joseph W.
Duese, Temple
Elliott, Albert
Emmons, William
Featherston, M.R.
Featherston, W.F.
Featherston, William M. 
Fincher, A. W. Companies F & E
Fincher, Joseph W. Companies F & E
Fox, Japhet G.
Fulton, J. E.
Gibbens, E.G.
Gibbens, Washington M.D., Major 
Goforth, Zachariah
Griffin, Airy C.
Griffin, James A.
Hammons, Jasper 
Hammons, Johnston
Hand, Ransom H.
Hard, Rankin H.
Harrison, Jack A.
Harrison, James George
Enlisted: 3 May 1862 in Neshoba. Fought: Iuka 19 Sep 1862, Corinth 3-4 Oct 1862, and Vicksburg where he was taken prisoner on 4 Jul 1863. Paroled: 9 Jul 1863
Harrison, John Armstrong
Also served in: 18th MS Cav., Co. I, Ham’s Regulars, and 2nd MS Inf., Co. E
Hawington, James C.
Herrington, Herbert
Herrington, J.H. 
Hilt, Daniel M.
Hinton, P.R., Companies A & E 
Hinton, Thomas R., Companies A & E
Hirst, William C., Corporal 
Hitt, Daniel M./N.
Hobington, James C.
Hobington, Joseph C.
Hobson, L.R. F Private Private 
Hoburgton, Joseph C.
Hoester, George
Holder, W.H.
Houston, George H.
Enlisted: May 3, 1862. POW: Paroled by US Forces in battle of Iuka, Sept 19, of Corinth on the 3rd and 4th, and of Hatchie on 5th and 6th of Oct. 1862 POW: Vicksburg, Ms July 4, 1863
POW - Nashville, Tn Dec 15, 1864 - forwarded to Louisville Ky Dec 18, 1864 then forwarded to Camp Douglas, Chicago remained POW until June 6, 1865.
Houston, James
Houston, John
Hovington, James C.
Howington, James E./C
Howle, John M.
Humphreys, William P. E Private
Huston, George
Ingrem, James A.
Johnson, Edgar W.
Johnson/Johnston, George W.
Johnson, W.
Joyner/Joiner, Joshua A.
Keen, David C.
Kennson, William
Kerr, D.C.
Kirkland, W.F.
Lackley/Lacker, Michael
Leckly, M.
Lee, W.C./E.
Locklayer, Michael
Lockley, M.
Loflin/Lofflin/Loften, Isaac F.
Loflin, Mardie H.
Logan, J.J.
Lucklier, Michael
Mallahalen, Joseph
McCodum, J.K.
McCollum, Jasper A.
McKee, Francis A.
McKinney, John P.
Moore, Woodward W.
Mulholland, Joseph
Myers, Andrew J.
Myers, T. J.
Oliver, Morris S.
Oliver, P. M.
Oliver, William H. H.
Partridge, William D.
Pearce, Wilburn R.
Peden, E. G.
Peden, George J.
Phillips, Mathew R.
Pierce, Wrily R., Captain
Poole, Richard P.
Poole, Samuel W.,3rd Lt.
Poole, William E
Pope, J. T.
Portwood, J./U. S.
Posey, Richard W.
Powell, George W. E
Rhodes, William J.
Rice, T.J.
Rice, Thomas
Richmond, T.B., 3rd Lt.
Richmond, W.D., 3rd Lt.
Sharp, J. H.
Skinner/Sinner, John W.
Smith, Benjamin A.
Smith, D.F.
Smith, G.B.
Smith, J.W.
Smith, S.I.
Stroud, Isaac
Threatt, E.
Tingle, Charles F.
Tingle, William P.H.
Townsend, Andrew J.
Townsend, D. Henry
Townsend, Francis M.
Townsend, T.N.
Townsend, William E
Truitt, Edward W.
Truitt, J.W.
Trussell, Benjamin F.
Turner, George
Turner, James A./M.
Turner, William A.
Vickery, John G.
Vickery, Leroy J.
Wain, W.E.
Walters, William H.
Ward, William
Wayne, William E.
Whatley, Malberry W.
Williams, William P.
Windham, J.C.
Winn, Hines H., 1st Lt.
Wolf, John M. Companies A & E
Word, William
Wynn, Harris/Hines H. 1st Lt.

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