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33rd Reg. Inf. Co. A, "Cumberland Guards"

The following are men that served in this regiment. You may see the entire roster at: David Godbold's site. If your ancestor is listed, please let me know, so I can add them to this page. Also, you may find information on the 33rd at "History of the 33rd Mississippi Infantry" by Sid Bondurant. Thanks to Bryan D. McRaven for sending in this roster!

Allen B. Private

Allen Franklin J. Private

Allen J. M. Private 

Allen Levi W. Private 

Allen William Private 

Barber J. H. Private

Jeremiah M. Private 

Barefield James W. Corporal Sergeant 

Barrett Arthur A Private 
Prisoner near Jonesboro, GA on September 4, 1864, and sent to Camp Douglas, IL, and discharged on June 17, 1865 

Barrett, William Grant 
March 8, 1862
Prisoner of war near Jonesboro, GA on September 4, 1864, sent to Camp Douglas, IL, and discharged June 17, 1865. 
Booth A. R. Captain

Brantley Robert H. Private 

Brown D A Private
Cadenhead David F. 1 Sergeant 2 Lieutenant

Dennis George W. Private 

Deskin James M. Private 

Deskin William D. Private Sergeant 

Dewese John Private

Dove Benjamin Sergeant

Dunken J. W. Sergeant

Edwards William P. Private

Frasier William P. Private

Futch C. J. Private 

Futch J. A Private

Futch R. J. Private

Garner Thomas Private

Garrett Richard G. Private

Gibson W. E. Private

Griffin Ira L. Private

Guice John S. Private 
Hadley Hampton Private

Hammons Francis M. Private

Haney J. G. Private

Hardage J. J. Corporal

Heath John N. Private

Heath Levi A 33 Private

Hembry J. Private

Henderson J. H. Private 

Henderson L. D. Private 

Henry John M(N.?). Private 

Henry Joseph A. Private

Henry Sion P. Private 

Henson A. Private

Honey J. Private

Howard W. Private

Hudson Andrew J. Private Corporal

Hughens James Private Corporal

Hughes Lawrence W. Private

Jordan William C. Private

Keeble John E.(H.?) Private

Kennedy David A. Private

Kennedy Simeon J. Corporal 3 Lieutenant

Kennedy Wade H. Private

Kennedy William G. W. Sergeant Private
was in the 33rd Ms Inf, Co A as a 3rd Sgt. He mustered out at some point and re-enlisted in Meridian as a pvt. He was killed at Decatur, Alabama on the 27th of October in 1864.
Mike Smith

Mason Soloman
Captured at Jonesboro - Aug 31-Sep 1, 1864, Enlisted Mar 15, 1862, in Neshoba County. He was captured on Sept 4, 1864 in Jonesboro, Ga. After capture, he was taken through Louisville, KY to Camp Douglas in Chicago, arriving there on Nov 1, 1864. He appears on a roll of prisoners of war at Camp Douglas, Chicago, IL and was discharged on Jun 17, 1865 in accordance with General order No. 109, A.G.O., Washington, D. C. -dated Jun 6, 1865.
Brigade: Featherton
Division: Loring
Corps: Stewart    
John K. Miller
166 Kern St., #24
Salinas, CA 93905-2027
Massey A. N. Private
Mayo Asa J. Private Sergeant 
Sanders A. L. Private
Sanders, Alsey Andrew
killed April 19, 1863, in a torpedo explosion at Ft. Pemberton 
Sanders, Alsey H.
enlisted as a Pvt. on April 30, 1862
Died about October 27, 1862 

Sanders, Francis Marion
Sanders, John Henry 
enlisted March 15, 1862
killed April 19, 1863, in a torpedo explosion at Fort Pemberton 

Sanders, Micajah Pope "Cagie"
enlisted January 8, 1863, as a Pvt., at age 18
Part of Featherston's Brigade, he was wounded at the Battle of Peachtree Creek, near Atlanta, Ga., on July 20, 1864. He was present with the Regiment when it was paroled April 26, 1865, at the end of the war. 
Sanders, Mikecager C.
Savell, E. B.
Savell, Jasper
Savell, Rolin B.
Savill, R. B.
Shaw, Henry E.
Shaw, James
Shaw, John H.
Simmonds, James
Simmons, James
Simmons, James E.
Sinnons, J.
Slaughter, L.
Smith, Joseph
Spivey, W.G.
Spivy, J.M.
Steele, James B.
Steile, John B.
Summers, James
Summons, James
Summons, James E.
Tiner, James P.
Tinner, John P.
Tullos, Shederick J.
Tullos, Stephen J.
Tullos, William A.
Turberville, W.R.
Tyner, James P.
Waddle, R.
Wadkins, Alfred D.
Wadkins, Jessey
Warren, Charles R.
Watkins, Alfred D.
Watkins, Anderson
Watkins, G.
Watkins, J.
Watkins, Jesse
Watkins, Thomas B.
Watkins, W.H.
Weems, J.L.
Wells, H.T.
Wells, W.E.
Wiggins, A.W.
Wiggins, George W.
Wiggins, John W.
Wills, W.E.
Wilson, C.G.
Wilson, Daniel J.
Wilson, N.A.
Windfeald, W.S.
Winfield, William S.
Young, Green
Young, Lewis

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