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5th Inf. Co. B, "Bogue Chitto Rangers"

from Philadelphia  

This information was contributed by Tom Neely. The following men served in this company. If you have additional Civil War information about your ancestor in this company, please let me know, so I can add them to the "Soldiers" section. These names came from the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System.

The Fifth Mississippi Infantry was finally organized in September, 1861 at Enterprise, Ms. Its field officers were:

Colonels--Albert E. Fant, John Weir, wounded at Franklin
Lieutenant Colonels--Samuel F. M. Faucett, W. L. Sykes, killed at Chickamauga; John B. Herring Majors--Adam T. Stennis, John B. Herring, John Weir Adjutant--A. F. Stennis

Company B, Bogue Chitto Rangers, mustered into state service at Philadelphia, Ms., August 5, 1861.
Captain--John M. Jackson
First Lieutenants--John J. Smith, Isaac Enloe, died in service
Second Lieutenants--Daniel N. Parker, died in service
Third Lieutenants--James Ray, B. F. Stewart (Stevens ?)
Adams J. A.
Adams John C.
Adhams J. A.
Adhams J. C.
Allen S. A.
Allgood J. M.
Andrews William
Arledge J. D.
Arlidge J. D.
Arrington Burwell
Ausbarn J.N.
Ausbarn N.G.
Ausborn T.J.
Barrett George W.
Barrett Samuel
Barrett Thomas J.
Barricks T.J.
Barrier J.G.
Barrier Thomas J.
Beckham Arch V.
Blunt J. W.
Boils W. P.
Bouden J. M.
Bowden J. W.
Boyles Sylvester
Boyles Sysitus
Boyles W. P.
Bruce Zedok W.
Buster J. A. D.
Clement Emil L.
Collins J. D.
Collins, L. G. - Battle of Chickamauga, was selected for the Roll of Honor
Copeland S.M.
Copeland Steven N.
Copland S.M.
Cumberland James
Cumberland Lewis
Cumberland R.A.
Cumberland Thomas
Cumberlin James
Cumberlin Lewis
Cumberlin Thomas
Daniel S.W.
Daniel William S.
DeHay T.B.
Dehay James H.
Dehay James H.
Dehey J.A.H.
Depas T.B.
Donald David
Donnell D.
Durant E. G.
Durant R. J.
Durant Richard G.
Edwards James L.
Edwards William
Ellis Francis M.
Enloe Isaac
Farish, J.E.
Farish, W.T.
Farrish, J.E.
Farrish, William T.
Ferrish, William T.
Florance, Thomas A.
Florrence, T. A.
Fulton, James M.
Fulton, T. S.
Glass, Jessee
Goodie, J.S.
Gorden, R.V.
Gorden, William F.
Gordon, Robert V.
Gordon, W.F.
Gore, George W.
Gore, J.H.
Gore, Robert J.
Green, James
Hamilton, T.J.
Hernein, S.G.
Herren, B.F.
Herren, Stephen G.
Herrin, S.G.
Herron, S.G.
Hickman, E.F.
Hickman, J.H.
Hickman, James A.
Hickman, S.J.
Hickman, W.J.
Hickman, James W. (Companies B & E)
Humphrey, James M.
Jackson, I. D.
Jackson, John M.
Jackson, Mark A.
Jackson, Martin A.
Jackson, R. P.
Jackson, Richard P.
Jayro, Levi G.
Jeyro, S.L.G.
Kadliff, R.H.
Kincheler, Philp H.
Lewis, Simeon
Lundy, William J.
Mayo, Ellis L.
Mayo, T.L.
McGanby, Ely N.
McGanby, James F.
McQueen, W.M.
McQuien, William
McQuin, W.
Miller, Moses
Morris, I. S.
Morris, Isaac P.
Morris, J. P.
Morris, Thomas J.
Nash, C. A.
Nash, Ira M.
Nash, J. J. M.
Nash, J. J. N.
Orsburn, Jerrey M.
Orsburn, Nathaniel G.
Orsburn, Thomas J.
Osborn, J. M.
Osborn, M. G.
Osborn, T. J.
Parker, Daniel N.
Perry, J. M.
Phillips, James F.
Phillips, William
Pruitt, W.
Rainer, G.W.
Ray, James
Rea, John
Roberts, G.W.
Roberts, Z.W.
Robinson, A.B.
Roper, W.S.
Roper, W.Z.
Roper, Z.W.
Ross, L.D.
Ross, W.L.
Ross, W.T.
Rosser, W.Z.
Rush, Peter
Smith, Henry C.
Smith, James M.
Smith, John J.
Smith, W.M.
Smith, William
Steel, J.W.
Steel, Sewel W.
Steele, S.W.
Stewart, B.F.
Stewart, Benjamin T.
Stewart, H.
Stewart, Henry C.
Tanner, L.
Tanner, Ludwell
Vaughan, E.M.
Vaughn, E.M.
Weatherford, J.W.
Wetherford, John W.
Williamson, Henry C.

At the battle of Stones River, (Murfreesboro, Tn.), Jesse Glass of Co. B and H. H. McMichael of Company K were selected for the Roll of Honor. At the battle of Chickamauga L. G. Collins of Co. B and John Hadley of Company K were selected for the Roll of Honor. Lieutenants Sam Houston and W. R. Morrow of Company K were killed in the battle of Turner's Ferry during the Atlanta Campaign on May 15, 1864. Captain M. M. Miller, commanding Co. B, was killed on July 22, 1864, in the battle for Atlanta; Captain W. J. H McBeath of Co K was, along with four others, wounded on July 22, 1864, during the same battle.

The Fifth Mississippi was in the following battles and campaigns:

Shiloh, April 6-7, 1862
Corinth, April-June, 1862
Murfreesboro (Stone's River), December 31, 1862-January 3, 1863
Tullahoma Campaign, June, 1863
Chickamauga, September 19, 20, 1863
Chattanooga Siege, September-November, 1863
Chattanooga, November 23-25, 1863
Atlanta Campaign, May-September, 1864
Peach Tree Creek, July 20, 1864
Atlanta, July 22, 1864
Franklin, November 30, 1864
Nashville, December 15-16, 1864
Bentonville, March 19-21

This hard fighting regiment was in the thick of it from the first. 
Be sure to read the short history of the unit from Dunbar Rowland's work, Military History of Mississippi, 1803 - 1898, Brandon, 1908, courtesy of the Mississippi Sons of Confederate Veterans, Jim Huffman and Henry Irving at . When you get there, click "Military History" and scroll down to the Fifth.

For additional history of this Regiment, click here.

Sources: Sifakis, Compendium of the Confederate Armies-Mississippi,
Facts-on-File, NY, 1995.
Rowland, Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898,
Brandon Printing, Nashville, 1908.

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