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35th Infantry, Co. E

Company E of the 35th MS Infantry of Neshoba County was assigned to the regiment March 6, 1862.

The following information was given to us by Tom Neely. Captains--H. M. Walsh, killed at Vicksburg; John Harrison
First Lieutenant--A. Cooper
Second Lieutenants--C. Shadrick and John Killen

In the battle at Franklin, November 30, 1864, the following men of Co. E reached the second line of the Federal defenses and remained there during the night: Captain J. A. Harrison, Second Lieutenant T. B. Walsh, First Sergeant J. F. Walsh, Sergeants F. M. Hester, A. J. Cooper, Corporal J. H. Rice, Privates J. R. Barrett, A. Lowry, J. N. Strait, H. W. White. Second Lieutenant J. A. Killingsworth reached the abatis.

The following are men that served in this company. If you have additional Civil War information about your ancestor in this company, please let me know, so I can add them to the "Soldiers" section. These names came from the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System.
Watts James
Captain - resigned July 1862
Rush Ben F.
1st Lt. Promoted to Capt. July 1862

Adams D. A.
Arledge John F.
Baker T.J.
Bankston J.W.
Barefoot James
Barefoot Warren
Barfoot J.
Barfoot W.
Barrett, J. R., Private , born in 1843, MS & died May 21, 1910 in TX. Buried: Prairie Grove Cem., Hill Co., TX. Prisoner of war, captured at Vicksburg & later paroled.
Bony H. L.
Bony K. S.
Boyd B. F.
Boyd Benjamin
Boyd J. R.
Boyd John
Boyles W. C.
Bozeman D.
Brown T. J.
Cannon J. W.
Cannon Jasper
Cannon M. J.
Cannon N. J.
Cannon Newton
Cannon S. F.
Cannon S. N.
Cannon Sterlin
Cannon W. J.
Caroway G.G.
Chadwick J.M.
Chadwick J.W.
Chadwick James M.
Chadwick Moses
Chancellor D.J.
Chancellor Daniel J.
Chanellar D.J.
Chawick J.M.
Clark A. D. H.
Clark A. J.
Clark E. D. H.
Clark E.S.
Clark Joseph
Coker H. J.
Coker Henry
Collers Jesse L.
Cooper A.J., First Lieu.
Cooper Andrew J.
Cooper E.L.
Crocker J.C.
Dass R. M.
Davies W. W.
Davis D. F.
Davis J. P.
Davis James
Davis W. W.
Deas H.
Deas J. W.
Dees J.W.
Dees John W.
Dewese Henry
Dooley Robert S.
Dooly B.
Dooly Gus
Dooly R.A.
Dooly R.S.
Dooss R.M.
Doss R. M.
Duease Henry
Duese Henry
Duroh R.S.
Durohu H.V.
Easton W. H.
Edwards Jacob
Finkley J. W.
Finly J. N.
Finly J. P.
Goldman James
Goleman James
Gore J.H.
Graves W.R.
Gray H. V.
Gray Henry V.
Gray J. W.
Gray T. J.
Grear J. R.
Grear W. R.
Greer J. R.
Greer W. R.
Griffin G.
Hainsworth Levi
Haygood Levi
Haywood/ Heywood Levi
Hallaway William
Hallis J. G.
Harrison Benjamin
Harrison H. A.
Harrison John A., Captain 
Hester, F. M., Sergeant 
Hester Francis M.
Hester T.C.
Hollis J.G.
Hollis John G.
Hollis John S.
Holloway William
Horice J.G.
House W.A.
House W.J.
House William A.
Hughes D. J.
Jackson A. T.
Jackson A. Y.
Jackson F. M.
Jackson T. M.
Janes Albert
Jenkins Hugh
Jenkins William
Jinkins H.
Johnson C.
Johnson Ingram
Johnson J.
Johnson J.C.
Johnson W.C.
Johnson W.V.
Johnson William C.
Jones Albert
Killen, John, Second Lieu. 
Killingsworth, J. A., Second Lieu. 
Killingsworth J.A.
Killingsworth J.H.
Killingworth J.W.
Killinsworth J.A.
Koker H.J.
Lancaster A.T.
Lancaster J.T.
Lanchester J.T.
Langley John
Langly John
Laws William
Lowery A.
Lowry Abner
Lundy, Henry Jefferson
Lundy H.J.
Lundy M.S.
Lundy Montgomery Sydney
Lundy, V. Montgomery Sidney Lundy (1838-1907), enl. Mar 6, 1862 
Maurice R.A.
McCoy E.B.
McCraw, E.K.
McCraw, Edwin H.
McCrow, E.H.
McDonald, Hugh W.
McGinnis, Barney
McGinnis, D.
McGraw, Edwin H.
McKee, J.C.
McKee, James
McMichael, W.S.
McMichael, William
McMickle, William
Michael, William
Miller, Hugh Pinkney
Morris, R. A.
Myatt, J. C.
Nicholes, H. G.
Nicholson, A. M.
Nicholson, H. J.
Nicholson, Henry D.
Nicholson, Henry J.
Nicholson, J. H.
Page, B. F.
Page, Benjamin
Parker, J. H.
Parker, P. J.
Parker, Thomas J.
Pasey, Richard F.
Petty, W. T.
Petty, William
Petty, William F.
Pool, L. C.
Porter, Floyd
Posey, R. F.
Posey, Richard F.
Poter, Floyd
Powell, George
Reaves, W.R.
Reaves, William
Reeves, William
Reid, Wiley
Rice, James H.
Rice, James M.
Ruffin, E.
Sabell, Matthew
Sadler, J.H.
Sadler, William
Salk, W.
Savell, M.
Savill, M.
Sharp, W. D.
Sharp, W. L.
Sharp, William S.
Silk, William
Simmons, J.
Simmons, J.R.
Simmons, William
Sistrunk, William
Sorrel, Mathew
Spear, David
Stephens, E.
Stephens, Erastus
Stephens, James
Stephens, William
Stevens, E.
Stevens, J.
Stevens, William
Steward, John A.
Stewart, J.A.
Stewart, John A.
Stewart, W.R.
Stovall, J.H.
Stovall, John H.
Strait, John N.
Strout, J.N.
Strum, B.
Strum, Benjamin
Summons, William
Talley, G.E.
Talley, J.T.
Talley, T.E.
Talley, William
Thaygood, Levi
Thompson, T.B.
Threatt, E.J.
Threatt, Elijah I.
Threatt, Joshua
Tidwell, J. J.
Tidwell, Levi
Tierney, Robert
Toomy, Robert
Truett, James
Truitt, J.A.
Tucker, Isaac
Turner, James
Turner, James T.
Turner, John
Walse, J.F.
Walse, T.B.
Walsh, H.M.
Walsh, J.F.
Walsh, James F.
Walsh, T.B.
Walsh, Thomas B.
Warren, G.W.
Warren, J.A.
Warren, J.C.
Warren, John C.
Warren, M.M.
Warren, William H.
Wedgeworth, J.W.
Wedgeworth, L.H.
Wedgworth, J.W.
Wedgworth, L.H.
Westbrook, J.W.
Westbrooks, J.W.
White, H.W.
White, Hugh W.
White, Robert W.
Whitehead, J.C.
Whitehead, John
Whitehill, J.C.
Whitten, B.F.
Wilson, Joseph

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