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40th Inf., Co. F, "Mississippi Tigers" also known as Neshoba Tigers"

The following men served in this company. If you have additional Civil War information about your ancestor in this company, please let me know, so I can add them to the "Soldiers" section. These names came from the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System. Submitted by Marsha Bryant.

Abercrombie, James B. Private 
Adams, William H.
Altman, W. W./
Barnett, A.B.
Barnett, Levi
Barnett, Michael
Barret, L.
Barrett, B. T. A.
Barrett, David H.
Barrett, J. M. F 
Barrett, John N.
Barrett, Reuben
Bartlett, J. M.
Bassett, William L., Captain
Beckham, A. T.
Brace/Brack, William W.
Bruce, H. N.
Bruce, William W. F 
Bryant/Briant, Thomas N.
Bustamente/Bustamont/Bustemante, G. D. Companies F & S Acting Commissary of Subsistence
Cadenhead, James M.
Campbell, J. A. Companies F & S, Lt. Colonel 
Chiles, J.R.
Christmas, Henry R. Companies F & S, Assistant Surgeon 
Clement, E. L.
Clement, J. H. 
Colbert, Wallace Bruce Companies F & S
Cook, D. A.
Cooper, M.M. Companies C,F,S 
Crews, David B.
Crosby, Henry F 
Cumberland, John
Davis, Robert James was in Co. F 40th Ms Captured at Vicksburg. b. 1831 Fayette C. Al d. 1891 Kemper C. Ms -David
Donald, Simon D.
Dunn, A.
Dunn, Samuel J.
Echols, Osborn S.
Eliott, Isaac J.
Ellis/Ellice, Francis M.
Ellis, James W.
Fincher, A. W. Companies F & E
Fincher, James
Fincher, Joseph W. Companies F & E
Finley, John N.
Finly, J. W.
Fristrank, Jacob
Galeman, Thomas Y.
Garrett, Erasmus Y. Companies A & F 
George, Bryant N.
Gibbons, W. McDuff, Captain
Goldman, S.T.T.
Goleman, T.Y.
Greer, A. M., Capt.
Greer, Jno. H.
Hagewood, M. B.
Haguewood, D. M.
Haguewood, Joseph T., Corporal 
Haguewood, Madison D.
Haguewood, Matthew D.
Hanna, Thomas L.
Harmon, Thomas F Private 
Hataway, Cane F Private Private 
Henson, E.D.
Hewitt, L.
Hobson, L.R.
Hobson, Samuel R.
Hoganwood, Matthew D.
Hognewood, Matthew D.
Holeson, Samuel R. 
Holland, H.W. 
Huddlestein, J. F. M. Companies F & S Chaplain 
Huett, Landrew F Private
Jazroe, T.J. - Thomas Jasper Jayroe
Rasmus Jepthy "R.J." - He was wounded at the battle of Kennsaw Mountain in Georgia, Atlanta Campain" and was sent home where he died on Oct 28, 1864. Gaelen D. Gipson
Johnson, James A./H. Companies F & I 
Johnson/Johnston, Joseph A./H. Companies F & I 
Jones, Alexander S. Companies F & S Acting Quartermaster 
Jones, John W.
Kilpatrick, Flood M.
Kilpatrick, J.C./J.
Kirkpatrick, John K.
Levy, Solomon
Long, L.L. 
Marshall, John R., 3rd Lt.
May, Thomas N.
McBeth, John R.
McDonald, Enoch Companies F & S Major 
Miller, Gilbert
Miller, James
Miller, Moses
Mims, Jacob S.
Moody, James 
Moody, Peter 
Moore, John K.
Moudy, Peter
Mowdy, James
Mowdy, John
Mowdy, Peter 
Nelson, Oatty
Nelson, Ovid 
Oakley, David N.
Orner/Ooner, Jacob 
Payne, Demos C.
Perry, William W.
Pinkenton, N.
Pope, Jabez Marshall
Rider, H.P. Companies F & S Assistant Surgeon 
Ruthen, W.C.
Sanderson, Albert T.
Scales, George G.
Seale, David L.
Seale, George G.
Seale, John E., Corporal 
Seale, Thomas A., Corporal
Seale, W. R.
Sistrunk, Jacob
Sistrunk, Joel 
Sistrunk, S.A.
Sistrunk, William U.
Slayton/Sladen, H.M. 
Stewart, Benjamin
Stewart, W.J. 
Stovall, William H.
Strong, E.L.
Stutts, Z.P.
Teer, James
Wallace, George P. Companies F & S, Lt. Colonel
Ward, Benjamin N. Companies F & S, Surgeon 
Weatherford, William T.
Webb, Allen J.
Webb, H.M.
Webb, Henry
Wetherford, W.D./T.
Whitmire, T.J.
Williamson, Benjamin
Williamson, G./T.H.
Williamson, William H., 2nd Lt. 
Witherford, W.T.

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