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Narkeeta, MS

Narkeeta was located between Porterville and Ennondale on the M&O railroad, presently under another title, north of the Sucarnochee creek. Seems this town started developing in the mid to late 1800's and became a busy place but had difficulty growing because of the location and the economy.

I have a map of the old town that locates several buildings and businesses, the railroad, and Masonic hall. There was a rail spur that was planned and partially completed, that ran from Gainsville, Alabama to Narkeeta and connected with the M&O. From information gathered, the town more or less became vacant in the depression (1920) as people moved away. One person I talked with said he was working with the railroad when the last mail was delivered there in 1925. Since he and I spoke two years ago, he has passed in death.

There are several old foundations made of cement still on the site but unfortunately the land has become privately owned and permission is not granted to go there. This is in part why I have stopped my research and exploring on site. I am sure there are more avenues to research but as time passes, information is more difficult to obtain. 

This isn't much information but shared in hopes that some one else may read this and add to it.
David Easterling

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