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Gully Marriages - Black

Marriages 1912 (court house burned twice before 1912)
Submitted by Elizabeth Hagwood and David Pickett

Phil Gully m. Edrina Nelson 12-29-1920
Book 2 page 380

Joe Gully m. Annie Smith no date
Book 2 page 474

John Gully m. Rena Ross 6-4-1921
Book 3 page 129

Luther Gulley m. Ella Clark 8-13-1921
Book 3 page 149

Willy Gully m. Fannie Rush 5-17-1925
Book 4 page 207

Lawrence Gully m. Rosa Williams 11-26-1938
Book 7 page 638

Oscar Gully m. Nancy Morton not date
Book 7 page 467

George Gully m. Lorena Nelson 6-15-1942
Book 8 page 540

Eelige Gully m. Maggie Lee Bourage 2-22-1944
Book 9 page 109

Earlie B. Gully m. Mattie Ann Thedford no date
Book 10 page 589

Albert Eugene Gully m. Gessie Mae Donald 12-17-1968
Book 12 page 206

James Willie Gully m. Janie Mae Rush 2-7-1971
Book 12 page 3313


Hallie Gully m. Charlie Talley 10-24-1913
Book 1 page 166

Martha Gully m. Peter Blanks 2-8-1914
Book 1 page 254

Mamie Gully m. Jack Scott 2-8-1914
Book 1 page 259

Mary Gully m. Wilie Maulton not date
Book 2 page 181

Cornelia Gully m. Matthew Stennis or Stennis Matthew 8-3-1918
Book 2 page 287

Martha Gully m. Alfred Reed 4-25-1923
Book 3 page 465

Mag Gully m. Jerry Cotten 5-15-1923
Book 3 page 475

Stella Gully m. Fred Griffin 8-19-1923
Book 3 page 509

Jessie Gully m. Floyd Kirksey 3-30-1925
Book 4 page 184

Celie Gully m. Stennis Cole 1-12-1928
Book 5 page 101

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