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Gully Marriages - White

Marriages 1912 (court house burned twice before 1912)
Submitted by Elizabeth Hagwood and David Pickett
Kemper Co. MS
Marriages from 1912
(court house burned twice before 1912)
White Book

Ruby Gully m. J. M. Davis 5-5-1914
Book 1 page 121

Allie M. Gully m. Sam H. Warren 5-20-1918
Book 1 page 400

Ruth Gully m. Alvin G. Tann 9-1-1918
Book 1 page 22

Bonnie Jean Gully m. Richamond Pierece Aust 4-23-1924
Book 2 page 188

Etta Gully m. J. C. Smith 11-19-1927
Book 2 page 445

Lorence Gully m. J. C. McKee 2-22-1934
Book 3 page 205

Edna Gully m. J. T. Wilkerson 3-9-1937
Book 3 page 404

Rosa A. Gully m. A. W. Hailey 2-10-1941
Book 4 page 18

Addie Jean Gully m. George Payne Spinks 11-26-1941
Book 4 page 70

Madge Gully m. John P. VanDevender 12-27-1943
Book 4 page 185

Undine Gully m. Aaron McRae 11-22-1940
Book 4 page 209

Mable Gully m. J. R. Jenkins 111-30-1912
Book 1 page 18

Carolyn Gully m. Ross Barefield, Jr. 4-12-1952
Book 4 page 598

Dorothy Gail Gully m. Walter Ray McFarland 6-18-1959
Book 5 page 356

Marie Phyllis Gully m. Virgil Herman Clark 12-18-1961
Book 5 page 453

Melba Daine Gully m. Jamie Gully Dees 3-7-1965
Book 5 page 562

Jeanette Gully m. Brooks E. Patterson 11-24-1965
Book 5 page 596

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