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Pickett Marriages

Marriages 1912 (court house burned twice before 1912)
Submitted by Elizabeth Hagwood and David Pickett

E. W. Pickett m. Myrtle Shepard 8-16-1926
Book 2 page 340

G. M. Pickett m. Fleeta Triplett 2-19-1929
Bool 2 page 523

Leo Pickett m. Cecil McArthur (female) 9-5-1935
Book 3 page 307

G. M. Pickett m. Norma Charlton 10-26-1935
Book 3 page 320

Randolph Pickett . Hazel McLelland 11-4-1950
Book 4 page 511

Leo Richard Pickett m. Ellen E. Cunningham 1-13-1974
Book 6 page 338
(parents are: Wm. McCree Pickett and Annie Whittle)
(her parents are: Clifford L. Rayburn and Minnie Lee Sloan)

Cora Pickett m. Brooks E. Patterson 11-24-1965
Book 1 page 299

Josephine Pickett m. Jesse Sciples 2-1-1918
Book 1 page 388

Alice Pickett m. L. W. Luke 2-23-1924
Book 2 page 177

Avie Pickett m. George T. Mitchell 5-25-1926
Book 2 page 323

Addie Pickett m. Monroe Dugan, Jr. 12-5-1928
Book 2 page 510

Beatrice Pickett m. J. V. Swearington 12-19-1929
Book 2 page 571

Grace Pickett m. Brooks Drake 4-26-1930
Book 2 page 594

Willie B. Pickett (female) m. J. H. Hillman 12-20-1930
Book 3 page 24

Myrtle Pickett m. Thomas Stokes 12-18-1933
Book 3 page 191

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