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Massey Marriages - White

Marriages 1912 (court house burned twice before 1912)
Submitted by Elizabeth Hagwood and David Pickett

Mildred Massey m. James Walter Allen 11-3-1926
Book 2 page 361

Earvine Massey m. Thurman Vick 7-27-1929
Book 2 page 522

Lorena Massey m. Lester Vick 2-24-1934
Book 3 page 206

Mary Eloise Massey m. J. T. Dranell 6-10-1938
Book 3 page 479

Oneva Young Massey m. Lindy Wayne George 6-23-1956
Book 5 page 193

Carolyn Onita Massey m. Normam Talmadge Gibson 8-16-1961
Book 5 page 442

Bessie Sarah Massey m. Oscar L. May 9-3-1966
Book 5 page 629

Rufus Massey m. Hattie Jackson 1-11-1918
Book 1 page 384

Alton Massey m. Bettie McKee 9-1-1928
Book 2 page 493

Lamar Massey m. Stella vick 11-9-1928
Book 2 page 506

Elbert Massey m. Syble McKee 10-15-1929
Book 2 page 542

Faucette H. Massy m.Ella T. Watkins 6-3-1939
Book 3 page 553

Dalma Massey m. Ruby Creekmore 5-5-1941
Book 4 page 32

Harold Audrey Massey m. Mary Loise Creekmore 10-6-1943
Book 4 page 175

Leory C. Massey m. Winnie Grace Burnett 4-27-1946
Book 4 page 270

W. C. Massey, Jr. m. Lena Jeannine McKee 4-1-1949
Book 4 page 440

Frank Hayes Massey m. Martha M. Gibson 4-3-1954
Book 5 page 67

Kenneth Wayne Massey m. Barbara J. Mosley 4-5-1954
Book 5 page 68

Davis William Massey m. Jacequelynne Mosley 5-5-1956
Book 5 page 186

Kenneth Wayne Massey m. Polly Ann McKay 12-31-1966
Book 6 page 17

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