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11th Mississippi Cavalry, Co. A, Perrin's Company

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Co. A, or Perrin's Company, of the 11th Mississippi Cavalry was enlisted at Scooba for three months April 26, 1863, with Robert O. Perrin as Captain.

The 11th Mississippi Cavalry Battalion, State Troops, was the predecessor unit. This unit was transferred to Confederate service in early 1864. The regiment's first commander was Robert O. Perrin, promoted to Colonel.

First Lieutenant - T. W. Perrin
Second Lieutenant- James W. Hardin
Third Lieutenant- Benjamin A. Calhoun

Total roll 45. Captain Perrin went out in 1861 as Captain of the Southern

The 11th Mississippi Cavalry fought in these battles:

Atlanta Campaign
Atlanta Siege
Savannah Campaign
Carolinas Campaign
Sources: Rowland, Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898, Brandon Printing, 1908
Sifakis, Compendium of the Confederate Armies-Mississippi,
Facts on File, NY, 1995
The following are men that served in this company. If you have additional Civil War information about your ancestor in this company, please let me know, so I can add them to the "Soldiers" section. These names came from the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System.

Adams, John A.
Adams, Joseph R.
Askew, Joseph H.
Aust, Jacob W.
Barrier, Forrester
Brim, W. B.
Brumer, Alford
Buford, James H.
Burien, W. C.
Burton, James A.
Caldwell, John Marion
Calvert, George
Campbell, Robert M.
Carpenter, J. M.
Carpenter, O. E.
Carter, George W.
Carter, William S.
Cole, Jesse
Cole, Robert M.
Cole, William T.
Cottrell, John Wesley
Crow, Newton
Dale, Bolivar E.
Darnall, Samuel P.
Deiver, G. T.
Driver, W. I.
Duke, James C.
Duke, James H.
Edings, Samuel
Garner, Sturdy S.
Gentry, Gus
Gibson, Hyram
Gilley, E. Slocum
Greenwood, D. C.
Griffin, James J.
Griffin, Thomas
Gully, E. Slocum
Hagan, Robert A.
Hale, John B.
Hale, Stephenson P.
Hardy, Andrew J.
Harrington, Benjamin F.
Harrison, Ansel T.
Henderson, I. C.
Henly George W.
Hooper, Johnson M.
Houston, Jefferson J.
Hull, George W.
Hull, Philander S.
Jackson, Albert E.
Jackson, Edwin A.
Jackson, Emet A.
Johnson, J. S.
Jones, S.W.
Jones, W. Pinkney
Jones, W. L.
Jones, William P.
Land, William
Lee, Evan
Lloyd, Benjamin F.
Locklier, Lenard
Mann, Joseph T.
McCaleb Patrick
McCrery, James
McDonald, Neal A.
McKinny, I. H.
McClure, William A. [missing name from Perrin's cavalry roster, 11th Miss Kemper] Submitted by D. Cook
McMillan, Duncan E.

McMurray, Thomas W.
Mobley, William B.
Mobly, William B.
Moore James R.
Moore, James Revel
Moore, Richard
Moore, Tiry G.
Moore, William J.
Morehead, Alford W.
Morehead, Alfred W.
Moreton, Everet G.
Murphy, John
Myres, Joseph W.
Newton, Martin W.
Newton, Moses W.
Norris, T. R.
O'Farrell, Newton D.
O'Farrell, Newton D.
O'Ferrell, Newton D.
Offarell, Newton D.
Oliver, Llewellyn
Oxford, William E.
Peden, David A.
Peden, L. Franklin
Perrin, A. Robert
Perrin, Abner R.
Perrin, Solomon C.
Perrin, T. U.
Pettus, W. W.
Phillips, Jerry
Pope, John B.
Popenjohn, B.
Rives, Samuel E.
Rimle, James
Robbins, Winter H.
Robertson, John M.
Rogers, Jacob W.
Rushing, Joseph L.
Shumate, Jesse C. F.
Shumate, John Mc.
Simmons, John K.
Slayden, Hartwell M.
Smith, Aaron
Spinks, Peter E.
Stewart, Rufus W.
Stone, B. W.
Stone, I.D.
Stuart, Rufus W. (the family states this is Rufus W. Stewart)
Thomas, Ovando A.
Trapp, Benjamin F.
Turnage, B.
Vonn, R. B.
Wallace, E. J.
Watt, William T.
White, Louis H.
Wiggins, T. Brown
Wiggins, Theophilus B.
Williams, T. O.
Williams, Thomas A.
Wilson, Alexander R.
Wilson, J. Thomas
Brown, Steven M.
Weatherall, Samuel W.
Youngblood, Thomas Fant, as noted on his tombstone

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