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2nd Cavalry, Company C

The Jeff Davis Legion, Co. C
"The Southern Guards"

Short History and Roster

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Company C of the Jeff Davis Legion of Mississippi Cavalry was known as The Southern Guards, and was mustered in at Scooba on March 25, 1861. The Jeff Davis Legion of Mississippi Cavalry was organized as the 2nd Mississippi Cavalry Battalion with three Mississippi and one Alabama companies on October 24, 1861. Increased to three Mississippi, one Georgia and two Alabama companies and designated as the Jeff Davis Legion in late 1861.

Increased to a regiment by the addition of the three companies of the 4th Alabama Cavalry Battalion and Company D, 20th Georgia Cavalry Battalion on July 11, 1864. Surrendered by General Joseph E. Johnston at Durham Station, North Carolina, on April 26, 1865. The Jeff Davis Legion served in the Army of Northern Virginia until near the end of the war, and was then transferred to the Army of Tennessee.

First commander was William T. Martin, Col. Field officers were: Major Richard Avery, Major William G. Conner, Major William G. Henderson, Major Ivey Lewis, Major William M. Stone and Joseph Waring. Waring was Lt. Col, and later Col.

Co. C, the Kemper County company, was originally commanded by Captain R. O. Perrin, later to head the 11th Mississippi cavalry as its Colonel. First Lieutenant was R. M. Avery, later promoted Major. Second Lieutenant was D. W. Kerr. Third Lieutenant was H. C. Robinson. 
Privates C. M. Taylor, John Robinson and Alexander McCaskill were singled out for distinction: Taylor at Upperville, and Robinson and McCaskill named to the Roll of Honor for Mine River.

Jeb Stuart noticed the Legion in reporting the engagement at Frying Pan Church (Fall, 1863): "The Jeff Davis Legion was here conspicuous for its gallantry, advancing dismounted across the field on the enemy's position."

Wade Hampton, after the Maryland Campaign, while the Legion acted as rear guard on September 13, 1862, reported, " Martin and his men fought with their accustomed gallantry."

The following names came from the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System

Adams, J. S.
Atkinson, S.T.
Aust, Joseph
Avery, Richard M., Lieutenant Colonel
Ballard, Charles C., 4/24/63, Scooba, MS, Surrendered 5/65
Bannerman, George H.
Barnes, Joseph F.
Bennerman, G. H. C 
Bethany, Samuel H.
Bland, E.M.
Bollast, C. C. 
Bryan, William Philpot Bryan McRaven
Burrow, John
Burton, S. R.
Burton, Samuel 
Carter, C.B.
Carter, H.P.
Carver, John S.
Chapman, Samuel
Cherry, J.H.
Cherry, William J.
Claguest, C.L.
Cole, Jesse P.
Collins, A. W.
Cousins, R.
Cox, Robert F.
Creekmore, David
Creekmore, Robert McCleveland 
Creekmore, Samuel Andrew Jackson Captured June 6, 1864, Totopotomoy, VA., released June 11, 1865
Creekmore, Thomas Jasper, Pvt. 
Creekmore, William David Mar15, 1862 at Scooba, Paroled at Greensboro, NC on Apr 26, 1865
Celia Ann Nicholas Creekmore filed Confederate Widow pension. She filed applications three times: 1910,1916 and 1924.
Cross, John C .
Daniel, John
Davis, John
Deggs, Willis
Dew, John R.
Diggs, Willis 
Dillon, R.G.
Duke, H.M.
Dunlap, John R.
Elliott, William H.
Ellis, O.S. 
Fain, A.P.
Felps/Felts, A.P.
Felton, John
Felton, Joseph L.
Felton, Warren 
Felton, Zachariah
Fitch, James B.
Frailey, J. A.
Fraley, G. A. 
Gandy, John F.
Germany, S.M.
Hadden, B. D.
Hadden, J. W.
Hadden, John U./V. 2nd Lt.
Hailey/Haley, A. H. 
Hailey, W. T.
Hailz, A. H.
Haley, West T.
Harden,John C 
Harden, W. H. 
Hardin, Martin
Harris, Benjamin L.
Harris, John C 
Harris, Lee S.
Harris, Robert
Harrison, Benjamin
Harrison, Simmons C 
Hart, J. Z.
Hearst/Herst,J. Zeb.
Holmes, J.F.
Honeycut, E.J. 
Kerr, Daniel W., Captain 
Key, J.D. C 
Kimbrough, Abner A.
Kimbrough, Orman C 
Klingler, A. 
Knight, Henry C.
Land, Henry G.
Lipscomb, J.L.
Lipscomb, William H., Assistant Surgeon 
Lockler, Ransom S. 
Lockler/Lockley, R.S.
Love, W.A.
Matlock, James Henry
Matlock, Robert Farriace
Mattock, I.H. 
McCaskill, Alexander, Roll of Honor for Mine River.
McDaniel, Elijah
McDaniel, Robert
McDonald, Elijah
McDonald, Robert 
McSween(e), Alexander
Moore, Jordan
Moseley, Alexander M., 1st Lt.
Moseley, T. R.
Moseley, Thomas

Moseley, William A.
Mueller, John 
Mulchey, James 
Muller, Jacob
Nicholas, James N. 
Nicholas,Napoleon B.
Nicholson, J. W. 
Nicholson, James
Nicholson, James A.
Nicholson, John
Nicholson, John A.
Nickolas, J. N. 
Nickolas, J. W.
Nickolas, N. B.
Nicolas, N. B.
Odeneal/Odineal, John
Oliver, Robert
Pack, E. E. - Killed at Corinth- 1862
Palmer, Charles "Charlie" Phillip
Palmer, Charles, enlisted May, 1861, POW in Elmira, NY. His POW records note that he was 5 feet 8 inches tall with black hair and
hazel eyes. Was paroled in Atlanta, GA, in May 1865. LaNelle Landrum
Permenter, J.S.
Permenter,Thomas D.
Permenter, William S.
Perrin, James H.
Perrin, Napoleon P., 1st Sgt.
Perrin, R. O., Captain
Perrin, T.U.
Perrin, William A., Sgt Major
Picket, N. M./W.
Pickett, Henry
Powe, Allen C.
Powe, L. F. 
Poythiss/ Poythress/ Poytress, N. F. 
Rainey, John H.
Randal, W.A.
Randle, J.H.
Randle, William H. 
Randal, W.A.
Randle, J.H.
Randle, William H. 
Ridgeway, Bradley
Roberts, Meredith
Robinson, H.C., 3rd Lt.
Robinson, John, Roll of Honor for Mine River
Scarborough, J. W.
Scott, Patrick J.
Secrest, Jacob Titus, Pvt. -Bryan McRaven
Secrest, James Lawrence, Pvt.- Bryan McRaven
Sellens, Vallentine
Sellers, Valentine Walker Mar. 25, 1861, Martin W. Tillett
Smith, F.M.
Smith, S.M.
Sparkman, Dempsey
Sparkman, J.D.
Sparkman, J.K.
Sparkman, Jesse R.
Spencer, H.G.
Spencer, J.S.
Spencer, S.
Spencer, Shepherd C 
Spencer, William H.
Spillman, Jacob 
Stewart/Stuart, Robert H.
Swift, John D.
Taggart, J. L.
Taggart, N.M. 
Taylor, C. M., Pvt., Distinguished at Upperville
Tilman, H. D.
Turner, E. A. He was a scout and was killed in 1864. Edmund A. Turner was the son of Benjamin Turner and Rebecca Echols and the brother of my great-great-grandmother Amanda Frances Turner Smith. Edmund was born 1840 in Marengo County, Alabama and was unmarried at the time of his death. His brother Dixon L. Turner served in Company A, Perrin's Battalion, State Cavalry, Mississippi. Velma Sippie, Pennsylvania
Turner, Ed. W.
Turner, H. L. C 
Turner, John W.. Qmaster Sergeant 
Vandeavener/Vandevender, J.C.
Van Devender, J. S., 1861-1865, Unit Courier Bob Van Devender
Vandevander, W.W.
Vernon, George Phillip, he was the son of Samuel and Susan Vernon, he had a young son and a sick wife and his mother was a widow , when he joined the war, I am his great great granddaughter. He was born September 9th 1832. it was recorded in his mother & father's bible. A cousin has thee bible it is rather good condition. Georgemuirheadj@wmconnect.com
Walton, William
Watkins, J.T.
Watkins, Wiley
Watt, John J. 
Welsh, J.B.
Welsh, John C.
Wiggins, Lee N.
Wilkinson, William J.
Wilson, Alex

The Jeff Davis Legion participated in the following battles:

Doolan's Farm
Yorktown Siege
Stuart's First Ride Around McClellan
Seven Days Battles
Reconaissance toward Forge Bridge
Catoctin Mountain
Antietam - near Heartwood Church
Dumfries (detachment)
on the Opequan River
Brandy Station

Bristoe Campaign
Mine Run Campaign
The Wilderness
Spotsylvania Court House
North Anna
Cold Harbor
Petersburg Siege
Williamsburg Road
Carolinas Campaign

Sources: Rowland, Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898, Brandon, 1908
Sifakis, Compendium of the Confederate Armies--Mississippi,
Facts-on-File, NY, 1995

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