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13th Ms Infantry, Co. C (Co. F, 1st year)

"The Kemper Legion"

The following are men that served in this company. If you have additional Civil War information about your ancestor in this company, please let me know, so I can add them to the "Soldiers" section. These names came from the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System.
This information was donated by Tom Neely. 

Mustered into state army April 13, 1861, at DeKalb. Captains James W. Carter, elected Lieutenant-Colonel at reorganization; Thomas H. Woods, retired November 3, 1864.

First Lieutenants-- Jordan L. Morris to reorganization; Thomas H. Woods, Albert Magyari

Second Lieutenants- Thomas P. Bell, to reorganization; Albert Magyari, Fletcher C. Sinclair.

Third Lieutenants--Thomas H. Woods, Fletcher C. Sinclair, John M. Stovall; Absalom Farrar, died.

Total enrolled, 136; killed and died of wounds, 28; died of disease 20; captured, 17.

The 13th Mississippi was organized in May, 1861, reorganized on April 26, 1862. Its first commander was William Barksdale, later promoted to General, and killed at Gettysburg on July 2, 1863. It was a member of General R. E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. It participated in the following battles:

1st Bull Run
Yorktown Siege
Seven Days Battles
Malvern Hill
Harper's Ferry
Maryland Heights

Chattanooga Siege
Knoxville Siege
The Wilderness
Spotsylvania Court House
North Anna
Cold Harbor
Petersburg Siege
Cedar Creek
Sayler's Creek
Appomattox Court House

It was organized with 1200 men, and when it was surrendered at Appomattox there were 4 officers and 81 men.


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Aaron W. C.
Acker George W.
Akins J. D.
Anderson Bourbon B.
Anderson Edmond W.
Anderson Warren
Atkins J.D.
Ball J.M.
Ball Joshua H.
Ballard Andrew J.
Ballard W.J.
Barefield B.L.
Barfield Berwell L.
Barnes F.
Bell J. J.
Bell J. R.
Bell Thomas P.
Bennett B. F.
Bennitt Benjamin F.
Binns Joe
Bird John S.
Bobbitt Jack R.
Bobbitt Jackson
Bounds William A.
Bowl J. H.
Boydston William S.
Braley W. C.
Braly Gentile
Brawly Gentile
Brittain William M.
Bull J.F.
Burns Francis
Calloway William S.
Camak David B.
Carmack D. B.
Carter James W.
Colaway W. S.
Cuneycut E.H.
Dabbs Dick
Dabbs O.
Dagnall John H.
Daniels Benjamin
Daniels John B.
Darnall Benjamin F.
Davis Francis M.
Deborah James W.
Debrah J.W.
Dill John
Dill T.B.
Dill Thomas P.
Dobroh J.W.
Drake R.T.
Duncan William F.
Eazell G. A.
Eazell M.
Edney Mavil
Edney N. B.
Edwards G. I.
Edwards George S.
Edwards William W.
Egell G. A.
Eldredge J. F.
Eldridge Isaac C.
Eldridge Isaac L.
Eldridge J. J.
Eldridge J. L.
Eldridge John T.
Eldridge Thomas J.
Eldrige J. F.
Elridge Isaac
Elridge Thomas
Evans Calvin H.
Evins C. H.
Ezell G. A.
Ezell George
Ezell Malachi
Farra A.H.
Farrar Absalom H.
Farrar H.H.
Farren A.H.
Farrer A.H.
Farrer F.H.
Farrer H.H.
Finsley C. B.
Finsley John D.
Flornoy George B.
Flourney G. B.
Flournoy G. B.
Floyd E.
Floyd William E.
Forest J. C.
Forester A. G.
Forester H. H.

Forester J. B.
Forrester A. G.
Forrester H. H.
Forrester Henry
Forrester J. M.
Forrester James B.
Forster J. C.
Foster John C.
Foster John W.
Garden B. R.
Gibson John T.
Goins Joseph
Gordon Benjamin R.
Gordon John J.
Gully E. Slocum
Gully Slocum
Haily William H.
Haley William H.
Hardy Andrew J.
Hardy Jackson
Harrison Simmons
Hearn E.A.
Henry John
Hern Eugene A.
Holcombe J.F.
Holtzclaw J.D.
Holtzclaw John T.
Honeycutt E.W.
Hood O. Solomon
Hood S.H.
Hudson A. M.
Hudson Abner
Hudson Daniel A.
Hunnicutt E. Wilborn
Hunter Jacob
Hunter John
Jarvis James M.
Jermany F.M.
Jermany W.T.
Johnson William H.
Jones N.P.
Keinen E.S.
Lang William
Legett William W.
Leggett W.W.
Livingston Charles C.
Lloyd Joseph C.
Maggari A.
Maguyra A.
Magyari Albert
Magyra A.
McAlburn D.P.
McAllum Dunk P.
McCallum D.P.
McClelland J.C.
McClure W.A.
McClure William R.
McCoy A.
McCoy Elisha H.
McCoy John E.
McCraw John W.
McCrory John
McDade Alexander H.
McDade John J.
McDaniel Elijah
McDonald Dan C.
McDonald E.
McDonald J.W.
McElvin B.
McGuire A.
McKelvain Bracy H.
McKelvein B.H.
McKelvin B.H.
McKilvain B.
McLellan J.C.
McLelland John C.
McLure William A.
McNeal Daniel
McNeill Daniel
McRae John C.
McRaw J.W.
McRory John
McWilliams Joel R.
McWilliams John L.
McWilliams John R.
Miller A.J.
Morris Barth C.
Munger A.
Munyer A.
Murphy W. I.
Murphy W. J.
Murphy William
Newcomb R. Thomas

Nicholson John G.
Oden George W.
Osborn William
Overstreet John H.
Paine Thomas L.
Parker David R.
Parker James T.
Payne Thomas L.
Peden Andrew S.
Preston W. P.
Roberts A.T.
Roberts B. Thomas
Roberts E.T.
Roberts John M.
Robertson J.F.
Robertson J.L.
Robinson J. Frank
Robinson John L.
Rosenbaum David
Rosenbaum Jacob
Rosenberg B.F.
Rosenberg D.F.
Rush A.T.
Rush Alexander S.
Rush S.A.
Rush T.A.
Sanders J.Y.
Sanders John T.
Sauders J. T.
Scott Patrick J.
Shannon William
Sharp W. D.
Sharp W. G.
Sharp W. S.
Shaw J. N.
Simms Andrew J.
Simms J.A.
Sinclair Fletcher C.
Skinner Elijah L.
Smith John
Spence Samuel C.
Spinks E.C.
Spinks Enoch P.
Stearns J.D.
Stennis J. Dudley
Stennis Jno. D.
Stephens J.D.
Stewall James M.
Stewall Jones M.
Stokes J.A.
Stokes Silas A.
Stovall J.W.
Stovall John M.
Strakes S.A.
Swaringen L.W.
Swearengin Lee W.
Swearengin William B.
Terry Charles W.
Thomas James
Tinsley Charles B.
Tinsley John G.
Trussell A.J.
Trussell J.J.
Trussell Joseph A.J.
Trussle J.A.J.
Waddell C.R.
Waddle Charles R.
Wallace Robert
Walliem D.P.
Watts Olcott S.
Watts Thomas H.
Watts Thomas J.
Webb J.W.
Webb James
Welch William
Welsh William G.
White I.P.
White Moses W.
White Samuel P.
Whitten J.C.
Whitten John
Wilkins Robert
Williams James M.
Williams John D.
Wilsh W.G.
Woden G.
Wolfolk A.N.
Wood T.H.
Woods J.H.
Woods Thomas H.
Woolfolk Alf. N.
Wootan Thomas J.
Wooten T.J.
Yates Isaac

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