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26th MS Regiment, Co. E, "Wince Price Guards"

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Company E, Wince Price Guards, enlisted in Confederate service at Iuka, Aug 24, 1861.
Captains: James G. Sharp, disabled, resigned, Nov, 1863; D. Thaddeus Beall
First Lieutenants: Alexander R. Harlan, killed in railroad accident; D. Thaddeus Beall, promoted; Martin D. M. Sharp
Second Lieutenants: M. D. M. Sharp, promoted; John D. Springer, promoted
Third Lieutenants: John D. Springer, promoted; James D. Key. 
Statement, Mar 1865: Total strength, 109; died of disease, 15; killed and died of wounds, 5; discharged, 3; deserted and dropped, 49; transferred, 4, missing, 3; remainder, 30.
The companies of this regiment were organized under the leadership of Arthur E. Reynolds, a lawyer of Jacinto, beginning in the summer of 1861, for three years or during the war. The claim is recorded in the regimental record, obtained by Col. Power in Virginia, that this was "the first regiment which left the State for the war.: Reynolds was unanimously elected Colonel Sep 10, 1861, and served till the close of the war.

The regiment was in camp at Iuka until Dec 3, 1861, when it was ordered to Union City, Tenn., whence it moved December 28 to report to Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston at Bowling Green, KY. From Bowling Green they marched to Russellville February 6, 1861, and thence to Fort Donelson, where they arrived February 13, and were engaged in battle until the surrender February 16, when all became prisoners of the war. The commissioned officers were confined at Camp Chase and Johnson's Island, Ohio, for six months and then exchanged September 15, 1862, at Vicksburg. Many died during the imprisonment.

1. James V. Alexander 
2. Gideon B. Allen
3. Stephen J. Ash by
4. Peter B. Atwood
5. James 0. Barnett
6. Thomas P. Barnett
7. William T.Barnett
8. Daniel T. Beall 
9. Presley Bell
10. John M. Bishop
11. A.J. Blakely
12. James Brickens
13. Jerome Brittain 
14. John Brittain 
15. W.J.S. Brooks
16. August Y. Brown 
17. Coon Bugg
18. Sidney Bugg 
19. John Busby
20. Nathaniel Busby 
21. J.T. Butler
22. S.F. Canfield 
23. J.P. Cashen
24. James H. Chambers 
25. Ebin Clark
26. Martin Clark
27. David R. Coldman 
28. G. Collier
29. Joseph W. Conner
30. William H. Conner
31. William W. Corhern
32. William R. Davenport 
33. J.B. Davis
34. Hampton Dearen 
35. C.P. Dickerson
36. William Dillion 
37. Lewis Doll
38. Benjamin F. Donaldson 
39. William Dooley
40. L. Narcissus Doore 
41. Sidney Eaks 
42. W.C. Ellis
43. William Ezell

44. Green B. Flanagin 
45. Daniel Gray
46. David Crockett Gray 
47. Robert N. Gray 
48. W.C. Grey
49. Simeon Gunn
50. Joshua Hamaker
51. Hudson Handcock 
52. James S. Hanna 
53. Lewis Hardin
54. Alexander R. Harlan 
55. Joseph B. Harlan
56. Samuel Harrington
57. Thomas J. Harverson 
58. John Highfield 
59. Robert Hill
60. Robert Jackson
61. John D.(Jack) Jones 
62. L.D. Keenum 
63. A.C. Kenum
64. James D.Key
65. James K. Killingsworth 
66. Jesse B. Knighten 
67. James Lang
68. William M. Lang 
69. G.W. Lanier
70. Allen A. Larue 
71. John C. Larue 
72. W.A. Lemmons
73. Thomas Limerick 
74. John Lockwood
75. James Harris Lowrimore 
76. S.B. Lowry
77. Z.W.(Zach) McDuffey 
78. Duncan D. McRae
79. William H. Miller
80. William Henry Miller 
81. William A. Mullins 
82. Thomas 0. Murphy 
83. Francis M. Orr 
84. John H. Petty 
85. Eli Phillips
86. Nicholas M. Phillips 

87. Isreal H. Pickens 
88. J.P. Pickens
89. Jerome G. Pickens 
90. Henry M. Pinkston
91. William R. Plaxico 
92. John H. Porter
93. Leonard H. Posey 
94. W.A. Rhoads
95. Blakely Rice
96. John H. Rodgers 
97. John G. Ruthven
98. Richard J. Sanders 
99. David H. Sharp 
100. James G. Sharp
101. Martin D.M. Sharp 
102. Robert Shoat 
103. J.M. Smith
104. Tennison, H.F., Jr. (Also served in Co. A)
105. Vaughn, John 
106. Vinson, Tolbert F. 
107. Walker, Daniel A. 
108. Walker, E.A. 
109. Wardlow, James
110. Warren, James
111. Watson, W.T.
112. Weaver, Miles 
113. Webb, Calvin
114. Welch, James A.T. 
115. Weston, James
116. White, A. 
117. White, James 
118. Williams, J.W.
119. Williamson, James H.
120. Wolf, George W.
121. Wood, James M.
122. Young, Anderson
123. Young, John T.

See also: Diary of the 26th Regiment by W. M. Graham, in the Soldier's Section.

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