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1st Mississippi Infantry, Co. I

Gully's Company, "The Kemper Blues"

1st (Patton's) Regiment, Mississippi Infantry Volunteers
(60-day Troops; served December 1861-February 1862)
Mississippi Army of 10,000

Company organized in late September 1861 in Kemper County, mainly of men from the DeKalb area.

Regiment organized at Corinth, Mississippi, 2-4 December 1861.
Regiment served in Kentucky late December 1861 to mid-January 1862 during the original Confederate effort to hold this border state.

Commissioned Officers:

Henry James Gully.....Captain
J.F. Brooke.....1st Lieutenant
Benjamin L. Lampley.....2nd Lieutenant
Thomas Calvert.....2nd/3rd Lieutenant


Non-commissioned Officers:

William A. Houston.....Orderly/1st Sergeant
J.J. Eldridge.....2nd Sergeant
Robert Adcock.....3rd Sergeant
James J. Oden.....4th Sergeant
F.D. Burage.....5th Sergeant
William J. Cason.....1st Corporal
Frank Kernop.....2nd Corporal
B.F. Tinsley.....3rd Corporal
S.C. Vandevender.....4th Corporal


1. Adcock, Robert, 3rd Sgt.
2. Brooke, J.F., 1st Lt.
3. Burage, Edward, Sr., Private
4. Burage, Edward, Jr., Private
5. Burage, Alfred, Private
6. Burage, F.D., 5th Sgt.
7. Calvert, Thomas, 3rd Lt.
8. Cason, William J., 1st Cpl.
9. Cherry, A.H., Private
10. Cherry, J.M., Private
11. Cockerell, J.L., Private
12. Cockerell, J.M., Private
13. Creekmore, R.M., Private
14. Davis, S.H., Private
15. Davis, William, Private
16. Eldridge, E.T., Private
17. Eldridge, J.J., 2nd Sgt.
18. Fergusson, J.N.(F.?), Private
19. Forrester, T.R., Private
20. Foster, D.B., Private
21. Gallaspy, G.M., Private
22. Germany, S.M., Private
23. Gill, William W., Private
24. Grady, C.D., Private
25. Gully, Henry James, Captain
26. Hadden, J.W., Private
27. Hall, Dr. J.B., Private
28. Haley, A.H., Private
29. Honeycut, J.L., Private
30. Houston, William A., 1st Sgt.
31. Hudnall, H.B., Private
32. Hudson, A.M., Private
33. Hudson, H.C., Private
34. Hudson, J.N., Private
35. Jones, J.K.P., Private
36. Jordan, T.S., Private
37. Kernop, Frank, 2nd Corporal
38. Lampley, Benjamin L., 2nd Lieutenant
39. Lang, H., Private
40. Lang, Joseph, Private

41. Lang, Richard, Private
42. Love, W.A., Private
43. Lovelady, J.A., Private
44. McLain, William H., Private
45. McConnell, A.W., Private
46. McCoy, E.S., Private
47. McLaurin, J.W., Private
48. McLeland, J.F., Private
49. McLeland, A., Private
50. McMahon, W.A., Private
51. Morris, H.E., Private
52. Oden, James J., 4th Sergeant
53. Overstreet, W.J., Private
54. Parton, E.W., Private
55. Pool, A.P., Private
56. Porter, J.H., Private
57. Shannon, William, Private
58. Shepard, James M., Private
59. Slaughter, R.C., Private
60. Smith, F.P., Private
61. Smith, Neal, Private
62. Spinks, E.E., Private
63. Stevenson, W.H., Private
64. Stone, A., Private
65. Swarengin, James M., Private
66. Tinsley, B.F., 3rd Corporal
67. Tinsley, F.J., Private
68. Trussell, James M., Private
69. Vandevender, S.C., 4th Corporal
70. Vaun, William, Private
71. Vickery, J.G., Private
72. Wadkins [prob. "Watkins"], J.F., Private
73. Watkins, J.M., Private
74. Watkins, M.P., Private
75. White, A.H., Private
76. White, Charles, Private
77. White, John, Private
78. White, John W., Private
79. Whitten, E.H., Private
80. Williamson, G.W., Private

Compiled from Confederate Service microfilms at the McCain Archives, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, by Jim Huffman (GGG-grandson of Henry James Gully) for the Family History Project and dedicated to Emily Elizabeth Huffman.

(GGGG-granddaughter of Henry James Gully), April 1995. If you have further information regarding this company, please contact Jim Huffman, 1230 Stemwood Drive, Picayune, MS 39466. 601/798-8208.


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