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Registrar's Record of Death  - 1945

Misc. Obits 1889, 1897, 1899

Misc. Obits 1902

Obits - 1903

Misc. Obits. of 1926

Misc. Obits. of 1930

Misc. 1947 Obits

Misc. Obits

Abrell, Gladys

Adams, Ida Terry

Adams, Walter R.

Alexander, Charlie

Alexander, Irl Robert

Archer, Millard Lee 

Austin, Mattie Voyles

Ajax, Margaret Elizabeth "Monk"

Ayers, Clovis

Ayers, Grace

Ayers, Jim

Ayers, Levi

Ayers, Loyce Talley

Ayers, Martin

Ayers, Mrs. W. A.

Ayers, Willie Augusta

Barnett, Moesha Monay

Benjamin, Garnett Russell

Blasingame, William Henry

Bright, Erlene Imogene

Bright, Mrs. Zena L.

Burks, Orbria Arthur

Burress, Charlie Adrian

Burress, Elmer

Burress, Emma Mrs.

Burress, Jewel

Burress, Olen Tennessee

Burress, Ozella Viola Tittle

Byrd, Oney

Carper, Claymore

Carper, Samson

Carper, Travis L.

Cash, Johnie

Chunn, Lennie Mae Clifford

Coleman, Estelle Hancock

Coleman, Loyd Kenderick

Cook, Terry

Cook, Virginia

Cornelius, Charles

Cotton, Audie B. Gray

Covey, Elvin

Cranshaw. Irma

Crow, D.  Sr.

Cumby, Major Green

Dalton, Terry J.

Davis, Roy Lee

Davis, William C.

Dickerson, Frank Z.

Dilworth, Charles

Doss, Robert G.

Duncan, Gloria Inez

Dyson, Ila

Eaton, Doyle

Emmons, Ernest E.

Emmons, Ethel Voyles

Emmons, George

Estes, Margaret S.

Evans, Benjamin F.

Fanyo, William Bruce

Feltman, Eugene

Furtick, Daniel N.

Gable, Verda

Gammel, Lois Edward

Glidwell, Oliver

Googe, Charlotte Walker

Googe, George W.

Gookin, Frances Margaret

Green, E. Jasper

Greer, Barbara

Griffin, Bruce E.

Griffin, J. D.

Griffin, Price Cleveland

Grimes, Mrs. J.B.

Grisham, Alice Burress

Grisham, Pauline Brown

Hancock, George Elbert

Hancock, James Robert

Hancock, John Robert

Hancock, Larry

Hardin, Billy

Hardin, Ella Voyles

Hardin, Ella Voyles

Hardin, William Hoyt

Haynie, Andrew (Andy)

Haynie, Buena Vista Phillips

Haynie, Clarence

Haynie, Clarence Stanley

Haynie, D.

Haynie, Dock

Haynie, Henry Strickland

Haynie, John

Haynie, Margaret Annie Strickland

Haynie, Mark Decatur "Bud"

Haynie, Mary Smith, Mrs.

Haynie, Melvin Alexander (Tobes)

Haynie, Minnie Pearl Smith

Haynie, Webb Ephraim

Hardin, Perry

Henderson, Sybil Jane

Hollands, Ray

Holloway, Hafford "Peanut"

Holloway, Martha

Horn, David Arthur (Buster)

Horn, David Burton

Horn, Dolmer Barnhill

Horn, Leslie T.

Horn, William Hoyt

Hoyle, Margie

Hutson, R.O. (Dellie)

Humphrey, Thomas S.

Jackson, Lula Pinkston

Jobe, Ada

Jones, Susie

Killough, Arnie Etta (Odle)

King, Telia Voyles

Lancaster, Mrs. Margret A.

Latch, Eugene James

Latch, Garvin

Luker, Nathaniel

Magers, Mrs. R.M. "Effie"

Martindale, Laura Lanette and Lori Annette

Mason, Ina Tolar

Matthews, Lillie Ilene Little

Mathis, Mallie C.

Mathis, William C. F.

McClain, Ollie Marvin

McCord, John Worth

McElhannon, James E.

McGee, Charles W.

McLemore, Walter Ardist

McNair, George Dudley, Jr.

Mellon, Delbert Dile

Miller, Will

Mitchell, Charles Henry

Morton, Margaret

Moss, Callie O.

Moss, Dimple Mrs.

Moss, Esther

Moss, Herman Harry

Moss, Howard

Moss, J. B. "Mannie"

Moss, Leslie Roy

Moss, Maudie

Moss, Mildred

Moss, Owen Boyce

Nelms, Deathel

Null, Bill

Odle, George Washington

Parrish, Charley

Parvin, Mary Margie

Pratt, James F.

Peerey, Cora Elizabeth

Perry, Joseph J. (Josh)

Petters, Grace Mae Blasingame

Polk, Loreen

Richardson, Frances

Richardson, Lela

Richardson, William Wesley

Riddle, Paterson Norene

Rider, Glen

Rinehart, Bunnie Floyd

Robinson, Rogers Mary

Roden, Florence

Rogers, Tom

Rorie, Clara Sue

Rorie Cliff

Ross, Woody

Rubel, Simon H.

Rutherford, E. O.

Sadowski, Frances

Sanders, J. Allen

Sanders, Robert L.

Scott, James Ephriam

Sherard, Ben

Shults, James Nicholas

Shults, Jesse A.

Shults, Melissa

Slaughter, Mrs. J. W.

Smith, David C.

Smith, Emma L.

Smith, James Herman

Smith, Joseph Edman

Smith, Paul Dewayne

Smith, Rufe Lee

South, Luvada

Sparks, Benjamin Franklin

Spence, Tom D.

Spencer, B.Y.

Spencer, Clydie O.

Spencer, Dennis Wayne

Spencer, James

Spencer, John Walker

Spencer, Rachel Virginia

Springer, Ludice Mrs.

Sprouse, Kenneth L.

Stanfield, Herbert L.

Stephenson, Mrs. S. L.

Stevens, Steven Turner

Stevenson, William Cameron

Stewart, Howard

Stovall, Elvin Henry

Strickland, Paul Tate

Stuart, Emma Shields

Suitor, Robert Lee

Sweat, William Andrew

Switcher,  J. R.

Switcher, Jewel Floyd

Swiney, Wanda Logue

Talley, Clara Ruth

Taylor, Jennie Voyles McDaniel

Taylor, Emma Lea

Tomlinson, William Lytle

Trainum, Kennie Richard "Snooks"

Turner, Charlie A.

Turner, Roscoe Col.

Vanderford, Gerhard Charles

Voyles, Columbus Allen

Voyles, Dora Beatrice Vilatross Griffin

Voyles, Florence Griffin

Voyles, George Washington

Voyles, James Edward

Voyles, John Martin

Voyles, Myrtle Grace King

Voyles, William Anderson

Wagoner, Gilbert

Waldrop, Mrs. Alene Yarber

Walker, Velice Dilworth

Wall, Naomi Voyles

Warriner, Dr. Richard Bascomb

Watkins, George Milton

Webb, Heptha Henry

Webb, James  Franklin

Wegman, Barbara Lancaster

Wheatley, David Elmer

Wheatley, Mrs. Mattie

Whirley, Kate Johnson

White, Dimple Imogene

White, Lula Mrs.

White, Maudie Ross

Wiginton, Condy Thomas

Wilbanks, Aaron Huel

Wilbanks, Agna Cletus "Cap"

Wilbanks, Autry Levoid

Wilbanks, Gladys Stroupe

Wilbanks, James Albert

Wilbanks, Kenneth R.

Wilbanks, Mack Evert

Wilbanks, R. C.

Wilbanks, Troy B.

Wilbanks, Walter V. "Jack"

Williams, Dewey

Williams, William Clinton

Wilson, Essie Jobe

Whitener, Nancy Jane

Wooley, Leroy

Wright, Herbert

Wroten, Bobby Howell

Yarber, Marvin

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