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24th Mississippi Infantry, Companies A & B

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Above you will find links to the rosters of the 24 MS Infantry, Companies A-L. Company I is not listed on page. It is a Kemper Company and is listed on the main pages of the Military Section.

The rosters of the 24th Mississippi were transcribed by Lynne Hicks. They are not complete. If you have names to add to these rosters, please let the County Coordinator know.

Company A Company B
Allen, G. Anderson, 
Allman, John  H. R.H.
Allman, Phelan A. Aston, Samuel
Ball, James S. Bailey, Andrew J.
Baxter, Israel Belk, John W.
Baxter, William  E. Bell, David
Beard, James Bingham, Greene
Beech, G.F. Bonie, Wilson
Black, John F. Bucklew, Matthew
Bost, Solomon Buford, Phillip
Burch, B. Bumsed, Robert
Byrd, Thomas R. Burchfield, George
Carr, Anderson Burchfield, J.C.
Cayton, John Burchfield, John
Clark, J.C. Burchfield, L.E.
Clark, P.E. Burchfield, Thomas
Clark, William Henry Bussey, T.L.
Coaker, John Canfield, Richard W.
Cochran, Amagiah Cannon, Carroll C.
Cochran, J.H. Carroll, William
Cochran, John A. Carter, William A.
Cochran, John P. Chestnut, Joseph
Cochran, V.B. Coleman, Jesse
Cooper, Colbert C. Cooper, James
Cowart, Wiley W Crawford, John C.
Cowart, William Critz, Peter L.
Daughdrill, James H.
( was captured on Lookout Mtn. TN. Taken to Rock Island IL. He died in POW camp he is buried there. I visited his grave in 2001. I am from Greene Co. Ms. He was my Great Great Uncle.
My name is Marc Merritt
Davidson, J.M.
Daughdrill, John  W. Doke, M.L.
Davis, James A. Dossett, Thomas
Davis, Malachia Douglas, Thomas J.
Davis, Thomas H. Dunn, T.M.
Dendey, George W. Edwards, John W.
Denmark, Andrew J. Ferguson, Angus
Denmark, Thomas A. Fewox, T.
Diggs, D.D. Finn, James H.
Doyle, James M. Fisher, George W.
Dueitt, F.M. Floyd, James T.
Dueitt, J.B. Floyd, John R.
Easterling, John H. Gale, Joseph R.
Elliott, George Galtney, T.H.
Ellis, J.C. Gardner, James F.
Ennis, G.W. Gardner, Newton J.
Etheridge, B. Glidewell, Riley
Evans, A. Goyen, William W.
Evans, B.F. Graham, H.E.
Ezell, Johnathan Gray, H.W.
Faggard, William E. Guise, A.J.
Flowers, J.I. Hartsfield, John
Freeman, George J. Hastings, Absalom P.
Gable, E. Hazlewood, Joshua H.
Gaulding, I.W. Henry, George W.
Gibson, George W. Henry, William M.
Gibson, James F. Herring, Albert H.
Gilman, John Herron, D.H.
Gooch, J.E. Hillhouse, David L.D.
Green, Samuel I. Hillhouse, George F.
Grimer, C.E. Hillhouse, Hugh H.
Grimes, John J. Hillhouse, John B.
Hall, C.W. House, Jasper
Hannah, W.M. Howry, W.H.
Harrison, John C. Irby, George W.
Harvey, R. Jackson, Mark
Henderson, Chapman James, George B.
Henderson, G. Johnson, J.H.
Henderson, William Jones, Wistar A.
Hillman, Pickney G. Kelly, Henry C.
Hodnett, W.H. Kelly, Ira M.
Holder, W.J. Kendall, James A.
Holland, J.M. Kimmons, J.M.
Hopson, N.B. Kornegay, Daniel H.
Isbel, W.H. Kornegay, Isaac I.
Jourdon, Eli W. Kornegay, James D.
Joyce, George A. Kornegay, Seth
Kitrell, A. Laird, W. Judson
Kittrell, David Layton, W.J.
Kittrell, William Lenard, James A.
Lankford, William E. Loggins, Reuben
Lansdale, Samuel L. Lowery, Peter
Mahaffey, A.T. Lyles, William L.
Malone, J.T. Lyons, Michael
Mason, Norris  Magruder, William H.
McCain, I.L. McClelland, James P.
McCrea, Julian McCord, Samuel
McDonald, G. W. H. McElroy, Moses M.
McInnis, Christopher C. McGee, George W.
McInnis, Colon L. McKill, James N.
McInnis, D.C. McQuary, Henry J.
McInnis, Randall Meredith, James P.
McKee, John Meredith, J.W.
McLean, John Miller, John H.
Miller, John Miller, Robert A.
Miller, John M. Mootey, James E.
Miller, J.T. Morris, Ezekiel M.
Miller, W.J. Morris, M.J.
Milles, D. Wesley Mullins, George W.
Mills, Henry G. Noblin, Henry A.
Mills, John G. Northern, William
Mills, Joseph Owen, Robert F.
Mills, Thomas  
Mills, Washington W.  
Mills, William  
Mills, Willis  
Mills, W.J.  
Moody, H.E.  
Moran, J.W.  
Morris, W.O.  
Roberts, Capt. Henry email: Karl H Smith  
Stokes, Daniel R. Pvt. - Daniel was killed at the battle of Resaca at Resaca, Ga and is buried in
the Resaca Confederate Cemetery. He was 17 when he volunteered and died at 21. He was the oldest son of Jesse Stokes and Margret Epsey McCann Stokes of Stateline, Greene Co Ms. -Desiree Stokes Smith
The majority of the men in this company came from Green County, MS. The majority of the men in this company came from West Point, MS


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