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24th Mississippi Infantry, Companies E & F

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Above you will find links to the rosters of the 24 MS Infantry, Companies A-L. Company I is not listed on page. It is a Kemper Company and is listed on the main pages of the Military Section.

The rosters of the 24th Mississippi were transcribed by Lynne Hicks. They are not complete. If you have names to add to these rosters, please let the County Coordinator know.

Company E Company F
Ainsworth, W.L. Alford, W.D.
Atkinson, John D. Allen, W.H.
Atkinson, John D. Allen, J. F.
Bagwell, W.W. Bailey, John B.
Bailey, John W. Baker, S.M.
Barnett, J.W. Bennett,George W.
Beard, John A. Blaylock, R.P.
Beard, John E. Blaylock, Z.L.
Brown, W.G. Bourland, R.H.
Caldwell, James H. Bull,James H.
Caldwell, Samuel B. Cargile,Henry K.
Caldwell, Thomas G. Carroll, Jesse
Carpenter, M.C. Carter, Thomas C.
Chambers, Madison J. Cato, Joel P.
Clark, Frank Chilcoat, J.G.
Clark, Joham J.H. Chilcoat, William a.
Cobb, Harrison Chism, James M.
Cobb, Martin S. Clayton, C.C.
Coleman, Albert B. Cockroft, John H.
Cotton, B.J.F. Coker, George W.
Courtney, George A. Cook, William E.
Crass, Abner D. Cromwell, J.
Cresell, William H. Crownover, James
Culiver, D.C. Crownover,Robert H.
Davis, J.O. Davidson, John C.
Deal, Augustus Davis, John
Dew, B.W. Dosset, Frank M.
Donley, J.C. Drake, Henry
Dumas, William A. Draughn, Griffin S.
Fail, William E. Ebbs, William
Farrow, L.D. Elliott, William H.
Givens, Lo A. Ewing, Gilbert
Grafton, James M. Ewing, M.K.
Green, T. Ford, Daniel N.
Griffin, Capers Ford, John F.
Harrison, Joseph Fry, Anderson S.
Hassell, John L. Fry, James A.
Hinkle, A.J. Gaddy, Francis M.
Hinson, James M. Gaddy, Thomas J.
Holeman, James F. Gardner, Ezekiel M.
Hooks, Asa G. Gardner, Henry J.
Hooks, William A. Gilbert, James H.
Horn, T.J. Gilbert, Jerry L.
Howell, J.B. Gothard, E.E.
Huey, Thomas B. Griffin, Samuel F.
Hutchins, James C. Guess, Jesse
Hutchins, John E. Guiton, John W.
Jandon, John J. Hancock, W.E.
Johnston, John Harkness, G.R.
Kern, W.S.S. Harkness, Osborn M.
Kirk, James Harkness, William E.
Knowles, Daniel N. Harrison, James H.
Magruder, Thomas S. Harrison, W.H.
Marshall, Morgan Hasty, Joseph R.
Mattix, L.H. Holmes, James L.
McBride, William H. Hoyle, Eli N.
McKey, P.B. Hudspeth,J.B.
Merchant, James M. Hunter, Pickens B.
Mills, Andrew J. Jarman, Robert A.
Mills, Jacob H. Jarrel, John N.
Mills, James B. Jenkins, William H.
Mitchell, W.T. Johnson, James S.
Moore, J.A. Johnson, J.H.
Morgan, J.M. Johnson, Joseph
Morris, Zachariah W. Johnson, Robert
Murrey, J .P. Jones, D.C.
Myers, W.L. Jordan, John L.
Nash, George W. Justice, William T.
O Bannan, D.K. King, James
O Donald, Abram King, John E.
O Donald, J. Lansford, Daniel
  Lansford, Nathaniel
  Lansford, Virgil
  Livingstone, Thomas M.
  Logan, Rufus B.
  Logan, William
  Loyd, James P.
  Lynch, J.N.W.
  Mahone, Patrick
  Majors, David
  Mason, Daniel
  Massey, Joe C.
  Mattox, George W.
  Mattox, Thomas J.
  Maxey, Francis M.
  McDougal, John A.
  McFadden, William G.
  McRae, John S.
  McWilliams, Jesse G.
  McWilliams, Pryor
  McWilliams, William W.
  Miller, Henry
  Miller, Joseph L.
  Miller, P.L.
  Montgomery, Joseph P.
  Moore, David
  Moore, George
  Myres, Samuel
  Norwood, H.B.
  O Donnel, John
  Oliver, Samuel E.
Most of these men were from Madison County, MS. Most of these men were from Itawamba County, MS.


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