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Barefield, James B.

Last Letter Home

35th MS Inf. Co B enlisted 1 Mar 1862
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Mrs James B Barefield
DeKalb P. Office
Kemper County

Mar the 1 1863
Dear wife I write you a few lines to let you no that I am well at this time hoping that thes lines may find you all enjoying the same good blesing I do want to see you all might bad I am inhopse that I wil get to come home soon some time or nother but I dont no how long it will be before I get to come home we have ahard time hear I want you to send me some provishion by the first chanst that you (get) we get bread plenty but we not get no meat if you think that you will have it to spar I dont want you to disfurnish youself to send it to me I would by it if I cold but we cant get it hear to by I wrote to farther to sel that Cold (colt) if he thinks it bst I want him to do by him jest like he wold withe his on (own) and I will be saterfied if he dos that he nos better what he can do than I do we air expecting a fight hear the yanks air hear yet plenty I am inhopse that they will not fight any more I wrote to par (pa) word to plant me some potaters I dont know whether he got the letter or not I want you to tell him to plant som for the childern I am inhopse that this war will come to a close befor long so that we all can get to come home to stay I must come to a close for this time you must write as soon as this comes to hand and write mee all the news give my love to all the family and receird alarg potion (portion) to self 
J B Barefield
to N J Barefield

Last letter received from James B. Barefield to his wife Nancy Jane (Terry) Barefield 
He died at Vicksburg 28 May 1863. He left three children, John David Barefield, James Gideon Barefield and Annie Eliza Barefield.

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