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Sellers, Valentine Walker 

Submitted by Martin W. Tillett

Valentine Walker Sellers enlisted in the Confederate Army on March 25, 1861 at Scooba, Mississippi. He was assigned to Captain R. O. Perrins's Company of Mississippi Cavalry which was later designated Company C Jeff Davis Legion.... He served until the middle of 1864 when he was captured in Northern Virginia and imprisoned in a Union P.O.W. Camp in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Valentine Sellers married a girl here in Northern Virginia after his release and lived in Arlington, Virginia. The home he lived in is still standing and is designated with a historical marker. Valentine Sellers is buried with his wife in Walker Chapel Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia and his grave is marked with a Confederate Military Monument. He and his wife had one son that was the father of my grandmother. 

The genealogy states that Valentine Sellers was actually born in Alabama in 1840 but gives no specific town. If anyone has any additional information about this Cavalry Unit or can direct me to a source containing more information, I would be most appreciative.

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