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McAdory, Leondias Felin

Submitted by Jeff McAdory

Leondias Felin McAdory, was in that company serving under Culbertson. Leonidas? records in the 40th Mississippi begin April 10, 1862. He had previously served in Co.F, 59th Virginia with his brother, W. L. McAdory before that company was transferred into the 46th Miss. W. L. remained in the 46th, but somehow Leonidas wound up in the 40th.

L. . is listed as present throughout his records which were noted every other month. He received a promotion on July 16, 1862 from Sergeant to 1st Sergeant. He was promoted again, this time by election, to 2nd Lt. in January 1863.

Company I included officers L. F. McAdory, William P. Culbertson, Erasmus D. Gamblin, Wiley G. Davis, F. M. McDonald and Joseph W. Terry. Culbertson was also dead before war's end as you note.

 L.F. McAdory was paroled at Vicksburg on July 7 and returned home to Winston County quite ill, undoubtedly due to the conditions living in the trenches at Vicksburg. He died at his home on or about August 31, 1863. He is buried in Fulton Cemetery in Winston County, Miss.

A couple of interesting tidbits:
L.F.'s mother was L. Jane Culbertson. I have not established a link from her to William P., but it's on my "to do" list.

I was unaware of a James Palmer in this company, but come to think of it, I have never seen a complete roster. Leonidas' son, Jefferson Davis McAdory, was just a babe when Leonidas died but went on to marry Laura Palmer. She was the daughter of a James Palmer and Elizabeth Rainey. I'm going to have to check back with some of my Palmer connections on that one! I'll have to look for a Fulton connection too! I'll send this on the LaNelle too since she's listed as a contact on James Palmer.

And as you'll note above, Erasmus Gamblin was originally in the 40th before serving in Gamblin's Company towards the end of the war. I'm assuming that was his brother with him. There is mention of them in the "Red Clay Hills of Neshoba"

And you also have a mention of a J. E. Fulton. Leonidas' wife was Mary Fulton.

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