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Confederate Soldiers - Limbrick / Limerick Surname

Submitted by McRae Limerick

A Research of the men that served in the army of the Confederate States of America who's surname was Limbrick or Limerick.

In a book entitled "A Guide to Irish Surnames" By Edward Maclysaght, it states that the name "Limerick" was not taken from the Irish city Limerick, but from the French town {Ambroux). See page 106 of the above named book. The name reached Ireland via the way of Scotland, and by 1665 had become Limbrick. This rare surname is found in County Derry Ireland.
The name Limbrick was in use when William Limbrick reached the shores of America in 1680. He was transported there by Captain Peter Sayer of Tabot County Maryland. By 1724 William was listed as a "Tobacco Tender" in Stafford County Virginia. He was recorded as born in Ireland.

Francis Limbrick was imported by The Royal Virginia Colony from Ireland to farm the land, by Adam Woffendall on November 5,1687. It is not known if they were brothers or what kin, but they were both well established in Virginia at the time of the Revolutionary War. I have not tried to establish a war record, but have some record that some were veterans of the War o 1812 and the Spanish-American War.

About 1850 some began to leave Virginia as pioneers. They headed south seeking new land for themselves. First to Alabama and later to Mississippi. My Great Grandpa came on to Mississippi, got married, and homesteaded 160 acres of land in Kemper County. Some later went to Texas, Georgia and the Carolinas. That is also about the time of the name change. Families all over the country began to change the "B" to "E" or from Limbrick to Limerick it seem to be a spontaneous move, but never the less it was a complete change.

Since my Great Grandpa served in the 26th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Company E, and being a Civil War buff, I wondered how many other Limericks served. My intent is to list as many Limbricks and Limericks that my research has found. The name Limbrick and Limerick are one and the same.

They are as follows: Beginning with the Limbricks:

George K. Limbrick South Carolina 23rd infantry Companies A and C
James H. Limbrick Alabama 24th Infantry Companies K and C
James H. Limbrick Virginia Lt. Art. Pollock's Company
J. H. Limbrick Mississippi 44th Infantry Company I
John A. Limbrick Virginia Lt. Arty. Cooper's Company
John H. Limbrick Georgia 25th Infantry Company K
J.W. Limbrick Virginia Cavelry Mosby's Regiment (Part Rangers Company F)
William Limbrick Virginia Lt. Arty. Cooper's Company


John T. Limerick Virginia 30th Infantry 2nd Company I
John T. Limerick Virginia 47th 2nd Company I
Phillip Limerick Virginia 5th Company K
R.D.Strother Limerick Virginia Lt. Arty. Cayce's Company
Thomas Limerick Mississippi 26th Infantry Company E.
Thomas Limerick Virginia 25th Mil. Company C
Thomas Limerick  Virginia 47th Infantry Company B
Wellford Limerick Virginia 47th Infantry Company A
Wesley Limerick Virginia 40th Infantry Company H.
Wesley Limerick Virginia Art. Curtis's Company
William Limerick Virginia Lt. Art. 38 BN Company O
William Limerick Virginia 30th Infantry 2nd Company I
William Limerick Virginia 47th Infantry 2nd Company I


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