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Alexander, James B.

The Alexander Trail
as compiled by Dorothy TaylorJames B. Alexander b. ca. 1797 SC (1850 Kemper Co, MS Census) wife: Mary b. ca. 1797 SC (1860 Kemper Census gives birth date 1796 in KY & Mary born 1800 in KY). Son, Jeremiah in 1880 Census Neshoba Co, MS gives parent's birth place as TN.

Land Patents- Kemper County- James B. Alexander, Claim no. 19222 filed 11 Oct 1835. SE 1/4 Section 20, Township 10, Range 15 (161 13/100 acres). Claim no. 31288 NW 1/4 Section 15, Township 10, Range 15E (160 19/100 acres)
James Alexander stated in the affidavit that he had the same in possession by personal residence there on from Feb 1835, continuous up to the present time. He was head of a family, having a wife & twelve children and lives with his family in a dwelling erected on said land and made it his home during said period of time 28 Dec 1840.
Moses Evans, J. P.

Jesse S. Hillhouse & Presley Floyd creditable Witness, stated that they are well & personally acquainted with James B. Alexander and they reside in the neighborhood of claimant. 
Wm. B. Gill, clerk of Probate. 

Note: Winifred Floyd (Mrs. Presley J.) was a sister to Penelope Hodges who married Ezekiel Slocumb Gully.

In answer to a claim to SE114 Section 22, Township 10, Range 15 E.
Jas. Alexander stated he bought about 6 acres of land in the year 1833, was in the possession of said quarter section of land on the 19 June 1834 by having rented the 6 acres of land to Ephraim Smith, and my son, boarding on the adjoining quarter section with my brother-in-law, David (S/L) Hillhouse having a house built in the year 1833, but when the lines were run Dec. last my house fell on the SW of said section on which my brother-in-law, David S./L. Hillhouse has since obtained a preemption. 16 Oct 1835
Jas B. Alexander
Ephraim Smith, J. P.
Jesse Hillhouse signed affidavit that he purchased SW1/4 Section 22, Township 10, Range 15 E (10 acres) in 1833 and was residing on said quarter section on 19 June 1834 and boarded in the house with his father, D./S. Hillhouse having no family of his own and being 26 years old and has cultivated said land since 1833.

Jesse L/S Hillhouse granted Francis T. Scott land purchase no 16361 W pt. SE 114, Section 17, Township 12, Range 18. 15 July 1835.

Preemption certificate no. 16362 Ephraim Smith assignee of Warren B. Johnson, who was assignee of David L. Hillhouse W 112 SW 1/14 Section 22, Township 10, Range 15 E (80 57/100 acres) Granted to Ephraim Smith on 27 Feb. 1841.

I am not sure of the maiden name of James's wife, but may be Hillhouse. If not, James or Mary had a sister who married a Hillhouse.  
Children of James B. Alexander and Mary (Hillhouse?):
1. Josiah H. Alexander, born ca 1816, KY. In 1837 and 1840 Kemper County Census, appears in 1850 Lauderdale County, MS. Census.
2.William Alexander, b. ca. 1818, AL , according to 1850 census. No other information.
3. Jeremiah W. Alexander, born July 23, 1820, AL. In 1850, 60 Kemper Census and 1879,80 Neshobia Census.
4. Matida Jane Alexander, born Mar 2, 1822 Al. Married Dec 26, 1840 to Philomon Hodges Gully.
5. ? female appears on 1840 census. Born between 1820-25. Evidently married by 1850.
6. ? male on 1840 born 1825-30. Not on 1850, probably married. 
7. John Alexander born c. 1828 AL. Appears in 1850 Census with parents. Nothing further known.
8. James Alexander born ca. 1830 AL. In 1850 he is in the household of Phill Gully & wife, Matilda (James's sister). Nothing further known.
9. Pleasant Alexander (male) born ca. 1832, AL. In 1850 census with parents. Nothing further known.
10. Samuel Alexander born ca. 1834, AL. In 1850, 60 Kemper County Census, he was the single head of household with no children. Nothing further known.
11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Alexander born ca. 1838. In 1850 she was with her parents. In 1860, she is in George Alexander's household. She became the fifth wife of Thomas Allism Seale. (Others preceded him in death.) She outlived her husband. He was brother to Amanda Temperance Seale (the wife of Jeremiah Alexander).
12. George Alexander born ca. 1840. Further information follows in this report.
James B. Alexander was in Kemper as early as 1837 (agricultural census). He was enumerated as family #1, between the age of 21-45, 7 boys under age 18, 3 females under 16, and 1 female over 16. 
Family #2 was Josiah Alexander, 1 male, 21-45, 1 male under 18, 1 female under 16.

1840 Kemper Census:
James Alexander  
males under 5 -2
5-10  - 2
10-15 - 2
20-30 - 2
40-50 - 1
females  10-15 - 1
15-20 - 2
40-50 - 2

Josiah H. Alexander
males under 5 -2
20-30 - 2
females 20-30 -1
(This older male now with Josiah may be a relative.)males under 5

1I believe Josiah to be the eldest son of James and Mary. In 1850, I find Josiah in Lauderdale County, MS, wife Emma (Chandler). Josiah b. ca 1815, KY & Emma born ca 1817 in TN. Their children were Wm. J., Meredith, Henry, Martha, Sarah (b. ca 1845), James & Mary E. I think this Sarah is one who married Thomas Israel Wells (Submitted to me by Kristy Williams).
1850 Kemper County Census

Alexander, James B.  Mary  Jeremiah
Geo P.
18 (m)


Alexander, Wm. W. *
Philomun G.

Alexander, J. F. **
Ray, John




* (Note the names of children). This William is probably the son of James B. Alexander.
**One John F. Alexander & Francis Alford married 30 Oct 1845 in Green Co. Alabama. Don't know of relationship to James B. Alexander , if any. These are only Alexander heads of household that year.

19* (Note the names of children). This William is probably the son of James B. Alexander.
**One John F. Alexander & Francis Alford married 30 Oct 1845 in Green Co. Alabama. Don't know of relationship to James B. Alexander , if any. These are only Alexander heads of household that year.
1850 Kemper County Census

Gully, Phil
Alexander, James

Gully, Wm 21   AL

ALGully, Wm21 AL*Jane above is Matilda Jane Alexander, daughter of James B. Alexander and James in her household is evidently James Jr., her brother. I have information on James Alexander Gully & family.
"Kemper County Vindicated" and "A Peep at Radical Rule in Mississippi" by James D. Lynch, I find the following: Alexander killed Caraway, Aug 1, 1858. State vs Alexander (Trial in 1860). Jury found defendant not guilty. The book mentions George Alexander, a brother-in-law to Phill Gully.
1860 Kemper County Census

Family 35 Sam Alexander 25  
Family 36 Jas. B. Alexander
Mary A.
Family 37 Geo. P. Alexander
Mary I.
Mary E.
Elizabeth Alexander 
(Geo. P.'s sister)


Family 38 Jerry W. Alexander
Lori Ann
George F.

MS1870 Census Kemper County
Geo. Alexander, age 30, wife Agnes, 22 (2nd wife), children: Jas 12, Mary* 8. Nov 14, 1875 at the residence of S. M. Sullivan in Kemper County, J. B. Pankey married M. E. Alexander.* George's second wife was Agnes Montague, b. Oct 18, 1845 in Kemper County, MS, died in Meridian, MS., married Feb 28, 1867 to George Alexander. Nothing else on Geo., son of Jas. B. Alexander.
*Same person
Jerry W. Alexander is my great grandfather Jeremiah W. Alexander, b. July 23, 1820, AL, died Oct 7, 1898 Neshoba Co., MS (Sandtown Community) married ca 1855 to Amanda Temperance Seale, born ca 1834, died ca. 1913. (The daughter of Beaufort Seale and Lou Ane Evans Seale.)
Children of Jeremiah Alexander and Amanda Seale are:
1. Lou Ane Alexander, b. ca 1856, Kemper County, MS. married Jim H. Daniels ca. 1879. They had five children, 2 girls, 3 boys. Lou Ane died in her 30's. J. H. Daniels is buried North Bend, Neshoba Co., MS. (Nan Daniels is Jim Daniel's sister)
2.  George F. Alexander, b. Mar 3, 1859, Kemper County, died Mar 30, 1942 Neshoba County (Sandtown). Married Dec. 7, 1882 to (1)Nan Daniels b. Sep 3, 1863, died Aug 10, 1930, buried North Bend Methodist Church Cemetery. (2) Married Maggie Duett in 1932, Neshoba County, MS. 
Children of George and Nan are:
a. Charles (Charlie) Henry Alexander, b. Dec 1, 1883, died Dec 2, 1945, buried North Bend.
b. Jim B. Alexander, born Mar 5, 1887, died Mar 3, 1971 married 1908 to Mary Ford.
c. W. Marvin Alexander, born July 2, 1889, died Aug 18, 1945, buried Sandtown. Married Feb 13, 1919 to Lavada Copeland.
d. B. Frank Alexander, born Oct 18, 1891, died Aug 6, 1971, North Bend. Married Jennie Milling.
e. M. Velma Alexander, born Dec 11, 1893. Married Andrew Dixon.
f. Dennis B. Alexander, born July 10, 1898. Married Dec 25, 1920 to Eva Mae Ford.
g. Vera Alexander, born Aug 9, 1901. Married Frank Spears.
h. Biddie Alexander, born Aug 15, 1903. Married Homer Stokes.
3. Thomas B. Alexander, born May 1860, died Mar 12, 1863, buried Sandtown, 2 years, 10 months.
4. William Eli Alexander, born July 9, 1862, died Feb 22, 1921. Buried Cedar Lawn, Philadelphia, Mississippi. Married Dec 27, 1884 to Tabitha Clara Jane Cumberland (daughter of Thomas Cumberland and Sarah Elizabeth Copeland). These are my grandparents.
5. John T. Alexander, born June 1867. Married 1887, Neshoba County, MS to P. Irene Cowen. No children.
6. Fannie Alexander, born March 28, 1873, died Dec 8, 1876. Buried in Sandtown.
This information was donated by Dorothy Taylor, 204 Colonial Drive, Hernando, MS 38632. Please write Dorothy for any questions or to add information to her research.

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