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Lampley, John C.

as compiled by John Ussery

1804 - 1880

John C. Lampley was born Sept. 12, 1804 in Richmond County, North Carolina and died July 17, 1880 in Kemper County, Mississippi. He is buried in Chamberlin Cemetery, Kellis Store, Kemper County, Mississippi. He is the son of Benjamin Lampley and his second wife Sarah Crowder. John C. Lampley in 1834 married Mary Love born, May 18, 1814 in Richmond County, North Carolina and died July 5, 1851. She is also buried in Chamberlin Cemetery, Kellis Store, Kemper County, Mississippi. Mary Love Lampley is the daughter of William "Billy" Love and Agnes Haley of Richmond County, North Carolina.

Court records in Richmond County, North Carolina show that John C. Lampley was appointed as administrator of several Estates of individuals in Richmond County, North Carolina. Court records show he was Administrator of the Estate of Harry Hailey and was still in Richmond County when he gave an accounting of expenses for the Estate in the January session of 1842. Henry T. Thomas, an attorney-at-law representing John C. Lampley, appeared on his behalf to accept payment for John’s work as administrator of the Harry Hailey Estate on October 20, 1846. John C. Lampley was already in Kemper County, Mississippi by that time. In fact he was there sometime between 1842 and 1845.

During the Civil war John C. Lampley served as Capt. Of the "Kemper County Home Guard" that was formed at Kellis Store in June of 1961.John and Mary Love Lampley had 7 children:

1. Agnes Lampley b. May 12, 1835 in Richmond County, NC and d. in Louisville, Winston County, MS.

2. Anna Jane Lampley b. January 17, 1837 in Richmond County, NC, and d. August 12, 1866 in Kemper County, Mississippi.

3. Benjamin L. Lampley b. January 5, 1839 in Richmond County, NC . He was still in Kemper County, Mississippi in the 1870 census.

4. Mary Leak Lampley b. May 15, 1841 in Richmond County, NC and d. aft. 1900. She married John H. Overstreet and they lived in Kemper County, MS.

5. Sarah Elizabeth Lampley b. June 21, 1843 in Richmond County, NC and d. September 3, 1867 in Kemper County, MS. She is buried in Chamberlin Cemetery, Kellis Store, Kemper County, MS.

6. William Albert Lampley b. October 13, 1845 in Kemper County, MS.. He died abt. 1877 in Texas.

7. Frances Rosanna Lampley b. March 3, 1847 in Kemper County, MS.The Lampley family intermarried with the Gully family of Kemper County, Mississippi. William Albert Lampley married Nancy P. "Nanny" Gully, the daughter of John William Gully and Elizabeth J. Houston.

William and Nanny had 5 children:

1. Albert Lampley b July 24, 1866 and d. July 14, 1947. He is buried in New Hope Cemetery, Kemper County, Ms. He married Indiana Florence "Annie" Peden Nov. 29, 1898.


Albert Lampley

2. Anna Elizabeth Lampley b. Aug. 15, 1868 and d. Nov 28, 1902. She married Daniel Douglas Morrison, Jr.
3. John Gully Lampley b. April 1870 . He married Cora E. Johnson in 1891. 4. Millie Lampley b. August 1874. 5. Mary "Mayes" Lampley b. 1874.
Three of John C. Lampley’s daughters married Henry James Gully, a brother to John William Gully. Both were sons of Ezekiel Slocumb Gully and Penelope Hodges.Henry James Gully first married Anna Jane Lampley in 1856 in Kemper County, MS. They had the following children:1. Henry Slocumb Gully b. abt. 1857 2. John William Gully b. May 16, 1858 and d. Dec. 13, 1927 in Meridian, MS. He married Sarah E. Booker Triplett. 3. Phil A. Gully b. 1860 4. Mary A. "Mamie" Gully b. Dec. 28, 1861 and d. May ll, 1931. She married John Charles Cox. 5. James Benjamin Gully b. July 12, 1864 and d. January 2, 1952 in Jackson, MS. He married Mary "Molly" Richards Metts.

Henry James Gully next married Sarah Elizabeth Lampley on June 24, 1867 and she died less than 3 months later on September 3, 1867.

Henry James Gully next married Agnes Gully in 1868. There was one child of this marriage that apparently died at birth or very young.
JOHN C. LAMPLEY v. FRANCIS T. SCOTT (see court records section)

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