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Excerpts from letter written by 81 year old Caleb R. Magee, author of KITH AND KIN OF JOHN MEGEE AND DESCENDANTS OF SUSSEX COUNTY, DELAWARE. (Wills and deeds mentioned below are included in book which is now out of print.)

The John Megee in the title was the son of Peter Magee, an the grandson of John Magee of Coxe’s Choice Plantation, Somerset Co., Md.

"John Magee purchased Coxe’s Choice Plantation -- 300 acres in Somerset Co., Md. for which he paid as stated in the deed 6000 lbs of tobacco. Said John made a will, dated April 20, 1728, which I have. Left 6 sons: George, John, and Peter, to whom 100 acres of Coxe’s Choice was willed each. The other 3: Samuel, Moses, and David, were left named amount of money each and wereto remain with thier mother Elizabeth Magee until 18 years of age.

John Magee’s widow Elizabeth, probated his will in July, 1729, and in Oct., 1729 an early entry is shown in Princess Anne, Md. where John Davis and wife Elizabeth, formerly Elizabeth Magee, rendered a report of the personal property of the late John Magee. She made her X mark while he wrote in a clear hand John Davis. The will of said John Davis shows he had lands, and as being well off. Evidently his wife had passed away not too long prior to John Magee’s reaching "journey’s end" and Elizabeth Magee (the widow) needed help, and perhaps John Davis needed companionship. Young David Magee was only about 10 years old in 1729 and John Davis must have been right good stepfather because David apparently thought so much of him that he named his first child, born 1746, Davis Magee.

Don’t Know when Elizabeth (Magee) Davis died, but she rendered the final report on John Magee Estate in 1737, as shown in Princess Anne, Md. when David Magee born 1719, reached 18. Think she was quite a bit younger than husband John Magee.

I have always understood from a very young boy, that our family originated in Scotland, then moved over to County Antrim (Protestant North Ireland) but never could locate a port of entry here for John. Spent something less than $100 trying to locate records in County Antrim and looking in England. Think he probably had worked his was over (sailor) and married after he got here.

David Magee (born: 1719) was a civic-minded man of Salisbury Town, Md. He signed the petition for a charter for Salisbury. Aparently dealt much in real estate; numberous deeds. All at once in 1774 he sold 2 pieces of property, and there never apeared any records of David Magee after that date. One of the researchers that I employed did a lot of checking in various Eastern States and he reported a record of a David Magee who said he came to Kentucky in 1775. I did not follow it any further.

In the same year (1774) Davis Magee, who had married Nelly Shockley 176_, sold his household goods, or many of them to Elijah Sockley and in my personal opinion started southward, tarrying a while in North Carolina, thence to Georgia. My information indicates that Davis’s son Joseph reported (in census) that he was born in Maryland, 1786, which may be correct. Maybe Nelly made a home cisit of some duration. Said Jospeh died May @@, 1855 in Holmes Co., Miss. His first wife was Matilda Brantley whom he married Dec. 12, 1808. For his 2ed wife he married Susan Bonner, who was a sister to Hubbard Bonner, who was in turn the husband of Rachel Magee McGee), a sister to Joseph Magee (McGee).

The spelling of names in earlier times was perhaps due in many cased to those who did the writing using the spelling they thought was right. John, who died 1729, was Magee, and I am inclined to think that that that this wa the orginal spelling."

March 7, 1769 Caleb R. Megee

John MaGee, parents unknown married in Maryland Elizabeth
Tobacco planter and probable born: ????
immigrant ancestor. died: after 1837
born: ???? Somerset Co., Md.
died: before July 28, 1729 married 2ed before Oct. 1729
Coxe’s Choice Plantation, John Davis; no children
purchased for 6000 lbs of tobacco, medium of
exchange established by Eng. govt.)
Somerset Co., Md.
Issue (named in order of apperearence in father’s will dated April 20, 1728
1. George Magee
born: before 1707
died: ????
2. John Magee
born: before 1707
died: ????
3. Peter Magee
born: ca 1711, Somerset Co., Md
died: ca 1766
married: Dec. 23, 1736, Worchester Co., Md, Mary Noble
(Ancestor of Caleg R. MaGee, author of "Kith and Kin of the John MeGee Family and Descendants of Sussex County, Delaware."
4. Samuel Magee
5. Moses
6. David Magee
born: ca 1719, Somerset Co., Md.
died: Kentucky ?
married: Oct. 31, 1745, Stepney Parish, Worcester Co., Md, Mary McGlamery,
* will states 9 children, other names unknown

Hall of Records -- Annaplolis, Maryland
Vol. 6, 1726-1732, p. 136; (abstract):
MAGEE, John - planter, Somerset Co., Md.
will dated April 20, 1728, probated July 28, 1729
To wife Elizabeth, Executrix, 1/3 of estate of she remains unmarried. 4 sons:
Peter, Samuel, Moses, and David to remain with her untill they are 21; if she marries, they are to be free at 18.
3 sons: George, John, and Peter to have 300 acres "Coxes’s Choice" equally, the eldest (George) to have first choice, and John next; of either of he 3 die without lawful issue --

MARTHA BONNER (wife of John Tinsley), ON MOTHER’S SIDE
David Magee / Megee married Oct. 31, 1745 Mary McGlamery
son of John Magee and Elizabeth Stepney Parish
born: ca 1719 Worcester Co., Md
died: Ky ????
Issue: (Birth of all recorded as children of David Megee and wife Mary, Stepney Parish
church, Worcester Co., Md., Records from Md. Historical Society, 201 West
Monument St., Baltomore, Md. 21201, 1972.):
1. Davis Magee
born: Nov. 19, 1746; named for Davis Magee’s step-father, John Davis.
died: before Feb. 3, 1817, Jones County, GA
married 176_, Worcester Co., Md., Penelope "Nelly" Shockley
Name recorded as McGee in GA., and this branch of the family used that spelling from 1788 on.
2. Moses
born: Dec. 30, 1748
3. Leah
born: Dec. 14, 1750
4. Nelly (Elinor)
born: May 30, 1752
5. Reuben
born: Feb. 17, 1754
died: ca 1829, Warren Co., GA
married: in Md. Elizabeth _________
served in Maryland’s 5th Regt., American Revolution
Name recorded as MaGee in GA, family retained that spelling.
6. Josiah
born: Nov. 16, 1757
married: (1) in Md. ????
(2) Dec. 29, 1807, Hancock Co., GA, Nancy Davis
served in Maryland’s 5th Regt., American Revolution
7. Ann Mary
born: Jan. 19, 1761
8. Betty
born: March 1763
9. David
born: March 12, 1765
*Question: was he the David Magee on 1790 census, Hopkins Co., Ky.?

Davis McGee / MeGee Sr. married: 176_ Penelope "Nelly" Shockley son of David Megee / Magee Worcester Co., Md. died: after 1821, and Mary McGlamery Jones County, GA
born: Nov. 17, 1746 Worcester Co., Md.
died: before Feb. 3, 1817, Jones Co., GA
Issue (order of birth uncertain):
1. Milby (or Milbry)
step daughter of his Uncle Josiah Magee, Columbia Co., GA. reportedly returned to Maryland after father’s death.
2. Josiah
3. James
married: Burke Co., GA, Nancy Moore
4. Rachel
born: 178_
died: Oct. 2, 1821 in fever epidemic, Jones Co., GA
married: (1) ca 1800, Hancock Co., GA, Hubbard Bonner son of Joseph Bonner married: (2) March 23, 1815, Jones County, GA, Moses Taylor, no issue
5. Joseph
born: March 25, 1786, Md.?
died: May 22, ????, Acona, Holmes Co., Miss. married: (1) Matilda Brantley, Dec. 12, 1808, Hancock Co., GA
(2) Susan Bonner, Dec. 3, 1816, Jones Co., GAmoved to Noxubee Co., Miss. then to Holmes Co., Miss (1836-1843)
6. Sarah
married before 1816, a Caldwell
7. Richard Henry
born: 1792, Greene (now Hancock Co., GA
died: 1856, Newton Co., Miss., buried McGee Family Cemetery married: Arpie Gay, before 1816 lived in Noxubee Co., near Gholson before going to Newton
8. Charlotte
married: Levi Lloyd, son of John Lloyd
lived in Winston Co., Miss. and Noxubee Co.
9. Davis Jr.
married: May 6, 1817, Warren Co., GA, cousin Sarah Magee, daughter of Reuben and Elizabeth MaGee.
Private- War of 1812, Capt. James Safford’s Co. Volunteer Artillery, 4th Regt., GA Militia

A search needs to made for pre-1816 deeds of gift (probably at the time of their marriages),
from Davis McGee to older children who received a token $1 in his will.

I, Davis McGee of the County of Jones and the State of Georgia, being in a low state of heath but sound mind and memory, knowing that it is appointed for all men to die do make and ordain this my last will and Testament, and what worldly goods it hath pleased Almighty God to bless me with disposed of in the following manner, to wit;
Item 1. I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Nelly McGee my land Household and kitchen furniture, and also my negroes, to wit: Grace, Sall, Mary, Patt, Stephen, and Nemrod, and all my stock and plantation tools, that is to say my estate both real personal during her natural life or widowhood.
Item 2. At my wife’s decease I give my land unto my son Davis McGee, also all the stock, household and kitchen furniture, one negro woman Grace, one negro woman Sall and her increase, one negro boy call Stephen, one negro girl Patt.
Item 3. At my wife’s decease I give unto my daughter Charlotte Lloyd on negro girl called Mary.
Item 4. At my wife’s decease I give unto my son Richard McGee one negro boy called Nemrod.
Item 5. At my wife’s decease I give unto my son Milby McGee one dollar.
Item 6. At my wife’s decease I give unto my son Josiah McGee one dollar.
Item 7. At my wife’s decease I give unto my son James McGee on dollar.
Item 8. At my wife’s decease I give unto my daughter Rachel Taylor (Bonner) one dollar.
Item 9. At my wife’s decease I give unto my son Joseph McGee one dollar.
Item 10. At my wife’s decease I give unto my daughter Sarah Caldwell on dollar.
I also constitute and appoint John Bayne and my son Davis McGee Executors of this my last will and Testament as witnessed my hand and seal this 15th day of January in the 1816.
Davis (X) McGee
Witnesses: Wy Jones
John Belhom
Ambrose Jones
Probated 3rd of February, 1817 and Handled on the March Term of Court.
Jones County Probate Records
Estate Book A. P. 244
March 25, 1817, Estate of Davis McGee Deceased, Late of Jones County, Georgia, valued as follows:
personal goods - $3,348.00; real goods - $2000.00
Appraisers: Levi Lloyd Joseph Duckworth
John English Ambrose Jones

Rachel (McGee) Bonner married 2ed, Moses Taylor, March 25, 1815
(Marriage Record: "History of Jones Co., Ga." C.W. Williams

Stepney Parish Church Records, Worcester Co., Md.
(from Maryland Historical Society, 3741 Monument St., Balitmore, Md.)
Letter from Caleb Megee, 3741 McKinley St. N W, Washington, D.C. (March, 1969)
Georgia Deed Records: Hancock Co., GA, Jones Co., GA
Will of Davis McGee, Sr., Jones Co., GA, 1816
Bonner - McGee Records form Mrs. Bertha (Bonner) Lathrop, 129 Myle Ave., Longveiw, Texas (1970)
McGee Records form Mrs. Doak S. Cambell, 1001 High St., Tallahassee, Fla. (1970). 

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