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Van Devender, Christopher

Submitted by Janelle Floore Craig 6-4-2001

The original of this immediately family was Christopher Van Devender who was born in Alsace - Lorain France, He was born the 16th day of December 1777. His parents emigrated to the United States when he was a child, and settled in Greenbriar County, Virginia, now West Virginia. In his fathers family there were several brothers. This writer has no recollection of ever hearing him speak of any female members in the family, but it is presumable that there were, as the family was large.

When Christopher grew to manhood, he married Mary Achors, who was born in Greenbriar County, Va. January 8th, 1784. Sons and daughters born to them were:

William Achors, born June 22nd 1801
Elizabeth born June 10th 1806
John born Oct. 5, 1808
Jacob born April 6th, 1809
Hiram born March 12th, 1810
Mary born March 14th, 1812
The above sons and daughters were all born in Greenbriar County, Virginia. 
The following were born in Alabama.
Christopher, Jr. was called "Dick" was born December 13th, 1813
Hugh was born September 27th, 1815
Levi was born June 17th, 1818
Ralph Sternette born Sept. 27th, 1820
Thomas born June 7th, 1823
Sarah born Sept. 27th, 1825
Samuel Patterson born December 26th 1827
Jonathan Coolridge, May 16th, 1830

William A. VanDevender married Mary Nauflett
Their family Josephine, Precilla, Mary Elizabeth, Sternett, Henryetta, Rhodham Y. William Wells, Ophelia, Melissa and Lee (Lee died when a child)

Elizabeth VanDevender married Dougal McArthur. Their children were William V, Hiram, Elizabeth, Flora, Emily & Susana - twins, Maranda and Christoher N. (William died before he grew to manhood)

Jacob Vandevender married Elizabeth Pace. Their children were Martha, Alonzo, Elzena A., Edwin C., Dewitt, Mahala and Jacob, Jr. Two little girls died when they were small babies.

Hiram VanDevender married Mary Vernon. their children were Samuel C., Mary J, John R, and George Commordore. A boy and girl were born and died in infancy. This was first marriage. His first wife and mother of this writer died in October 1852. 
Second marriage was to Mary S. Diggs, Their children were Cora 
A., Lula and Bessie May. Lula died when she was 17 years old. 

Mary Van Devender married Ardie McArthur. Their children were Mary Ann, Sarah, William, John, Frank, Martha, Christopher, Florence and Phimas.

Christopher Van Devender, Jr. married Mary McDonald. One child born to them named Christopher. When he was about 16 years old his arm was caught in a gin and the wounds inflicted caused his death. 

Hugh, Tom and Sam Pat Van Devender were never married.

Levi Van Devender married and raised a family of boys and girls. This writer never knew who he married nor the names and numbers of his family.

Sarah Van Devender married Sam Tittle. Their children were Artelia A., Roxana, Samuells, Mexie. One or two other, but don't know their names.

Ralph Sternett Van Devender married Ann Clark. Their children were Mary Virginia, Thomas D., Caleb R., Jonathan, Mississippi, Constantine, Callie, Christopher, Rosalie and Alonzo.

Johathan Van Devender married Elizabeth McFall. No children born to them.




Wm. A. Van Devender died March 12th, 1883, Age 82 years , 9 months, 1 days
Mary, his wife died June 29th, 1990, age unknown.

Elizabeth Van Devender McArthur- Date of death unknown-
John Van Devender died October 24th, 1813, Age 5 years and 19 days
Jacob Van Devender, died January 16th, 1892, Age 83 years, 9 months and 10 days.
Hiram Van Devender died August 5th, 1890, age 80 years, 5 months and 23 days.
Mary Van Devender McArthur - Date of death unknown. 
Christopher Van Devender,Jr. died in Caldwell County, Texas in 1840, Age 29 years
Hugh Van Devender - a soldier in the Mexican was died in 1846. Age 31 years.
Levi Van Devender died August 31st 1847, Age 29 years, 2 months and 14 days.
Ralph Sternett Van Devender died December 1, 1871, age 70 years, 3 months and 4 days.
Thomas Van Devender, died in California. Date of death unknown, supposed to have been in 1866
Sarah Van Devender Tittle - Date of death unknown-

Sam Pat VanDevender died in California- Date of death unknown.

Jonathan C. Van Devender died February 14, 1912, Age 82 years, 3 months and 14 days.

The above was written by Sam C. Vandevender, date unknown. Has been 

Will continue the balance at later date.
COMMENT: Kemper County Vandevenders
First Van Deventer emigrants came into New York in the 1600's; settled in Brooklyn; named there manor, "Flatbush." See book, The Van Deventer Family 1550-1977 by Paul J. Vandevander. The Honorable Willis Van Deventer, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America and Ida Christobelle Van Deventer compiled most of the material.

Families migrated to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, (W) Virginia,

Later, my ancestor migrated to Alabama and then into Kemper County, Mississippi.

I descend from William Levi Vandevender and Sarah Evans Stennett.

As a child, Sam Vandevender, grandson of Christoper and Mary Achors Vandevender lived his these grandparents. Later Sam had written down from memory of what he heard his grandfather speak about the family. Even his grandfather might not have known how for back the family actually went in America. Jan (John) Pietersz van Deventer and wife, Maria Hoogeboom, were the first mmigrants. From there, we Vandevenders descend.
Sam's notes have circulated around to many descendants that is not the whole picture.


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