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Ashland Cemetery

This list was donated by Bryan D. McRaven

Located in Kemper County, Mississippi, approximately 3 miles East of Scooba on Hwy 16. The cemetery lies on the North side of Hwy 16, several hundred yards off of the road. It is almost directly opposite "Old Scooba Cemetery" which is on the South side of Hwy 16. The Cemetery, presently maintained by the Bryan and Lanier families, dates back at least until the 1860's. There are a number of graves in this resting ground that are unmarked due to a period of disuse that resulted in heavy overgrowth. The Bryan family reclaimed much of the area during the 1930's, erecting a fence around most, but not all of the original area. There is at least one marked grave outside the northern boundary of the fence line, but it is likely that many other stones are present under the vegetation. During the Civil War several homes in the area became makeshift hospitals, and those soldiers who succumbed to their wounds were buried in unmarked graves on the east side of the present cemetery. Some of these graves were discovered in the 1930's when an adjoining landowner plowed a field too close to the cemetery boundary. Sadly, this area immediately outside the eastern fence line is now overgrown with trees, leaving little hope of rediscovery of these soldiers' final resting places. The graves supposedly numbered between 10 and 20.

Bryan, Allie C.
b. Feb 10, 1851
d. Feb 16, 1907
Wife of W. P. Bryan

Bryan, Ann Coleman Townsend
b. Sep 29, 1817
d. Jan 5, 1893

Bryan, Blanche 
b. Jul 16, 1884
d. Apr 10, 1888
Daughter of R. S. & N. L. P. Bryan

Bryan, Claude V.
d. May 18, 1928
V.A. Marker: Wagoner, 140th Field Artillery, 39th Division (W.W. 1)

Bryan, Edwin 
b. Nov 18, 1890
d. Dec 25, 1892
Son of R. S. & N. L. P. Bryan

Bryan, Ernest I.
d. Jan 14, 1912

Bryan, John Thomas
b. Mar 1, 1848
d. Nov 24, 1914

Bryan, John W.
b. Sep 28, 1881
d. Jan 3, 1918
Masonic Headstone

Bryan, Julia W.
b. Aug 30, 1860
d. Nov 7, 1932

Bryan, Myrtle 
b. Feb 3, 1899
d. Aug 16, 1899
Daughter of T. R. and M. P. Bryan

Bryan, Nancy Lucinda Payne
b. Nov 4, 1857
d. Dec 9, 1929

Bryan, Robert Sidney
b. Dec 24, 1855
d. Jun 23, 1914

Bryan, Thomas Philpot
b. Sep 23, 1812
d. Oct 2, 1874

Bryan, William Philpot
b. Jun 8, 1837
d. Jul 4, 1887

Bryan, William Philpot
b. Jul 22, 1900
d. Aug 13, 1906
son of T. R. and M. P. Bryan

Duren, Dewood 
b. Jan 4, 1892
d. Sep 13, 1892
Son of J.W. & Z.C. Duren

Duren, Eva A.
b. Feb 16, 1889
d. Dec 29, 1898

Fleming, Bobby Gene
Jun 18, 1935
Son of O.P. and Linzie Fleming (one date on stone)

Jackson, Albert E.
no dates
(V.A. Marker) Company A, 11th MS Cav, CSA (This single marker resides on the north side of the cemetery, outside of the fence, in the overgrowth.)

Lanier, Anna
b. Jan 23, 1870
d. Oct 27, 1936

Lanier, Robert Lee
b. Jun 29, 1876
d. 1900

Lanier, John T.
b. Oct 29, 1873
d. Jul 1, 1933

Lanier, Martha Ann Bryan
b. Aug 25, 1841
d. Sep 20, 1896

Lanier, William Henry
no dates
(V.A. marker) Company B, 35th MS Inf., CSA

Payne, Annie 
b. Jun 17, 1855
d. Jan 23, 1882
Wife of R. B. Ridgway

Payne, Ransom Sloan
b. circa 1822
d. 1890- 1900

Payne, Mary Ann Elliot
b. 1820's
d. 1890- 1900

Payne, Gertrude 
d. circa 1900
daughter of Ransom and Mary Payne

Powe, Mrs. Selina
b. Nov 31, 1827
d. Jan 2, 1898

Pulliam, Mary E.
b. Mar 1, 1873 
d. Jun 9, 1910
Wife of W.S. Pulliam

Rawls, Lucy Olivie
b. Jul 26, 1887
d. Oct 1, 1890
Daughter of J. R. and M. A. Rawls

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