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Unity Springs Baptist Church Cemetery

Complete reading by Bonnie Murphey Evans, 3 Mar 2003

Unity Springs Church, with the cemetery behind it, is on Little Rock Road, which is about 3.5 miles from the Kemper-Neshoba County line, running south from Hwy. 16. On Little Rock Rd., the church is 1.5 miles from Hwy. 16, on the left. One can also go down Hwy. 495 from Hwy. 16, 1.6 miles to Little Rock Road, then turn right. Go 1/2 mile and the church and cemetery are on the right. They are located on the map as in T10N, R14E, S10.

A number of graves here have concrete slabs over the top, many in the style of a vault top. Also, several have only years on the tombstone, without month/day on one or both dates. Quotation marks indicate wording actually on the tombstone itself. Names enclosed in parentheses indicate a stone shared with that person of the same surname, unless indicated otherwise, (*) or a stone identical or very similar in style (#). A grouping of similar stones may very well indicate a single family, even though surnames may not “match.” Other information which may help in clarification is also in parentheses, and wording on military plaques or funeral home markers (FHM) is in brackets.

Adams, David Sep 7, 1974 (only date)
Alexander, Ellie 1888-1956 (*Virgil)
Alexander, Kutcher T., Sr. Nov 15, 1908-Jan 30, 1993 (*Margaret R.) “Erected by grandchildren”
Alexander, Lillian C. Oct 21, 1909-Oct 26, 1998
Alexander, Louis Apr 15, 1909-Jun 23, 1982 (#Sue Miller)
Alexander, Margaret R. Sep 30, 1911-Jan 29, 1998 (*Kutcher T., Sr.) “Erected by grandchildren”
Alexander, Marshall Jun 10, 1907-Sep 30, 1979 (*Mary Ann) (note that this stone is identically engraved on both sides)
Alexander, Mary Ann Mar 5, 1909-Mar 1, 1947 (*Marshall) (note that this stone is identically engraved on both sides)
Alexander, Sue Miller Aug 30, 1911-Mar 31, 1988 (#Louis)
Alexander, Virgil 1888-1960 (*Ellie)
Anderson, Annie Lee Clark Dec 19, 1928-Feb 6, 1994 “Mother” (#William D.)(+see note below)
Anderson, Dessie L. Mar 2, 1925-blank “Mother“(next to Charlie W. Walker)
Anderson, Ella Apr 13, 1873-Mar 19, 1954 (#Rev. T.J) (note that behind this stone is another stone resting upside down, name Dovie
Anderson Jenkins; this stone might possibly belong beside or near Cutting Cole)
Anderson, George Wesley Apr 18, 1898-May 24, 1977 (+see note below)
Anderson, Harbour 1907-2000 (#see note below)
Anderson, Hazel B.J. Jan 24, 1936-Feb 18, 1994
Anderson, J.C. Aug 25, 1910-blank (*Omeria)
Anderson, Jerry E. Jan 24, 1959-Aug 28, 1987 (+see note below)
Anderson, Leslie Feb 4, 1933-Mar 7, 1976 (+see note below)
Anderson, Mary J. Jun 21, 1956-Feb 27, 2002 “From your loving daughters” “Mother” (*William, Jr.) (+see note below)
Anderson, Omeria Aug 12, 1910-Jan 26, 1976 (*J.C.)
Anderson, Rev. T.J. Mar 8, 1875-Dec 29, 1960 (#Ella)
Anderson, William, Jr. Jun 21, 1952-May 25, 1998 “From your loving daughters” “Father” (*Mary J.)(+see note below)
Anderson, William D., Sr. Jun 23, 1930-Aug 30, 1993 “Father” (#Anie Lee)(+see note below)
Anderson, Mrs. Willie O. Feb 13, 1905-Feb 4, 2003 (#see note below; this is a distinctive grave, the slab having been painted pink, with glitter)
Bailey, Julia Inez Sep 17, 1921-blank (*Willie)
Bailey, Willie May 22, 1926-Sep 26, 1991 [US Army World War II, no company detail, same dates] (*Julia Inez)
Brantley, Eddie Sep 9, 1910-Oct 18, 1989 (*Johnnie) (photo)
Brantley, Johnnie Oct 17, 1909-blank (*Eddie)
Brown, Callie Roberts Nov 6, 1902-Mar 25, 1966 (*Leslie)
Brown, Leslie Mar 20, 1893-Apr 11, 1954 (*Callie Roberts)
Burrage, Armanda (sic) Jul 9, 1911-Nov 30, 1973 (#see note below) [photo]
Burrage, Willie PFC US Army World War II 1912-1991
Clark, Mrs. Hattie Feb 13, 1876-Aug 23, 1958
Clark, Callie C. Dec 5, 1882-blank “Mother” (*John E.)
Clark, Clarence Jones Sep 30, 1907-Mar 10, 1993 (next to Louella Reed Clark)(photo)
Clark, John E. Dec 24, 1880-Dec 24, 1961 “Father” (*Callie C.)
Clark, Louella Reed Jan 5, 1878-Oct 7, 1948 “Mother” (next to
Clarence Jones Clark) (photo)
Clemons, Johnnie Mae 1938-1985 (#see note below)
Cole, Cora Mae Dec 2, 1936-Jan 29, 2000 (*Henderson) [photo]
Cole, Cutting 1958-2002 (note that concrete has been newly laid over this grave; see Ella Anderson)
Cole, Henderson, Sr. Feb 2, 1932-blank (*Cora Mae)
Davis, Charlie “Cap” Apr 27, 1904-Oct 10, 1991 (*Rubie A.)
Davis, Cleo 1953-1993 (#see note below)
Davis, George Jul 25, 1893-Feb 4, 1968 [Mississippi PVT US Army World War I] (next to Sadie T.)
Davis, Ledie Dec 8, 1913-Mar 8, 1976 “Wife” (#Vardaman)
Davis, Lorenzo Feb 18, 1913-Jan 24, 1961 “Husband”
Davis, Rev. Otis Jul 25, 1931-Apr 14, 1999
Davis, Roseanne L. 1870-Feb 28, 1972 “age 101” (#see note below)
Davis, Rubie A. Mar 25, 1909-Mar 13, 2002 (*Charlie “Cap”)
Davis, Sadie T. Jun 24, 1898-Jan 12, 1980 (next to George)
Davis, Vardaman Sep 17, 1911-Dec 28, 1985 “Husband” (#Ledie)
Donald, Joseph Steve Oct 14, 1871-Nov 27, 1943 “[stone] donated by Robert Poe”
Drake, Dalmer Mar 4, 1904-Dec 27, 1978 (*Laura)
Drake, Glennis Ann Jul 24, 1947-Sep 4, 1998 (*Heartha)
Drake, Heartha Jan 24, 1933-blank (*Glennis Ann)
Drake, Howard Lee Mar 12, 1948-Jul 20, 1978 (next to Laura & Dalmer)
Drake, Iona Greer Nov 24, 1912-Jul 1, 2002
Drake, Laura May 5, 1905-blank [FHM: died Jun 18, 2002, Enterprise Funeral Home] (*Dalmer)
FHM, blank
Grady, Eric Dewayne Oct 28, 1971-Sep 29, 1996 (+see note below)
Grady, Lillie Ruth Anderson Sep 11, 1935-Aug 14, 1996 (+see note below)
Greer, Girtie Nov 10, 1903-blank “Mother” (*S. Melvin)
Greer, S. Melvin Mar 15, 1888-Feb 2, 1971 “Deacon” (*Girtie)
Griffin, Hattie Ann Feb 29, 1890-Feb 12, 1947
Griffin, Willie Oct 15, 1923-Feb 5, 1979
Hackenhull, Baby RIP 1972 (handmade, only inscription)
Hodges, Johnnie R. Sep 15, 1919-Jan 18, 2000 (#Imogene R. Overstreet)
Holton, Gertrude R. Nov 14, 1916-Jul 6, 1995 (*Urel L.)
Holton, Urel L. Sep 7, 1914-Sep 5, 1994 (*Gertrude R.)
Jenkins, Dovie Anderson (see Ella Anderson)
Jones, Charlie Mar 31, 1930-Jan 30, 2003
Jones, James W. 1909-1992
Melchor, Lessie Brenda Dec 15, 1927-Dec 10, 1999 (#Willie Mae Robinson)
Moore, Emily (Cole) Mar 31, 1879-May 25, 1946 “Mother” (note parentheses in name are on the tombstone itself)
Overstreet, Imogene R. Feb 18, 1926-blank (#Johnnie R. Hodges)
Patrick, Eljit E. Nov 6, 1949-Jan 5, 2001 [SP5 USArmy Vietnam Purple Heart]
Poe, Bessie Feb 27, 1905-Apr 13, 1991 (#at the foot of Will‘s grave)
Poe, Will Jun 24, 1904-Nov 25, 1973 (#at the head of Bessie’s grave)
Roberts, Allie J. Oct 16, 1899-Jul 24, 1980 (next to Henry H. & Mary Ann)
Roberts, Henry H. Nov 17, 1896-May 30, 1991 (next to Mary Ann & Allie J.)
Roberts, Mary L. Jun 12, 1899-May 19, 1973 (next to Henry H. & Allie J.)
Roberts, Talmadge Depriest Oct 27, 1929-Apr 24, 1965 “Father” [Michigan CPL Co A 7811 SVC COMD Unit, same dates]
Robinson, Willie Mae Mar 20, 1920-Sep 8, 2001 “Sister” (#Lessie Brenda Melchor)
Rush, _a__a (possibly Carna) Jun 6, 1928-Aug (?11), 1981 (next to Ruby Poe)
Rush, Ruby Poe Aug 23, 1934-Jan 25, 1963 (next to _a__a Rush)
Spinks, Rev. W. C. Nov 22, 1935-Jun 19, 1984 “Brother”
Uyeda, Bob H. Jan 31, 1921-Nov 10, 1992 [TEC5 US Army World War II]
Walker, Rev. C.W. Sep 4, 1882-Jul 19, 1959 (next to Mary)
Walker, Charlie W. Oct 22, 1950-Jul 13, 1992 “Son” (next to Dessie L. Anderson)
Walker, Mary 1886-1947 “Mother” (next to Rev. C.W.)
Williams, Johnie Pearl Anderson Dec 2, 1933-Feb 6, 1971

#Note that a number of graves in a row are similar, all having concrete slabs on top, in the style of a vault top: Harbour Anderson, Mrs. Willie O. Anderson, Cleo Davis, Johnnie Mae Clemons, Roseanne L. Davis, and Armanda Burrage.

+These graves are all in one row: Eric Dewayne & Lillie Ruth Anderson Grady, and (all Andersons) Leslie, George Wesley, Jerry E., William D. (Sr.), Annie Lee Clark, Mary J., and William (Jr.).

There is one blank concrete upright slab with a small cavity suggesting that it perhaps once held a plaque, etc.

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