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VanDevender-Neal Cemetery

submitted by Bobby VanDevender

The VanDevender-Neal Cemetery is located on privately owned property in Kemper County, near Gholson, Mississippi. Located near the Kemper/Noxubee county line, about one mile south of Union Hill Church, the cemetery is in a field just off VanDevender Road.

Neal, Edward [no dates on marker]
(This is Henry Edwin Neal. According to the family Bible, he was born Jan 13, 1820, married Nancy Jackson on Sep 10, 1846, and died Sep 9, 1859. He is sometimes identified in the census as Henry "Edmund" Neal, and is identified on this monument as "Edward" Neal. In the family Bible, however, he is consistently referred to as "Edwin".)

Neal, Nancy [no dates on marker]
(This is Nancy Jackson Neal, daughter of John Jackson, wife of Henry Edwin Neal. The family Bible lists her birthdate as Dec 12, 1828, her marriage to Edwin Neal on Sep 10, 1846, and her date of death as Jul 28, 1890.)

Neal, Walter [no dates on marker]
(This is a son of Henry Edwin Neal and Nancy Jackson Neal, and a brother of Mary Eliza Neal VanDevender. The family Bible lists Walter's birthdate as Apr 1, 1858, and his date of death as Sep 26, 1884.)

Neal, J.E.; Dec 2, 1854 -- Apr 20, 1931, "Brother"
(This is Jack Edwin Neal, a son of Henry Edwin Neal and Nancy Jackson Neal, and a brother of Mary Eliza Neal VanDevender.)

VanDevender, Mary Eliza; Jul 28, 1857 -- Jan 20, 1934
(This is Mary Eliza Neal, a daughter of Henry Edwin Neal and Nancy Jackson Neal. Mary Eliza married William Wells "Peck" VanDevender. Mary Eliza was the mother of Eva VanDevender, Mallie VanDevender, and Oswald Neal VanDevender.)

VanDevender, W. W.; Confederate marker, no dates given.
(William Wells "Peck" VanDevender was the son of William Achors VanDevender and Mary Norfleet Milner VanDevender. He was the husband of Mary Eliza Neal.)

VanDevender, Eva Nanette; 1880 -- Jan 15, 1903
[Eva was a daughter of William Wells VanDevender and Mary Eliza Neal VanDevender.]

VanDevender, Oswald Neal; Dec 27, 1883 -- Jul 6, 1959, "Daddy" [Shares a marker with Berta Hunter VanDevender. Oswald was the only son of William Wells VanDevender and Mary Eliza Neal VanDevender. Oswald and Berta were the parents of Oswald Leon VanDevender, Rowena Hunter VanDevender, Waldo Duane VanDevender, Marguerite Virginia VanDevender, and Robert Kenneth VanDevender.]

VanDevender, Berta Hunter; Mar 10, 1888 -- Sep 6, 1978, "Mother" [Shares a marker with Oswald Neal VanDevender. Berta Virginia Hunter was a daughter of John Hunter and Kate Lang Hunter of DeKalb.]

VanDevender, Janie Marguerite, daughter of Robert K. & Fay A. VanDevender, Dec 16, 1961. [An infant, Janie was the oldest child of Robert Kenneth VanDevender and Janie Fay Aust VanDevender.]

Survey of cemetery and related historical data compiled by Bobby VanDevender, Jr., on Jul 1, 2007

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