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Union Hill Church & Cemetery

Located on Union Hill East R 1.7 miles west of Ms. Hwy 39. This list was donated by Gene Allred and Bonnie Evans. Union Hill Church Cemetery reading completed 16 Jul 2003 by Bonnie M. Evans

Union Hill Church, a lovely red brick country church with its beautifully kept cemetery behind it, can be found by going north on Hwy 39 from DeKalb (7.5 miles north of Hwy 16), then left onto Gholson Rd. About 4 miles up Gholson Rd. on the right is a dirt road loop, Union Hill East. A short distance onto this loop will bring the church into sight on the right. The Kemper County map shows Union Hill East as a short, straight road from Hwy. 39 about 1/2 to 3/4 mile south of the Noxubee-Kemper County line; since the road leading from the loop in front of the church is also dirt, I would assume the remainder of Union Hill East to be also, so this might be considered on a trip to the Cemetery. It is located in T12N R16E S5 of Kemper County.

(*Name) indicates a tombstone shared with the named person.

Kirkland, Agnes L. Apr 24, 1920-Apr 2, 1985 (*John E.)
Kirkland, John E. Jan 24, 1923-blank (*Agnes L.)
Matthews, Talvia Perry 1918 - 1987
Nester, Annette R. Apr 10, 1915-blank (*Arthur, Jr.)
Nester, Arthur J. Jan 20, 1911 - May 1, 1989 (*Annette R.)
Nester, Homer M. Aug 19, 1908 - Jul 2, 1995(*blank-double stone but no engraving on opposite side)
Nester, Howard N. Mar 20,1914 - Jul 6, 1979(*blank-double stone but no engraving on opposite side)
Matthews, Talvia Perry 1918-1987

Nester, Leonard Cambell Jun 23, 1918 - Sep17, 1991, TEC 4 US ARMY WW II (*Mary Sue)
Nester, Mary Sue Sep 14, 1925-blank (*Leonard C.)
Shepherd, Barbara L. Aug 18, 1943-blank (*Brooks H.)
Shepherd, Brooks H. Jun 9, 1935 - Dec 8, 1992 (*Barbara L.)
Shepherd, David Jack May 1, 1930-Jul 18, 2001
Shepherd, Ethel N. Aug 22, 1901 - Apr 19, 1995, Wife of Willie Martin Shepherd (*Willie Martin)

Shepherd, Willie Martin Nov 1, 1889 - Mar 20, 1978 (*Ethel N.)

Thornell, Nora Sep 12, 1885-Mar 24, 1969

Weaver, Gertrude C. Feb 20, 1913-Jun 16, 1997 “Mother” (*J. Glen) “Married May 12, 1934”
Weaver, J. Glen Dec 7, 1913-Jul 20, 2001 “Father” (*Gertrude) “Married May 12, 1934”
Weaver, Leo F. Nov 9, 1917-Nov 17, 2000 “Husband & Father” (*Nancy T.)
Weaver, Nancy T. Aug 8, 1917-Aug 6, 1982 “Wife & Mother” (*Leo F.)
Wilson, Bessie S. Apr 4, 1921-Jun 9, 1998 (*Elmer M.) “Married Feb 17, 1941”
Wilson, Elmer M. May 16, 1911-Jun 20, 2001 (* Bessie S.) “Married Feb 17, 1941”

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