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Abandoned Scooba Cemetery

Near Scooba, MS
Submitted by Nancy Bell


This old cemetery is located about 2-3 miles east of Scooba on the north side of Hwy.16, just west of the Dozer Rd. intersection. It is about 100-150 yards from the road, behind a home. There is a dirt road to the left of the home’s driveway that leads to the cemetery. A horse pasture is on the left (west) side. The cemetery is on the right side of the road, just beyond a low 3-row barbed wire fence. The cemetery is in deplorable condition with fallen trees on some of the stones and thick underbrush and vines that cover many of the graves. Many of the stones are facedown in the dirt and cannot be viewed. Others are broken and down, covered with dirt and leaves.

Inscriptions read March 14, 2004:

Carter, Mary Sacred to the memory of MARY, wife of ISAAC CARTER and Mother of CLARK CARTER, who was born in 1775 and died February 4th 1849 in the ? year of her age.

Carter, Clark Sacred to the memory of CLARK CARTER who was born December 2nd 1791 and departed this life September 5th 1851. Aged 56 years, 9 months, and 3 days.

Carter, Sarah SARAH, wife of CLARK CARTER, who was born January 30th 1803 (or 1800) and died December 6, 1848. Aged 45 years and 10 months and 7 days.

Carter, William Sacred to the Memory of WILLIAM, son of CLARK and SARAH CARTER who was born April 10th 1821 and died May 8th, 1848. Aged 27 years, 1 month and 21 days.

Carter, Catherine E. Sacred to the memory of CATHERINE E. daughter of CLARK and SARAH CARTER who was born August 10th, 1829 and died October 1st, 1836. Aged 7 years, 1 month and 2 days.

Johnson, Sarah Ann Sacred to the Memory of SARAH ANN, daughter of ROBERT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, born July 21, 1838, died Oct. 21, 1853. Age 15 years.

Ashford, Corrie In Memory of CORRIE daughter of WA & PJ ASHFORD, March 8th 18??

Ashford, Katie KATIE daughter of WA & PJ ASHFORD

JEMIMA ELLIS, Native of North Carolina, died in Kemper Co, MS, October 28th 1855, aged about 71 years

Cone, George B. In Memory of GEORGE B. CONE who was born May 8th, 1813 in East Haddam, Conn and died Jan. 16th, 1852

JOHN W. BRYAN and many other BRYANS are buried in the vicinity. There is another cemetery adjacent to this one, in much better condition. Some of the names in this cemetery include: LANIER, RAWLS, PAYNE, PALLIAM, and DURAN.

These headstones were read at an earlier date, but were not visible on 3-14-04:

Carter, Richard H. Sacred to the Memory of RICHARD H., son of CLARK and SARAH CARTER, born July 22, 1844, died Oct. 5, 1849. Age 5 years.

Johnson, Robert Sacred to the Memory of ROBERT JOHNSON, Born May 30, 1811, died Dec 11, 1859. Age 48 years.

Note: ISAAC and MARY CARTER had the following known children: CLARK (who married SARAH first, second to Jane Turner), SARAH ANN (who married JOHN L. SANSOM), and ELIZABETH “BETSEY” (who married ROBERT JOHNSON). These families were originally from Georgia and settled in Conecuh Co, AL in 1816. ISAAC CARTER died around 1845 in Conecuh County.

CLARKE and SARAH CARTER moved to Kemper Co, MS in 1833. ROBERT and ELIZABETH JOHNSON, along with MARY CARTER, moved to Kemper County around 1846. CLARK CARTER owned property in Township 11, Range 18, Sections 2, 11, and12.

They were Baptists.

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