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Seale Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located about two miles north of the Kemper/Lauderdale County line and about one half mile west of highway 45 on Meg Forte Road in the northeast quarter of section 25, Township 9, Range 17 east in Kemper County. This cemetery list was donated by Thomas Seale.

Robinson, Unknown Unmarked no dates
Seale, Alta (Gertrude)        1887 - 1891, Daughter of James T. & Fannie Boler Seale

Seale, Hollis (Edgar Hollis) Jun 1883 - Jul 29, 1912, Son of James T. & Fannie Boler Seale, husband of Mary Elizabeth Seale

Seale, Florence (Florence Ledora)     1885 - 1888, Daughter of James T. & Fannie Boler  Seale

Seale, Fannie        Nov 21, 1858 - Jul 10, 1944, Daughter of James Hilry & Mary Josephene Camber Boler

Seale, James T. (James Thomas) Apr 27, 1856 - Mar 19, 1928, Son of Jarvis and Lovy Jones

Seale, husband of Fannie Boler

Seale, Jarvis 1823 - 1897, Son of Eli & Ann P. Mabry Seale

Seale, Lillie May (Jul) 1894 - 1901, Daughter of James T. & Fannie Seale Boler

Seale, (Louis) Aldon died  Jun 09, 1922, Son of James T. & Fannie Seale

Seale, Lovy  (Unmarked) Abt 1826 - Bef 1870, Daughter of James & Sarah Jones, Wife of Jarvis Seale

Seale, Martha E. (Unmarked) Abt 1835 - Bef 1900, Daughter of Hiram & Nancy Chambers, Widow of Alfred Robinson, 2nd wife of Jarvis Seale.)

Seale, Unmarked Dec 22, 1906 - Dec 23, 1906, Unnamed son of Albert T. & Mary Lula Seale

Seale, Unmarked Nov 12, 1907 - Nov 12, 1907, Unnamed dau. of Albert T. & Mary Lula Seale

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