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Jerusalem Cemetery

Submitted by Bonnie Evans.

Completed reading of Jerusalem Cemetery 16 Jul 2003 by Bonnie Murphey Evans
Jerusalem Cemetery is on Hwy 39, almost directly across from Wilson Rd., about 3 1/4 miles north of DeKalb, on the right. There is no church there, and no sign indicating the name of the cemetery. It is unfenced and though it is in need of just general care, one can move about easily within its boundaries. Care must be taken to find its grassy driveway, which runs along the right side of the cemetery. Jerusalem is found in T11N, R16E, on or very near the line between S4 and S9.

Abbreviations and helps used in the list are:
(*name): individual shares a tombstone with this person by the same surname
(#name): tombstone is identical or very similar to this person’s stone
FHM: Funeral Home Marker
[Any wording found other than on a tombstone itself, such as military plaques, funeral home markers, etc.]
(Any other clarifying information, such as proximity to another grave, etc.)
IDO, ISO: Infant Daughter Of, Infant Son Of
DO, HO, SO, WO: Daughter of, Husband of, Son of, Wife of
M/M: Mr. and Mrs.
(sic): meaning, as written (this clarifies what otherwise seems to be an incorrect date or spelling but is copied directly as is noted on a legible stone or other source)

Bohannon, Birch [TEC 5 US Army World War II Aug 15, 1916--Mar 19, 1972]
Bohannon, Jessie Apr 5, 1926--Feb 3, 1998
Brown, Keemyia S. [FHM: 2001--2001][scratched onto a concrete slab over the grave are “10-3-01--10-10-8-01 (sic), Mommy & Daddy, Alexis, Ty___a, William & April”]
Coleman, Clyde Jan 10, 1904--Aug 25, 1985 (*Nona H.)
Coleman, Jessie Rodgers Dec 18, 1942--Dec 30, 1982 (next to Ruthie Mae)
Coleman, Nona H. Aug 15, 1907--blank [FHM 1907--2002] (*Clyde)
Coleman, Ruthie Mae 1929--2003 [FHM: 10/13/28(sic)--4/13/03] (next to Jessie Rodgers)
Currie, Edward [Mississippi PVT 40 TRANS TRUCK CO Apr 27, 1930--Sep 25, 1968]
Currie, Everleane Jul 15, 1910--May 27, 1992
Currie, Henry Jan (no day) 1901--Aug (no day)1921 “SO Soloman & Huldy Currie” (top part of stone broken off but is lying with the rest of intact stone)
Currie, Joyce Ann Dec 13, 1964--Apr 12, 1998
Currie, Myrtle Feb 7, 1907--Jul 12, 1965 “Mother”
Currie, Percy Sep 22, 1902--Jun 1, 1970 “Father”
Currie, Sam J. Sep 15, 1879--Feb 2, 1964 “Husband”
Currie, Susan May 26, 1883--Jan 26, 1960 “Grandmother” (noted are both an old and a new stone side-by-side for Susan)
Currie, Sylvester Feb 5, 1932--Apr 29, 2003
Deaton, Mytris (sic) May 16, 1902--Oct 29, 1984 “Mother”
Deeton (sic), Will Nov 15, 1898--Mar 29, 1993 (a number of names, mostly illegible, are scratched onto the concrete slab over the grave, probably family members)
Edward (sic), Thomas “died Dec 20, 1940, age 74”
Edwards, Columbus Mar 10, 1878--Jul 30, 1948
Edwards, Douglas D. Sep 19, 1873 - Feb 28, 1948
Edwards, Fred [Mississippi PFC MD World War II Oct 16, 1904--Oct 14, 1949]
Edwards, G.H. 1894--1944 (at top of stone “H.B.A. 460”)
Edwards, J.Q. Nov 3, 1899--Jul 29, 1959 (beside Sallie O.)
Edwards, Likash Shanta Aug 21, 1979--Nov 8, 1983 (photo)
Edwards, Raweligh (sic) Mar 15, 1889--Nov 25, 1957
Edwards, Sallie O. Nov 17, 1870--Feb 15, 1963 (beside J.Q.)
Edwards, Vigil L. [Mississippi PFC 834 CO TRANS CORPS World War I Sep 14, 1895--May 4, 1958]
Fox, John Lee Mar 11, 1913--Sep (no day), 1958
Fox, Ruby Oct 9, 1913--Feb 6, 1992
Grad (sic), Laura Shields Sep (no day), 1905--Sep (no day), 1985
Grady, Arthur Hubbard Jul 4, 1904--Apr 9, 1980 “Father” (*Margrett Lee)
Grady, Flossie (No dates) “Children” (FHM at grave is empty)
Grady, Hezkiah (sic) Apr 22, 1909--May 1, 1985
*Grady, Henry Earl [FHM only: Dec 12, 1942--Dec 26, 1961]
*Grady, John Issac (sic) Dec 2, 1940--Dec 30, 1940
*Grady, Lost John Sep 7, 1917--Oct 17, 1986
*Grady, Mable Lee Sep 8, 1941--Mar 9, 1942
Grady, Margrett Lee May 3, 1902--Mar 27, 1980 “Mother” (*Arthur Hubbard)
Grady, Minnie Coleman 1875--1964 “Mother”
Grady, Paralee Feb 6, 1924--May 27, 1992 [FHM: Mrs. Paralee Grady, age 68]
Grady, William L. May 17, 1918--Feb 29, 1980 “Beloved Husband”
Hampton, Addie L. Oct 2, 1907--Nov 23, 1999
Hampton, Bernice Oct 8, 1900--Mar 15, 1988 “Mother”
Hampton, Earl Nov 7, 1906--May 10, 1982 (#Elmira)
Hampton, Elmira C. Jul 7, 1896--Jun 15, 1988 (#Earl
Hampton, Ernest Jul 18, 1899--Dec 30, 1963 (*Leona)
Hampton, Henry [Mississippi PVT CO C 508 Engineers World War I Jan 28, 1889--Mar 13, 1963]
Hampton, Jim Jul 4, 1879--Apr 11, 1959 “Papa”
Hampton, Jimmie Apr 21, 1942--Apr 12, 1992
Hampton, Leona Mar 11, 1904--blank [FHM shows same name, dates illegible] (*Ernest)
Hampton, Mattie Dec 25, 1882--Apr 1, 1976
Hampton, Neal Feb 27, 1902--Apr 4, 1972
Hampton, Virginia Jan 1, 1881--Apr 13, 1956 “Mother”
Harrison, Eliza E. 1879--1968
Holmes, Janie Mae Apr 16, 1909--Sep 11, 1978
Holmes, John R. 1868--1967 (*Lelar)
Holmes, Lelar (sic) H. 1871--1964 (*John R.)
Hooks, Annie Curry (sic) Mar 20, 1912--Dec 30, 1996 “Mother”
Hull, Albert Aug 31, 1887--Feb 21, 1975 (#Cornelia; Roberta Lampley
Hull, Cornelia Dec 25, 1897--Aug 10, 1982 (#Albert; Roberta Lampley)
Ingram, Hubert, Sr. “DO-I” (sic) May 8, 1935--Aug 18, 1999
Jack, Annie Grace Feb 2, 1889--Mar 19, 1988
Jack, Arthur D. Nov 15, 1931--Jan 13, 1981 “Brother”
Jack, “Baby SO Jerry & Emmer (sic) Jack” Oct 7, 1910--Dec 25, 1910
Jack, Bill Feb 26, 1901--Sep 5, 1966 “Father” (*Velmer)
Jack, Selma “died Jul 10, 1973, age 96”
Jack, Velmer Apr 15, 1901--Jul 22, 1966 “Mother” (*Bill)
Jackson, Johnny B. Jun 22, 1935--Jan 11, 1965
Johnson, Earnest G. May 17, 1935--Sep 7, 1976 “Children”
Johnson, Lillian A.R. Apr 19, 1958--Jan 13, 2000
Johnson, Queen Esther Dec 6, 1928--Sep 6, 1981 “Sister”
King, Ann J. 1949--1998
King, Curtis Nov 19, 1907--Apr 4, 1958
King, Gervis [FHM:1940--2001]
King, J. [FHM:1948--1998]
Lampley, Roberta Mar 10, 1902--Aug 15, 1976 (#Albert & Cornelia Hull)
Madison, Ader (sic) Sep 8, 1885--May 4, 1942
Madison, Carlyle Mar 1, 1906--Jan 17, 1992
Madison, Henry Ford [Arkansas PFC US Army Korea Dec 31, 1931--Jul 8, 1970]
Madison, Horace 1875--1948
McCory, James Feb 5, 1922--May 27, 1994 (*Mary)
McCory, Mary Mar 20, 1951--Aug 5, 1994 (*James)
Murry (sic), Hershel A. Oct 18, 1937--Aug 30, 1995 “Father”
Murray, Jether Lee Dec 19, 1918--Mar 24, 1981 “Mother” (beside Virgil William Murray)
Murray, Nancy Marie Oct 10, 1961--Aug 3, 1968 “Sister” (#Willie J., Purvis R.)
Murray, Purvis R. Jan 29, 1939--Mar 2, 1991 (#Nancy Marie, Willie J.)
Murray, Robert Lee [FHM: 1927--2001]
Murray, Robert Leon [FHM: Sep 21, 1958--Dec 2, 1996]
Murray, Virgil Williams Feb 5, 1916--Apr 15, 1983 “Father” (beside Jether Lee)
Murray, Willie J. Jul 22, 1953--Feb 13, 1991 (#Nancy Marie, Purvis R.)
Nave, Luther V. May 18, 1903--Apr 30, 1987 (*Vada E.)
Nave, Vada E. Jun 11, 1901--Jul 21, 1973 (*Luther V.)
Ray, General E. Mar 13, 1906--May 11, 1979 “Husband”
Robinson, Int (sic) (no dates: scratched along the edges of an old FHM are “Joyce,” “Mama,” “Tiara Lashae Robinson,” “Daddy,” “Kelvin”...there are quotation marks on the FHM itself around the words “Mama” and “Daddy”)
Ross, Mae Ella Dec 16, 1908--Mar 8, 1974 “Mother” (#Rev. Solomon)
Ross, Rev. Solomon Aug 28, 1904--Dec 13, 1972 (#Mae Ella)
Scott, Annie Fox May 14, 1914--Sep 25, 1987
Scott, Lessley (sic) Fox 1886--1959
Scott, Lillie M. Aug 2, 1915--Dec 21, 2002 “Mother”
Shields, Annie Louise Mar 3, 1935--Dec 10, 1978 “Mother”
Shields, Betty Lou Jul 28, 1961--Dec 25, 1977
Shields, Eddie B. 1924--1997
Shields, William Henry May 28, 1932--Feb 1, 1999 “Father”
Smiley, Alberter Jan 10, 1904--May 21, 1946
Smiley, Hollie Lee May 31, 1939--Feb 21, 1981
Smiley, Mrs. Liker Green (or Greer?) Mar 3, 1921--Aug 9, 1988 (FHM blank except for “____er”)
Smiley, Ralph Oct 10, 1913--Feb 11, 1974
Smith, Waneua (sic) Jul 13, 1910--Apr 12, 1947
Smith, Bobbie Jean Oct 17, 1949--Jul 24, 1969
Spencer, William blank--1951
*Tisdale, Little Breanna J. [FHM: ___(first date missing)--1992] (next to Henry Earl Grady)
Townsend, Connie Jan 1, 1906--Mar 26, 1976 (*Virgie B.)(There is a second, identical stone for this person 1 row behind and 3 graves over...perhaps she was buried under the single stone and the double stone was placed with both names on Virgie’s death)
Townsend, Virgie B. Jul 5, 1918--Dec 29, 1996 (*Connie)

Unknown surnames (all detail in quotes is as found at grave):
�Mr. T.Willie 3-11-1911--__-18-1982 Age 71 J.E.� (handmade concrete stone; month of death is illegible & there is no surname evident unless �Willie� actually is the surname)
�Alice (r.p.) 1942--2002� (new FHM on grave but is blank; inscription is on a small plastic cross)

There are many (30+) empty, rusted funeral home markers and other indicators of graves, and at least 2 unmarked concrete slabs in this cemetery. There is also possibly a new and still unmarked grave beside that of Connie Townsend. A number of shallow depressions scattered about the cemetery could indicate other unmarked graves. I have read another listing of this cemetery which show a Bohannon infant with no dates on its marker, but I failed to find this little grave at all. Two very large pieces of petrified wood lie at the foot of Virgil Edwards’ grave, which may or may not indicate another otherwise unmarked grave.

*Note that Henry Earl, Lost John, John Issac, & Mable Lee Grady, and Little Breanna Tisdale are all buried in a plot which is 10 feet wide at most.

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