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Pictures submitted by Bonnie Evans.
Reading of Vernon Cemetery completed 14 Jul 2003 by Bonnie Murphey Evans

Vernon Baptist Church and Cemetery are located northeast of Preston, from the intersection of Hwy 397 and Hwy 21, 4 3/4 miles on 21; the Noxubee County sign will be visible just ahead and a dirt road (which is not even on some maps) will be immediately on the left; there is a sign for Vernon Church there at the intersection, as well as at the church driveway, which is 1/2 mile down the dirt road, on the left. The church and cemetery, up on a little hill, are very well-kept and clean, and the cemetery, as most are, is enclosed in cyclone fencing. Vernon has in the past been known as Dripping Springs and people can still give directions to it by that name, but has, as far as I have been able to determine, never been known as “Old Salem,” as I have seen noted in other reports. It is (most probably) located in T12N R15E S4 of Kemper County, though I have seen one map show it actually in Noxubee County. The dirt road is on the county line on most maps, but, being south of the line, I believe the cemetery and church themselves to be in Kemper.

Also of interest is that a number of graves shown on another, previously published list as being in this particular cemetery, I do not find here at all.

Symbols used in this listing are:
(*name): shares one tombstone with this person by the same surname
(#name): separate tombstone identical to or very similar in style to that of this person
[Any other information actually written on a military stone, funeral home marker, or other at the gravesite; dates within brackets indicate dates are on the military plaque itself & not on a traditional tombstone; “dates same“ indicate a traditional tombstone with the dates on the military plaque the same as on the tombstone]
�Any wording other than name/date actually on tombstone itself�
(Any other information that might clarify, such as proximity to another grave)
B&D: born and died
DO, HO, MO, SO, WO: Daughter of, Husband of, Mother of, Son of, Wife of (relationships actually stated on tombstone)
FHM: Funeral Home Marker
IDO, ISO: infant daughter of, infant son of
M/M: Mr. and Mrs.
sic: as written (this clarifies a date, spelling, etc. that may seem odd or incorrect but is easily legible and stated as it was found on the tombstone)
?: fairly but not completely legible, so some doubt exists as to the accuracy of the letter, number, or name

Adcock, J. Corie Vernon May 8, 1921-Aug 29, 1996 (*John Wyett)

Adcock, John Wyett Oct 29, 1913-Nov 19, 1976 (*J.Corie)

Adcock, Julious Wyett Mar 3, 1949-Jun 23, 1949 (next to J. Corie & John Wyett)

Bateman, Anderew (sic) J. Jan 15, 1879-Oct 10, 1961 (*Sallie B.) “Father”

Bateman, Birdie Mae May 20, 1908-May 30, 1997 (*Carlos)

Bateman, Carlos Jul 5, 1907-May 26, 1946 (*Birdie Mae)

Bateman, Christine S. Mar 14, 1940-blank (*William Curtis)

Bateman, Lester L. Nov 15, 1912-Jan 4, 1943 “Father”

Bateman, Marjorie Jean Nov 13, 1945-Nov 13, 1945 (#Miriam Estelle, Morris Lee)

Bateman, Miriam Estelle May 16, 1936-May 16, 1936 (#Marjorie Jean, Morris Lee)

Bateman, Morris Lee Aug 29, 1944-Aug 29, 1944 (#Marjorie Jean, Miriam Estelle)

Bateman, Sallie B. Oct 15, 1886-May 26, 1968 (*Anderew J.) “Mother”

Bateman, William Curtis Jul 21, 1941-Sep 14, 1997 (*Christine S.)

Baum, George (See note at end of list)*

Conner, Elizabeth Taylor Jul 28, 1873-May 6, 1925 (*George W., Sr.) “Mama”

Conner, George W., Sr. Mar 17, 1866-Nov 6, 1953 (*Elizabeth Taylor) “Papa”

Conner, Irvin Jun 5, 1900-Jan 21, 1919 “Brother”

Conner, Johnnie T. Apr 14, 1912-Feb 13, 1976

Conner, Julia May Nevels 1915-1968 “WO Clarence T. Conner” (Photo)

Conner, Lloyd L. Mar 29, 1899-Mar 9, 1983 (*Vada P.)

Conner, Vada P. Dec 21, 1901-Jun 7, 1992 (*Lloyd L.)

Conner, William J. Nov 3, 1913-Nov 22, 1985

Haggard, Royce E. Jan 29, 1942-Jan 27, 1997 (*Ruth V.)

Haggard, Ruth V. Apr 10, 1936-blank (*Royce E.)

Handcock, Addie Richardson Feb 17, 1874-Aug 21, 1934 (*James Oliver)

Handcock, James Oliver Jun 21, 1880-Mar 10, 1940 (*Addie Richardson)

Handcock, Mildred Alene Nov 16, 1937-Jan 24, 1939“DO Nina & Marshall Handcock”

Reed, Affie W. Jul 1, 1893-Dec 12, 1981 (*Johnnie a.)

Reed, Gladis Mabel Mar 1, 1917-Jul 27, 1993

Reed, Johnnie A. Mar 3, 1890-Aug 5, 1968 (*Affie W.)

Reed, John (L.?) Feb 27, 1844-Oct 15, 1924 (next to Sallie)(stone is broken)

Reed, Sallie Jun 4, 1844-Apr 30, 1917 “WO J.L. Reed”

Robinson, John W. Feb 22, 1883-Feb 12, 1963

Rogers, Frank E. Jan 24, 1929-Jun 5, 1995 “Father”(*Shirley C.)

Rogers, Shirley C. May 2, 1937-blank “Mother” (*Frank E.)

Rushing, Alva Margurite May 6, 1944-May 8, 1944 “IDO J.A. & Erlene Rushing” (next to Erlene Conner)

Rushing, Erlene Conner Apr 23, 1907-Mar 22, 1981 (next to Alva Margurite)

Rutledge, Betty Vernon Nov 19, 1934-May 13, 1992 (*Ray)(Photo on stone)

Rutledge, Ray Apr 3, 1927-blank (*Betty Vernon)(Photo on stone)

Simmons, Erman Johnson May 22, 1905-Sep 7, 1955 “Brother” (#Mary Payne, Henry Albert)

Simmons, Henry Albert Feb 22, 1874-Feb 17, 1935 (#Mary Payne, Erman Johnson)

Simmons, J.K. Sep 18, 1849-Jan 26, 1927 (#Marthy)

Simmons, Marthy Apr 22, 1856-Jan 16, 1929 “WO J.K. Simmons” (#J.K.)

Simmons, Mary L. Payne Jun 18, 1877-Dec 17, 1944 “WO Henry A. Simmons” (#Henry Albert, Erman Johnson)

Simmons, Roger, Sr. Dec 21, 1901-Aug 17, 1993 (next to Erman Johnson)

Skipper, L. Curtis Apr 3, 1884-Jan 2, 1960 (*Sallie)

Skipper, Leoda Aug 3, 1923-Sep 27, 1925

Skipper, Sallie Mar 7, 1886-Jul 17, 1949 (*L.Curtis)

Slaughter, James Edwards (sic) Jan 28, 1917-Mar 5, 1918 “SO E. & A.L. Slaughter” (next to Matilda & J.C.)

Slaughter, J.C. Feb 20, 1852-Jan 17, 1919 (#Matilda Simmons) “Father”

Slaughter, Matilda Simmons Jan 5, 1850-May 15, 1933 “WO J.C. Slaughter” “Mother” (#J.C.)

Thomas, Kathryn Jan 9, 1932-Dec 22, 1940 (*Sammie)

Thomas, Nancy E. Mar 26, 1892-Dec 28, 1975 (*Serafim)

Thomas, Sammie Apr 29, 1927-Jul 15, 1930 (*Kathryn)

Thomas, Serafim Apr 3, 1884-Jan 22, 1948 (*Nancy E.)

Thomas, Serry N. Sep 22, 1920-May 16, 1984 [PFC US Army World War II ]

Vandevender, M.Grace W.V. Higginbotham (sic) Apr 6, 1912-May 10, 1992 (#Thomas R.)

Vandevender, Thomas R. Nov 10, 1909-Jun 1, 1937 (#M.Grace)

Vaughn, Joe Nov 13, 1886-Jan 8, 1968 (*Rubie) “Father”

Vaughn, John no dates [CO E 26 MISS. INF. C.S.A.] (next to Mrs. M.E.)

Vaughn, Kalvin Lee May 17, 1963-Jun 11, 1964 “SO M/M James Vaughn” (Photo)

Vaughn, Mary Ellen Jul 21, 1948-Feb 21, 1949 “DO M/M Joe Vaughn” (next to Virgil Clay)

Vaughn, Mrs. M. E. Jul 12, 1848-Oct 4, 1916 “WO J.A. Vaughn” “Mother”

Vaughn, Rubie Dec 25, 1903-Jul 14, 1977 (*Joe) “Mother”

Vaughn, Virgil Clay Feb 29, 1940-Jun 29, 1942 “SO M/M Joe Vaughn” (next to Mary Ellen)

Vernon, A.M. “Buddy” Jan 5, 1927-Apr 18, 1939 (next to Ruby F., under a small, roofed shed)

Vernon, Anita Eaves Jul 15, 1938-blank (*Clarence L., Jr.)

Vernon, Clarence L., Jr. Jul 17, 1932-Dec 29, 2001 (*Anita Eaves)[FHM shows nickname “Junior”]

Vernon, Clarence L. Mar 13, 1896-Sep 27, 1976 [Clarence L. Vernon, Sr. US Army World War I (no dates)] (*Lela L.)

Vernon, James Earl Sep 1, 1950-Oct 28, 1951 (next to Michael Eugene)

Vernon, James M., Jr. “Mac” Mar 30, 1960-Jan 22, 1996

Vernon, James M., Sr. Feb 18, 1918-Jun 25, 1998 [CPL US Army ]

Vernon, John Hosea, Jr. Sep 5, 1926-Jan 18, 1973 “Husband & Father”

Vernon, Johnnie Hosea Sep 1, 1894-Jun 1, 1977 (*Nannie Hancock) “Married Mar 29, 1920”

Vernon, Lela L. Sep 9, 1904-Apr 21, 1935 (*Clarence L.)

Vernon, Lewis, Jr. SO M/M Lewis Vernon Feb 25, 1940-Apr 9, 1940

Vernon, Linnie Aug 26, 1863-Feb 7, 1928 “WO S.L. Vernon” “Mother”

Vernon, Lula E. Dec. 31, 1882-May 30, 1957 (*Virgil)

Vernon, Mable Weaver Aug 13, 1909-Aug 17, 2000 (*Webster C.)

Vernon, Michael Eugene Feb 1, 1952-Apr 1, 1954 (next to James Earl) “Our Son”

Vernon, Nannie Hancock (sic) Aug 22, 1901-Jun 29, 1965 (*Johnnie Hosea) “married Mar 29, 1920”

Vernon, Rex b & d Jul 16, 1932, “SO M/M J.H. Vernon" (#Rusty)

Vernon, Ruby F. Dec 1, 1909-Nov 22, 1917 “DO Lula & V.Vernon” (next to A.M., under a small, roofed shed)

Vernon, Rusty b & d Jun 23, 1931“SO M/M J.H. Vernon” (#Rex)

Vernon, S. L. May 5, 1861-Sep 14, 1945 (next to Linnie) “Father”

Vernon, Virgil Oct 29, 1882-Feb 13, 1966 (*Lula E.)

Vernon, Webster C. Aug 20, 1908-Apr 21, 1975 (*Mable Weaver)

Weaver, Alton Phillip Jul 25, 1939-Aug 19, 1944 (grave plot outlined in concrete curbing, also includes Thomas J. Weaver)

Weaver, Annie D. Butler May 12, 1923-blank (*John William)

Weaver, Cheryl Louise Aug 5, 1956-Oct 23, 1956 “Our daughter, Chalmers & Wilsie Weaver” (next to Warren)

Weaver, Clyde W. Jan 18, 1889-Feb 26, 1961 (next to Emma)

Weaver, Ella Feb 11, 1898-Jul 22, 1989

Weaver, Ella Simmons Sep 6, 1890-Apr 7, 1991 (*Jessie F.)

Weaver, Emma Apr 27, 1894-Nov 25, 1941 “WO C.W. Weaver”

Weaver, Harold R. Oct 11, 1939-blank (#Ralph C.)

Weaver, Jennie R. Feb 10, 1866-Mar 17, 1928 (*William E.)

Weaver, Jessie, Jr. Nov 21, 1922-Mar 18, 1979 [MSG US Army World War II Korea Vietnam ]

Weaver, Jessie F. Jul 12, 1887-Oct 27, 1963 (*Ella Simmons)

Weaver, Jessie Mae R. Sep 30, 1909-Jan 24, 1991 (*Percy T.)

Weaver, John William Dec 31, 1915-Jun 11, 1995 (*Annie D. Butler)

Weaver, Lillie R. 1884-1967 (#William R.)

Weaver, Myrtle Luke Apr 23, 1896-May 8, 1964 (*Thomas Bryant)

Weaver, Percy T. Oct 20, 1909-May 26, 1978 “Father” (*Jessie Mae)

Weaver, Ralph C. Jun 21, 1931-Apr 4, 1997 (#Harold R.)

Weaver, Roy Tatum Aug 20, 1913-Jan 9, 1914 “SO W.R. & Lillie Weaver”

Weaver, Royce M. Mar 1, 1929-Mar 1, 1929 “Our Son”

Weaver, Thomas Bryant Aug 19, 1896-Jun 2, 1980 (*Myrtle Luke)

Weaver, Thomas J. Feb 19, 1914-Aug 13, 1915 “SO J.F. & Ellar (sic) Weaver” (grave plot outlined in concrete curbing, also includes Alton Phillip Weaver)

Weaver, Warren Dec 9, 1947-Sep 2, 1949 “Our son, Chalmers & Wilsie Weaver” (next to Cheryl Louise)

Weaver, William E. Apr 9, 1861-Nov 28, 1956 (*Jennie R.)

Weaver, William R. 1886-1966 (#Lillie R.)

Young, Addie Bones Mar 22, 1871-Jun 5, 1943 “Mother” (*Minnie, Willie R.)

Young, Minnie May 4, 1911-Feb 19, 1929 “Sister” (*Addie Bones, Willie R.)

Young, Ransom P. Apr 7, 1890-Jul 26, 1983 (*Tennie V.)

Young, Tennie V. Oct 25, 1908-Mar 3, 1973 (*Ransom P.)

Young, Willie R. Jan (no day), 1868-Dec 27, 1928 “Father” (*Addie Bones, Minnie)
A brick-outlined plot, no tombstone
A concrete cylinder, one at head, one at foot, initials at foot are J.AV.?

*Just inside the cemetery gate, slightly to the right is a handmade, concrete stone consisting of 3 step-like levels, hand-lettered on its various surfaces. There is a repaired break in the top “step” which obscures some of the lettering, and much of the rest of the lettering is nearly or completely illegible. As much as I could possibly make out (and this with a great deal of uncertainty), including punctuation, is as follows, each line on a different surface:
G.E.B. D1921__(repaired)__AG.75
George Baum Grave
DEC 14 D____
LIZZIE ____ _____

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