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Terry Court Cemetery

Submitted by Darlene Williams

Terry Court Cemetery is located near New Hope Church/Cemetery. It's off of Old Jackson Road but you have to drive about 1/2 mile on a dirt road that is really hard to drive on .... it's not even really a road ... it's more like a pasture that is all grown up with brush. You will need a truck to reach this place. The only other way that I know to get there is by turning off of Old Jackson Road onto Elmer Houston Road ..... and then following the road to the end and crossing the pasture by foot ... climbing a fence and walking to it through the woods. Problem with this way is that you have to go on private property to reach it ... so I would not recommend that route without talking to someone on the property first. In addition to those listed below t here are about 12 headstones/markers that are unreadable.

Adams, Infant Jan 2, 1906 - Mar 31, 1906, daughter of John & Inez Adams

Brown, Rebeca Mar 14, 1862 - Aug 15, 1911, wife of Iven Brown

Clements, Alice Nov 17, 1912 - Dec 5, 1940

Clark, Wesley M. Sept 22, 1897 - Jun 2, 1899

Cole, Roberta Aug 28, 1871 - Dec 17, 1898

Griffin, Anderson Griffin Mar 26, 1826 - May 9, 1900

Griffin, Angerline 1869 - 1944

Griffin, Eliza 1834-1919

Griffin, Fannie 1866 - 1899, wife of J. G. Griffen

Griffin, Nace 1869 - 1953

Jennings, Betsy Sept 15, 1874 - Feb 14, 1925, w/o Wyatt Jennings

Jennings, Cordelia 1838 - Apr 6, 1898

Jennings, G. H. May 7, 1883 - Dec 26, 1909, wife of H.T. Jennings, Mason

Jennings, Lena Katherine May 1, 1935 - Dec 22, 1956, Daughter

Jennings, Nettie May 18, 1902 - Aug 18, 1955, Mother

Love, Charles 1842-1913

Love, Lucy 1873-1916

Vance, Dellie Feb 19, 1846 - Mar 1, 1953, Mother

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