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Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery

submitted by Bonnie Evans
Located on Hwy 493 about 3/4 mile north of Old Jackson Rd., Mt. Zion is a fairly new church of pink-toned brick with a small portico supported by white fluted columns. It is on the west side of the street, with a paved parking lot in front, and its tiny, unfenced cemetery to the side of the church opposite its driveway. It is clean, mown, and neatly kept. Of note is that it sits directly in front of an old white frame church (part of a sign on its front says “Salem”) and its accompanying cemetery which is partly fenced, and it is difficult to tell with certainty where the dividing lines are between the cemeteries. There is a rusted metal stake that could be a corner property marker between the two, also a concrete post near the stake, that could be the same, though there is some little distance between them.

These churches are found in T10n, R15E, S18.
Symbols and abbreviations used in the listing are:
(*name): Same stone shared with (given name), same surname
(#name): Separate stone similar in style to (given name), same surname
b&d: born and died
FHM: Funeral Home Marker
IDO, IO, ISO: infant daughter of, infant of, infant son of
BO, DO, HO, SO, WO: brother of, daughter of, husband of, son of, wife of
M/M: Mr. & Mrs.
[any other wording on stone]

Adams, Otha L. [CPL Army Air Forces Jun 29, 1924-Sep 7, 1974]

Griffin, George [PFC US Army Jun 11, 1928-Apr 2, 1975]

Houston, Nellie May 23, 1905-Apr 19, 1983 “Wife”

Tartt, Velma Lee Apr 7, 1927-Mar 22, 1995 “Wife” “Married 17 years”

2 unmarked concrete slabs adjacent to each other

An unmarked concrete slab next to Mrs. Tartt with an unmarked “vault top” style slab next to it

There is an additional chunk of concrete with the same surface as the concrete pillar described above that may or may not mark a grave.

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