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Persons / Williams Cemetery

My name is Ron Hodgins from Philadelphia, MS., and Rodney Bell of Laurel, MS and we are members of the Wahalak Creek Hunting Club.  We reclaimed this old cemetery from the woods in late July 2016, after many years of neglect.  I do not know the name of the cemetery, but for purposes of identification I will call It the Persons/Williams Cemetery.  It is located on Weyerhaeuser land about 4-5 miles off the Wahalak road and about a total of 10miles from Hwy 45.  

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Ron Rodney

Ron Hodgins & Rodney Bell
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A HUGE "Thank You" to both of these men!!!

It is just off of Wahalak Road north of Scooba, MS at the coordinates of:

32 degrees 54 minutes 18 seconds North and 88 degrees 35 minutes 12 seconds West

It contains 15 graves,   

Persons       8 graves
Williams       5 graves    
Waters         1 grave
Fox (infant)  1 grave

This is a record of every stone in the cemetery including a child’s grave that is outside the fence.  At least that’s where we found the marker, about 30 feet beyond the eastern fence.

Persons, Jesse Waters     May 5,1889-Oct 30 1955, shares a stone with Fannie Burton Persons

Persons, Fannie Burton    Apr 13,1892-Oct 27,1947, shares a stone with Jesse Waters Persons
Persons, Evalen Irene, Infant     Mar 15,1918-Mar 15 1918 daughter of Jessie and Fannie Persons

Persons, W. I.     Feb 8,1859- Mar 1, 1926 "Father"

Persons, Mary L.    Oct 11,1864-Sep 14,1939 wife of W. I. Persons "Mother"

Persons, Ophelia    Nov 17,1885-May 28,1887,Daughter of W.I. and M. L. Persons  "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"

Persons, Wesley    Apr 18,1891-Dec 10 1893 son of W.I.and M.L Persons

Persons, Ruth F.    Mar 27,1902-Jan 3,1923. daughter of W.I. and M.L.Persons

Williams, John H.    Dec 10, 1831-Jul 1, 1907

Williams, Martha Elizabeth    Jan 3,1834-Feb 4,1925 wife of J. H. Williams

Williams, Robert C.    Nov 5,1870-Oct 21,1879.  son of J.H. and M.E. Williams

       Our Father in his wisdom called
       the boon his love has given
       and though on earth the body lies
       His Soul is safe in Heaven

Williams, J. M.    Feb 5,1873-Nov 2,1901 Son of J.H.and M.E. Williams

       One precious to our hearts has gone
       A voice we loved is stilled
       A place made vacant in our home
       Can never more be filled

Williams, Mary Frances    Sep 8,1833-May 17, 1916

       Blessed are the dead
       Which die in the Lord

Waters, J. H.    Mar 17,1868-Sep 22,1889

       No Pains, no grief, no anxious fear
       Can reach our loved one sleeping here

Fox, Sadie K.      Died May 13, 1911, 6 months, daughter of Mr and Mrs. J. Fox (marker is outside the fence)

I did the best I could with the punctuation, spacing, etc. 

If you want to name this Persons Cemetery (or Persons/Williams) Wahalak Kemper Co, MS, that is all right with me,.  I don’t know whom else would argue with us.



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