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Mount Salem M. B. Church Cemetery

Completed 12 May 2003 by Bonnie M. Evans

This is a very lovely red brick church in the country, nicely landscaped, with further work obviously planned. The cemetery is next to the church, enclosed in cyclone fencing, clean, well-kept, and mown. On Hwy 495 North, about 6 1/2 miles north of Hwy 16, turn left onto Luke Road; go about 1 1/2 miles (you will pass another church about halfway), and turn left onto Salem Road. The church is about a half mile down Salem, down a long, paved driveway, and is visible from Salem Rd. It is located in T12N, R14E, S28.

Symbols and abbreviations used in the listing are:
(*name): Same stone shared with (given name), same surname
(#name): Separate stone similar in style to (given name), same surname
b&d: born and died
FHM: Funeral Home Marker
IDO, IO, ISO: infant daughter of, infant of, infant son of
BO, DO, HO, SO, WO: brother of, daughter of, husband of, son of, wife of
M/M: Mr. & Mrs.
[any other wording on stone]

FHM: 3 blank
FHM: 4 blank with flowers
Rusted metal stake with flowers
Flowers, no marker : 2
FHM: (name is gone) Jun 22, 1916--___ 4, 1990, Age 74 (Clark’s Funeral Home, Meridian, MS)
FHM: _____, Mr. James Mar 14, 1927--Feb 2, 1994
Several native stones, evidently marking graves
Small concrete slab with small irregular concrete “stone” erect at head, all blank
Concrete slab with blank FHM, face of headstone weathered away, possibly reads “MA__” near top

Blackwell, James Aug 30, 1914--Jun 20, 1933 (*Octavia)
Blackwell, Jessie M. Dec 16, 1881--Apr 24, 1970 (*Mary Smith)
Blackwell, Mary Smith Feb 29, 1880--Dec 18, 1964 (*Jessie M.)
Blackwell, Octavia May 19, 1911--Dec 1, 1935 (*James)
Boyd, Gerline Jun 1, 1930--Mar 30, 1997 “A Loving Mother”
Calloway, Callie L. Dec 22, 1916--Sep 15, 2001 (*Rayford T.) “m. Nov 29, 1941”
Calloway, Rayford T. Sep 27, 1914--Jun 3, 1984 (*Callie L.) “m. Nov 29, 1941” [Rayford Thurman Calloway US Army World War II Korea, same dates]
Clemons, Melvina Jul 1, 1896--Apr 16, 1979 (there is a blank FHM immediately behind this tombstone; cannot tell if it belongs to this grave or another)
Coolidge, Rosie L. Apr 18, 1882--Jan 2, 1984
Coolidge, Willie L. Jul (blank) 1873--Jun (blank) 1959
Conner, Sallie Coolidge d. Feb 1, 1970
Coolidge, Johnnie “Bud” Mar 31, 1912--Feb 27, 1999
Coolidge, Leroy BUDDY (sic) Apr 17, 1926--Jan 18, 2000 “Father”
Davis, Quentin Lamar Nov 5, 2002--Nov 25, 2002 (FHM: age 2 wks, 6 days)
Davis, Sammy T. (FHM: Nov 5, 1969--Nov 7, 1987)[AR US Navy 1969--1987]
Gale, John [US Army World War II Jun 29, 1922--Jul 13, 1997]
Graham, Baby Girl Alondra [FHM: Jun 24, 1998 “stillborn”]
Jackson, ____ G. (FHM: d. Jun 29, 1985, age 72)
Jackson, Lizzie A. Mar 12, 1912--Sep 20, 1992
Jackson, Tempie 1898--1954 “Mother” (this is at the top of the stone, & possibly indicates a position in the church rather than being the mother of a child)
Jones, Virginia Mar 20, 1926--Aug 14, 1962
Mason, Miss Takshia La’sha (FHM: Jan 19, 1981--Mar 24, 2002, age 21)
Matthews, Kenerick 1979--2001 (FHM: Kendrick Matthew [sic] May 30, 1979--Jan 18, 2001, Latimer Funeral Home, Philadelphia, MS)
McDonald, Estella Aug 21, 1918--Oct 20, 1961
McDonald, James I. Aug 29, 1920--Nov 4, 1999
Patty, Mr. M.C. Jul 4, 1944--Jul 23, 1998
Reed, Addie Stinson Jul 16, 1899--Jan 29, 1981 (*Albert Henry)
Reed, Albert Henry Nov 23, 1890--Dec 18, 1949 (*Addie Stinson)
Reed, J.L.A. Jan 1, 1870--Dec 25, 1945 (photo)
Reed, Willie Alfred [TEC 5 US Army World War II Jan 19, 1912--Aug 24, 1981]
Rush, Clifton Eligha Aug 7, 1948 - Sep 29, 2003
Smith, Mr. John E. (FHM: Jul 15, 1926--Sep 14, 2002, age 76)
Stewart (Large family stone with identical individual stones at its foot):
Stewart, Winnie H. Apr 23, 1921--Jun 27, 1963
Stewart, William, Jr. May 10, 1917--Dec 3, 1993
Stewart, William M., Sr. Mar 12, 1872--May 17, 1934
Stewart, Gertrude Nov 24, 1902--Apr 24, 1927
Stewart, Ranson Jan 25, 1901--Sep 23, 1923
Stewart, Twin Babies 1903 (only date)
Stewart, William M. (FHM: May 14, 195_. The rest of this marker is gone; it is directly behind the grave of William M. Stewart listed above under the Stewart Family stone)
Sudberry, Mrs. Geraldine D. (FHM: Jul 26, 1949--Feb 27, 2001, age 51)
Williams, Bessie Mae Jul 2, 1927--Apr 30, 1991 “MOME” (sic)

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