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Bluff Springs Baptist Cemetery

Submitted by Bonnie Evans

Bluff Springs is a small, red brick church at the corner of Mellen Road on Lynville Road, 2 miles north of Hwy 16. It is located in T11N, R14E, S24. The cemetery is beside the church, enclosed in cyclone fencing, and is very clean and well-kept.
Reading in June 2002 by Bonnie Murphey Evans, descendant of the Gillises and Clarks buried at Bluff Springs; proofreadings and edits September 2002, May 2003, & July 2003.
Directions: from Hwy 16 (near Cleveland, MS) turn North onto Lynnville Road
[located about 3/10ths of a mile East of the intersection of Hwy 493 & Hwy 16. Watch for the the green 'JOE WILLIAMS FIELD' sign posted on Hwy 16, that's where you turn.] After turning onto Lynville Road, travel 2.2 miles. Bluff Springs Baptist Church & Cemetery are located on the right side of the road, where Mellen Road/Air Base Rd intersects with Lynville Road. (Submitted 1/23/2000 by Carolann Arthur)
(*): Same stone shared with (given name), same surname
(#): Separate stone similar in style to (given name), same surname
b&d: born and died
FHM: funeral home marker
IO: Infant of
ISO: Infant son of
IDO: Infant daughter of
DO: daughter of
HO: husband of
M/M: Mr. & Mrs.
SO: son of
WO: wife of
'other wording on stone'
[military plaque or stone, information on FHM, or other found actually at the gravesite]
(other clarifying information, such as a grave location, stone legibility, etc.; the Latin word “sic,” meaning “as is,” beside a notation means that is the exact spelling or number as on the stone...this clarifies a very odd spelling or date that does not seem to be correct but is plainly legible)
Any further information from my own personal family research is {}

______, Elizabeth M., D/O _W ______(rest is illegible, possibly a Young)
______, Ulma “SO J.A. & ___” (rest illegible)(there is another completely weathered stone next to Ulma)
______ 12/5/1912?-2/18/1913 (stone broken, name missing, next to Burnett & Crocker children)
Adcock, Ida P. 7/17/1914-9/13/1996 (*Leon W.) [FHM: Ida
Partridge Adcock](next to Bertha Jones Partridge) “married June 18, 1928”
Adcock, Leon W. 7/24/1902-8/7/1985 (*Ida Partridge Adcock) “married Jun 18, 1928”
Adcock, Leslie A., “SO Leon & Ida Adcock” 5/2/1947-5/9/1947
Alexander, Lillie Inis Griffin 10/28/1902-11/25/1935 “WO G.C. Alexander”
Allen, Bonnie J. 9/12/1928-10/20/1960 (#T.G.)
Allen, Frankie Ladale 9/4/1939-5/25/1986 (*Jeffie Faye)
Allen, Gordie B. 11/8/1908-9/20/1998 (*Willie O.) {maiden name Branning, D/O Gidean & Lola Sutton Branning & sister of Virginia Mae Branning Clark, W/O Edd Clark}
Allen, “ISO M/M W.O. Allen” 8/28/1928-9/8/1928
Allen, Jeffie Faye 8/17/1944-(blank) (*Frankie Ladale)
Allen, Joe G. 1/12/1935-4/30/1956 (next to Gordie B.)
Allen, Mamie Pauline 3/26/1916-12/17/1941 “WO T.G. Allen” “Mother”
Allen, Martin W. 2/28/1935-10/12/1972
Allen, Rosie Barefield 12/5/1889-4/7/1985 (*Thomas Oscar)
Allen, Sylvia Adams 12/13/1940-7/16/1973 “WO Kenneth F. Allen”
Allen, T.G. 9/17/1913-10/29/1960 (#Bonnie J.)
Allen, Thomas Lee “ISO Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Allen” 1/27/1955 (only date visible; this stone appears to be partially buried)
Allen, Thomas Oscar 4/15/1879-4/3/1961 (*Rosie)
Allen, Willie O. 3/16/1905-9/16/1970 (*Gordie B.)
Anders, Moyse Sula, Jr. 5/5/1919-6/2/1921
Anderson, Ada H. 8/26/1891-8/31/1959 (*Felton)
Anderson, Agnes H. 5/19/1918-10/10/1971 (*Hull G.)
Anderson, Cal Hull 8/20/1895-11/6/192
Anderson, Eva K. 4/17/1915-8/6/1986 (#Warren P.) “Grannie
Anderson, E.W. 2/7/1840-10/2/1908 (#M.O.)
Anderson, Felton 11/26/1891-5/15/1968 (*Ada H.)Anderson, H.B. 5/19/1869-3/29/1956 (#Virginia)
Anderson, Hull G. 10/3/1915-1/13/1986 (*Agnes H.)
Anderson, “IDO H.B. & V.M. Anderson, b&d” 10/11/1889 (these 4 stones alike)
Anderson, “IDO H.B. & V.M. Anderson,b&d” 12/19/1890 (these 4 stones alike)
Anderson, “IDO H.B. & V.M. Anderson, b&d” 2/26/1900 (these 4 stones alike)
Anderson, “IO H.B. & V.M. Anderson, b&d” 2/11/1908 (these 4 stones alike)
Anderson, Janie Perkins 7/24/1883-12/5/1957 (*William Warren)
Anderson, Jessie D. 4/17/1871-11/28/1942
Anderson, Marshall Terry 8/28/1898-7/17/1924
Anderson, M.O. 12/18/1842-5/21/1910 “WO E.W.Anderson” (#E.W.)
Anderson, Virginia 6/17/1870-3/25/1941 “WO H.B. Anderson” (#H.B.)
Anderson, Warren [Co C 13 Miss Inf CSA] (no dates)
Anderson, Warren P. “Perk” 8/29/1914-12/20/1975 (#Eva K.)
Anderson, William Warren 9/7/1881-7/1/1951 (*Janie Perkins)
Anthney (sic), Milton 9/20/1914-11/5/1914“SO V.A. & Bessie Anthney” \
Anthony, Clifton 1929-1931 (new FHM only)
Anthony, Ruby 1927-1929 (new FHM only)
Anthony, Verlin J. 1937-blank (new FHM only, no tombstone)
Anthony, Walter 1900-1963 (dates on new FHM, not on stone, name is pebbles set into top of concrete)
Arrington, D.A. 2/25/1874-4/4/1915
Arrington, Henry J. 12/13/1813-2/13/1901 (*Louisa J. Tims)
Arrington, Joan 11/2/1855-8/3/1937 “Aunt Joe” (next to Henry J.)
Arrington, Louisa Jane 10/25/1821-7/26/1903 “WO H.J. Arrington” (old stone, see Louisa J. Tims)
Arrington, Louisa J. Tims 11/25/1821-7/26/1903 (*Henry J.)(new stone, see Louisa Jane Arrington)
Arthur, L.W. “Woodie” 8/14/1908-5/10/1975 “Daddy”
Arthur, Mabel B. 2/11/1910-2/7/1999
Ayers, Daniel G. 11/21/1812-12/26/1909 (#Mary)
Ayers, Francis Marion 11/8/1866-6/4/1952 (next to Martha)(note there is a completely weathered & broken stone next to F.M., its pieces stacked next to his grave)
Ayers, “Infants, daughters of F.M. & M.C. Ayers b&d” 10/1/1901
Ayers, “ISO F.M. & M.C. Ayers” 1/7/1907-1/7/1907
Ayers, Martha 3/15/1862-1/14/1948 (next to Francis Marion)
Ayers, Mary 3/4/1837-8/10/1916 “WO D.G. Ayers”
Bailey, Preston 7/28/1908-9/11/1908 “SO J.M. & M.O. Bailey”
Bailey, Thomas Duncan 1/10/1897-9/16/1898 “SO J.M. & M.O. Bailey”
Barefield, _____, “WO J.B. Barefield” (see Brack, ___,WO W.P. Brack; stone broken)
Barefield, Chestine Garnee 9/10/1915-9/8/1917 “DO J.W. & Mary R. Barefield
Barefield, ISO J.G. & M.C. Barefield 7/10/1888-8/(broken)/1888
Barefield, James Gideon 5/2/1858-7/5/1941 (#Maggie C.)
Barefield, Jim Walter 2/5/1881-4/17/1977 (*Mary Ruth)
Barefield, Maggie C. 3/2/1863-12/14/1906 (#James Gideon)
Barefield, Mary Ruth 7/23/1886-2/27/1981 (*Jim Walter)
Barefield, Milton Outley 4/4/1891-11/10/1892 “SO J.G. & M.C. Barefield”
Barker, Bobby Glenn 5/31/1946-6/2/1946 “SO M/M C.E. Barker”
Barker, C.E., Jr. “Buster” 4/27/1933-5/26/1934 “SO M/M C.E. Barker”
Barker, E. D. 10/24/1897-5/3/1941 “HO Mary E.”
Barker, Fredrell Oren 2/5/1941-2/18/1941 “S/O M/M L.E. Barker”
Barker, Infant sons of M/M William D. Barker 2/28/1957 (only date)
Barker, Janie F. 2/9/1877-11/7/1949 “WO W.D. Barker”
Barker, Lawrence E. 9/24/1899-7/28/1982 (#Mary E.)
Barker, Lawrence E., Jr. “Dub” 12/16/1926-2/3/1994 (double stone, rest blank) [military stone Cpl US Army World War II, same dates]
Barker, Ledrell Oran (dates are blank) “SO M/M L.E. Barker”
Barker, Mary E. 4/29/1906-1/16/1974 (#Lawrence E.)
Barker, Sybrell Jenell 4/16/1944 (only date visible) “DO M/M L.E. Barker”
Barker, W.D. 10/8/1857-10/7/1909
Barker, Yvoone (sic) 11/5/1923-11/18/1924 “DO L.E. & Mary Barker”
Bethany, Frances Clark 10/20/1891-1/7/1978 (*Shade Albert)
Bethany, Maggie 4/11/1854-3/25/1936 “Mother”
Bethany, S.B. 11/19/1851-8/30/1911 “HO of M. Bethany”
Bethany, Shade Albert 4/30/1885-4/3/1971 (*Frances Clark)
Brack, Ben F. 7/7/1876-12/28/1951
Brack, ___, WO W.P. Brack 3/29/1838-11/23/1910 (was also “WO J.B.
Barefield,” see Barefield, ___)(stone broken, given name missing)
Bradford, Mary L. 4/23/1880-4/20/1967 (*Richard V.)
Bradford, Richard V. 2/14/1880-2/19/1942 (*Mary L.)
Bradford, Turner L. 9/25/1908-7/10/1935
Branning, Austin L. 7/12/1913-9/11/1978(*Mattie) [Austin Lane Branning PFC US Army World Warr II 1913-1978]
Branning, Bernice 10/22/1908-9/20/2000 “Granny”
Branning, E.F. 6/6/1892-7/14/1910 “WO S.D. Branning”
Branning, “Infant child of L.H. & M.L. Branning” 1/5/1913-1/5/1913 (next to L.H. & Minnie L.)
Branning, ___(probably “infant of”)__&_A., rest illegible
Branning, “ISO W.T. & A._ Branning b&d” 8/30/1904
Branning, “ISO W.T. & A.A. Branning b&d” 2/28/1903
Branning, “ISO J.D. & S.J. Branning b&d” 6/17/1907
Branning, “ISO S.D. & E.F Branning b&d” 7/12/1910
Branning, J.G. “Gid” 5/30/1875-12/9/1956(*Lola Sutton) “Father“{middle name Gidean or Gideon, husband of Lola Sutton, parents of Virginia Mae Clark and Gordie Allen}
Branning, John Davis 1/8/1879-2/13/1947 (next to Sarah J. Haggard Branning)
Branning, L.H. 3/30/1887-9/6/1956 (next to Minnie L. & infant child)
Branning, Lola Sutton 10/10/1878-6/20/1951 (*J.G.) “Mother“{middle name Delma, wife of James Gidean Branning}
Branning, Lottie Mae Pierce 7/30/1903-1/14/1928 (#Dorthy L. Pierce)
Branning, Mattie 4/22/1924-11/28/1970(*Austin)
Branning, Minnie L. 4/23/1892-1/25/1947 (next to L.H. & infant child)
Branning, Rudolph 2/17/1912-1/20/1973
Branning, Samuel A. 2/7/1911-2/26/1945 [Mississippi Pvt Infantry World War II]
Branning, Sarah J. Haggard 1/29/1883-8/27/1966 (next to John Davis Branning)
Branning, William Edward 8/11/1908-8/20/1908 “SO J.D. & S.J. Branning”
Branning, William Leonard 4/__/?9-12/19/19__ “SO J.G. & L.D. Branning
Brown, Elsie Franklin 10/14/1898-9/14/1987
Burch, Cornelia “Nelia” Anderson 4/16/1883-1/29/1957 “Mama” (next to J.G.)
Burch, Elizabeth A. 10/15/1821-9/26/1890 “WO Robert P. Burch” (#Robert P.)
Burch, J.G. 9/2/1878-1/31/1919 “Woodmen of the World” (next to Cornelia)
Burch, Robert P. 9/27/1818-9/10/1898 (#Elizabeth A.)
Burnett, Clara S. 11/28/1879-2/6/1964 (#G.W.) “Mama”
Burnett, Floyd Lee 2/15/1932-2/21/1933 “SO L.R. & R.A. Burnett”
Burnett, G.W. 9/10/1876-9/30/1944 (#Clara) “Daddy”
Burnett, Jerry Wayne 6/24/1951-6/25/1951 “ISO Melvin & Kathryn Burnett”
Burnett, Ross, Jr. 10/29/1938-8/14/1948 “SO Ross & Ruby Burnett”
Burton, Annie B. 11/15/1885-8/9/1961 (*James Alex)
Burton, Chester A. 8/25/1885-1/18/1958 “Papa”
Burton, Earl Nelson 1/27/1915-7/5/1984 (#Virginia S.)
Burton, Flora Jane 2/23/1879-3/21/1931 (next to G.T.) {W/O G.T. Burton)
Burton, G.T. 3/21/1877-2/18/1913 (next to Flora Jane) (George, H/O Flora Jane; parents of Lula Naomi, WO Lawson Luke Cook}
Burton, Hugh Marshall 5/19/1954-5/19/1954 “ISO Earl & Virginia Burton”
Burton, Iva Leona 11/10/1901-6/22/1902
Burton, James Alex 11/6/1880-3/14/1966 (*Annie B.)
Burton, Katherine G. 5/20/1860-7/25/1933 “Mother” (next to W.J.)
Burton, Queen Robertson 8/28/1882-6/16/1962 (*John. W. Robertson)
Burton, Virginia S. 12/8/1917-8/3/1972 “WO Earl Burton” (#Earl Nelson)
Burton, W.J. 11/5/1847-10/3/1928 (next to Katherine G.) “Our Father”
Burton, William Jasper 9/29/1904-11/26/1907 “SO J.A. & M.A. Burton”
Campbell, Mack “Uncle“ (not blank, but no dates; near Ellen M. Grace)
Cheek, ____ (red brick with name painted, no other writings; next to Leon Adcock)
Cheek, Gladys Dees 5/5/1922-2/6/2002 “Mother”
Clark, Bertha H. 7/19/1910-3/25/2001 (*Johnnie B.) “married 7/8/1928” {Bertha Kathleen Haggard, D/O William Burl & Belle Robertson Haggard}
Clark, Clara Odell 10/10/1893-11/14/1981 {D/O Mary Jane Gillis & Robert
Calvin Clark, never married}
Clark, Johnnie B. 9/26/1906-4/21/1999 (*Bertha H.) “married 7/8/1928” {middle name Bee, SO John William Clark & Mary Lucy Land}
Clark, Mary J. Gillis 11/12/1871-10/23/1961 “Mother” (*R.C.) {Mary Jane Gillis, D/O John A. & Martha Rebeca Rainey Gillis, name sp. Rayney in family Bible}
Clark, R.C. “Cal” 8/13/1870-7/12/1942 “Father” (*Mary J. Gillis){Robert Calvin; from family Bible, married 2/17/1867}
Clark, Virginia Mae 4/17/1897-4/10/1919 “WO Ed Clark” {D/O J.G. & Lola Sutton Branning, sister of Gordie B. Allen}
Creekmore, “ISO Clyde & Minnie Creekmore” 6/8/1943 (only date)
Crocker, “IO G.D. & C.M. Crocker” 12/20/1920 (only date)
Culberson, Billy Gene 3/20/1932-12/16/2002 (*Doris Goodin) “married 8/18/1956”
Culberson, Burbie 4/1/1933-8/20/1933 (next to #Earl, Garland, Myrtis)
Culberson, Doris Goodin 2/11/1939-blank (*Billy Gene)
Culberson, Dorothy Day 3/7/1940-4/14/1994
Culberson, Earl 8/16/1935-8/16/1935 (next to #Burbie, Garland, Myrtis)
Culberson, Garland 7/6/1927-2/24/1929 (next to #Burbie, Earl, Myrtis)
Culberson, James Thomas, Jr. 8/15/1926-10/8/2000 (*Jo Ouida) “married 12/24/1948”
Culberson, James Thomas, Sr. 8/26/1900-8/13/1962 (*Lillie Mae)
Culberson, Jo Ouida Bunyard 5/12/1933-12/18/1999 (James Thomas, Jr.) “married. 12/24/1948”
Culberson, Lillie (or Willie?) Mae 7/3/1908-9/26/1954 (*James Thomas, Sr.)
Culberson, Myrtis 8/6/1928-5/1/1929 (next to #Burbie, Earl, Garland)
Daniel, ___ ___ 7/6/1808-7?/__/1882
Davis, Callie L. 3/1/1874-11/4/1959 (*J.Irvin)
Davis, Chestine 5/6/1916-(blank) (*Elvin) “married 12/26/1932”
Davis, Elvin 10/2/1914-5/3/1996 (*Chestine)(FHM did read Elvin E. Davis, but is no longer legible)
Davis, Jack D. 2/29/1942-4/3/1986 (*Kaye C.)
Davis, James Malcolm 2/27/1875-7/9/1945 “Father” (*Viola)
Davis, J.G. 7/26/1911-10/16/1914 “SO J.M. & Vilee Davis” (note spelling of “Viola”)
Davis, J. Irvin 12/16/1876-2/15/1932 (*Callie L.)
Davis, Kaye C. 10/7/1949-(blank) (*Jack D.)
Davis, Kristi Kaye 6/17/70-6/20/1970 “DO M/M Jack Davis”
Davis, Viola 1/27/1872-12/23/1951 “Mother” (*James Malcolm)
Daws, Margaret Anderson 3/16/1905-9/7/2002
Dees, Barney Reginald 4/14/1920-11/22/1999 [Sgt US Army World War II, same dates]
Dees, Bobby [Mississippi SSgt 18 Inf Div World War II 10/8/1917-3/24/1943]
Dees, Etta Brunett(sic) 10/27/1905-1/25/1919 “DO Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Dees” (next to Sammie H.)
Dees, Fannie G. 1/4/1886-3/2/1959 (*James H.)
Dees, Fannie Kate 7/27/1914-9/10/1985
Dees, Gertrude R . 6/17/1911-2/24/1988 “Wife” (*Jamie G., Sr.)
Dees, James H. 9/5/1882-1/9/1948 (*Fannie G.)
Dees, Jamie G., Jr. 9/12/1944-(blank) “Papa” “married 3/7/1965” (*Melba Diane)
Dees, Jamie G., Sr. 1/3/1912-8/1/1980 “Husband” (*Gertrude R.)
Dees, Joan (dates, if any, are buried in soil) “IDO James & Gertrude Dees”
Dees, Melba Diane 4/7/1946-4/23/1999 “Nana” (*Jamie G., Jr.) “married 3/7/1965”
Dees, Robert A. 1/3/1881-8/16/1945 “Father” (next to Vistula)
Dees, Sammie H. 6/23/1919-2/13/1968 “Husband”
Dees, Vistula Gillis 2/22/1885-8/26/1966(#Robert D.) “Mother” {Henrietta Vistula Gillis, D/O Dorsey & Lucinda Watkins Gillis}
Denton, Carl 5/6/1907-7/25/1983 “Father” (*Katie S.)
Denton, Jerry Lee 3/1/1946-4/12/1990 (#Katie S., Carl
Denton, Katie S. 12/12/1915-8/11/1996 “Mother” (*Carl)
Dewett, Cora 9/7/1849-3/4/1929 “Mother”
Franklin, Esther Pinkey 8/10/1916-9/13/1917 “DO W.E. & H.E. Franklin”{Father is Willie E. Franklin, Jr., H.E. his first wife}
Franklin, H.E. 1/14/1896-1/31/1925 “WO W.E. Franklin, Jr.” {First W/O Willie E. Franklin, Jr.}
Franklin “IDO Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Franklin b&d” 8/14/1931 (*Laura G.){only child of Willie E., Jr., and Laura Gillis Franklin}
Franklin, James Ralph, Jr. 12/3/1953-8/3/1994
Franklin, J.W. 8/4/1916-1/18/1985
Franklin, Laura G. 5/7/1893-7/2/1985 “WO W.E. Franklin, Jr.” {youngest D/O John A. & Martha Rebeca Rainey Gillis, 2nd W/O Willie E. Franklin}
Franklin, Laura McFarland 5/16/1865-4/26/1947 (*William Elbert)
Franklin, Lela Belle 2/3/1894-3/9/1983
Franklin, Mildred 8/7/1923-2/15/1939 (#Walter Terrel)
Franklin, Walter Terrel 8/15/1895-10/14/1934 (#Mildred)
Franklin, William Elbert 2/8/1862-9/24/1958 (*Laura McFarland) {Most certainly the parents of Willie E., Jr., but I have not proven this myself}
Franklin, Willie E. 6/6/1891-5/14/1940 {Willie E., Jr., H/O 1st H.E.____, 2nd, Laura Gillis}
Fulton, Clay 1/29/1945 (only date) “SO Mr. & Mrs. G.R. Fulton”
Fulton, Herman W. 7/19/1914-12/23/1994(*Mary Louise)
Fulton, Mary Louise 6/28/1912-(blank) (*Herman W.)
Gibson, E.D. 6/1/1848-3/1/1902 (next to Nan J.)
Gibson, J.M. 3/1/1874-2/3/1956 (next to Nicie A.)
Gibson, Lucille 11/11/1910-2/17/2003 (Aubert)
Gibson, Nan J. 8/31/1849-10/3/1943 “WO E.D. Gibson”
Gibson, Nicie A 1/12/1861-12/13/1934 “WO James M. Gibson” (next to J.M.)
Gibson, Sara 3/18/1878-12/21/1944 (#Wilburn Eli)
Gibson, Wilburn Eli 10/26/1882-9/25/1959 (#Sarah Ida)
Gillis, A.B. “Bunk” 11/8/1903-10/22/1976 {Aucie B. Gillis, S/O William Jasper & Ella Brack Gillis}
Gillis, Annie M. 10/5/1821-3/24/1909 {WO Malcolm, mother of John A., maiden name Wright, born in NC}
Gillis, Betty Ann 6/27/1928-(blank) (#T.G.)
Gillis, Claud Ellis 1876-1924 (#Corenelia){SO John A. & Martha Rebecca, b. 12/25/1883, from family Bible-d. 8/17/1924, from death certificate}
Gillis, Corenelia R. 1869-1918 (#Claud){DO John A. & Martha Rebecca, b.7/29/1877, from family Bible}
Gillis, Curtis L. 2/23/1917-1/21/1970 {S/O Doss Albert & Pearl}
Gillis, Doss Albert 9/17/1875-6/19/1953 (#Pearl) {S/O John A. & Martha Rebeca Rainey Gillis}
Gillis, Ella 5/30/1874-5/10/1950 (*William J.) (maiden name Ella J. Brack)
Gillis, “IDO W.J. & M.R.Gillis” 8/30/1912 (only date)
Gillis, “ISO W.D. & S.A. Gillis, b&d” 8/27/1905
Gillis, John (handpainted onto a strip of wood, no dates) {Possibly a S/O Doss A. & Pearl, b. 1914} (Note that this is no longer present by July 14, 2003, & I do not recall the location of the grave, so it is now lost unless someone else remembers it)
Gillis, John [Co. G, 4 Miss. CAV. C.S.A. (no dates) {John A.Gillis, H/O Martha Rebeca Rainey, b.12/29/1844, from family Bible-d. 2/9/1918, from death certificate, married 2/27/1867, from family Bible; S/O Malcolm & Annie Wright Gillis}
Gillis, John W. 9/11/1907-5/18/1982 {S/O William Jasper & Ella Brack Gillis}
Gillis, Lee Orleon 12/18/1906-12/11/1933 “SO M/M D.A. Gillis” {name is spelled “Allen” in the family Bible, but that is the only time I ever saw it spelled this way}
Gillis, Aunt Mag 1848-1922 {Margret, sister of John A., Dorcey, & Anliza; b.6 Nov 1848 in NC-d.12/16/1922 in Moscow, Kemper Co.; never married}
Gillis, Malcolm 1811-11/17/1891 {father of John A., H/O Annie M. Wright, b. in Scotland} (dates on this stone are weathering badly, noticeable even just between May and July 2003)
Gillis, Martha R. 4/28/1849-11/13/1911 “WO J.A. Gillis” {Martha Rebeca Rainey, WO John A. Gillis, 4/28/1849-11/13/1911, from family Bible}
Gillis, Pearl Jessie 6/15/1887-5/30/1970 (#Doss Albert) {maiden name Palmer}
Gillis, Raymond P. 1/8/1922-4/30/1991 (*Rosa) (in center of stone: Carolyn, Darrell, Debra, Danny)
Gillis, Rosa Lee 3/9/1926-1/14/2003 (*Raymond P.)
Gillis, T.G. 8/9/1926-8/31/1960 “Daddy” (#Betty Ann)
Gillis, William J. 2/19/1873-11/3/1946 (*Ella) {middle name Jasper, nickname Jap}
Grace, Ellen M. (not blank, but no dates; she & Mack Campbell are on either side of the Grace children) “Grandmother”
Grace, N.H. 7/21/1884-12/26/1909 “SO M.J. & N.E. Grace” (#W.W.)
Grace, Sibyl I.Griffin 11/13/1918-1/(blank)/1952 “DO Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Griffin” Grace, W.W. 6/26/1876-3/12/1902 “SO M.J. & N.E. Grace” (#N.H.)
Griffin, Alvis L. 11/10/1929-(blank) (*Myrtle E.)
Griffin, Aubert C. 12/5/1928-1/2/1996
Griffin, Aubert Hull 7/6/1899-12/12/1981 (*Lucille Gibson)
Griffin, Florence Elizabeth 6/18/1897-3/25/1987 (#Sibyl Grace & John W.Griffin)
Griffin, Guy 11/21/1911-7/15/1912 “SO J.R. & Lillie Griffin”
Griffin, Ira Vernon [Mississippi Pvt Btry E 48 Field Arty World War I 2/6/1889-8/10/1963]
Griffin, John R. 3/12/1862-8/19/1952 “Father” (#Lillie Hasty)
Griffin, John William 12/20/1890-8/29/1973 (#Sibyl G. Grace & Florence E. Griffin)
Griffin, Lillian B. 7/27/1907-3/28/1996 (*Thaniel O.)
Griffin, Lillie Clark 10/20/1878-2/8/1951 “WO J.R. Griffin” “Mother”
Griffin, Lillie Hasty 4/14/1869-11/16/1902 (#John R.)
Griffin, Lucille Gibson 11/11/1910-2/17/2003 (*Aubert Hull)
Griffin, Mavis 3/4/1914-(blank)
Griffin, Myrtis, DO J.R. & Lillie Griffin 11/25/1916-1/25/1929
Griffin, Myrtle E. 11/14/1930-(blank) (*Alvis L.)
Griffin, Thaniel O. 12/11/1905-11/22/1998 (*Lillian B.)
Grubbs, Ellis, SO T.L. & L.M. Grubbs 4/18/1896-6/6/1896 (#Elvis)
Grubbs, Elvis, SO T.L. & L.M. Grubbs 4/18/1896-6/2/1896 (#Ellis)
Gully, John T. 11/7/1919-9/1/1998 (*Grace B.)
Gully, Grace B. 1/6/1922-5/6/1976 (*John T.)
Haggard, Anna M. 2/28/1893-1/7/1983 (*Jettie T.) {Wife of Jettie T.}
Haggard, Annie 2/5/1850-4/14/1923 (*Dave & Ellen) {2nd W/O Dave Haggard, sister of his 1st wife, Ellen, dau’s. of Malcolm & Annie Wright Gillis}
Haggard, Belle Robertson 2/25/1876-3/24/1958 (*William Burl){Elizabeth Maybelle Robertson; mother of Bertha Kathleen Haggard Clark}
Haggard, Dave 4/16/1854-10/20/1914 (*Annie & Ellen) {H/O Ellen M., parents of William Burl & Jettie
Haggard, Ellen 5/3/1859-12/16/1900 (*Annie & Dave) {1st W/O Dave, sister of Annie, his 2nd wife, both dau. of Malcolm & Annie Wright Gillis}
Haggard, Homer D. 12/8/1906-2/8/1946 “Father” {Homer David, S/O William Burl & Belle; his mother‘s Bible shows death date 2/5/1946}
Haggard, Jettie T. 12/14/1888-6/15/1963 (*Anna M.) {S/O Dave & Ellen, B/O Dave, H/O Anna M.}
Haggard, Lillie Belew 2/14/1887-4/16/1972 “WO W. Burl Haggard” (#Belle, Burl) {married Burl about 1958, as his second wife}
Haggard, Lula May 3/29/1905-6/17/1917 “DO W.B. & E.M. Haggard” {D/O Burl & Elizabeth Maybelle, known as “Belle“}
Haggard, Martin 1884-1887 {S/O Dave & Ellen Gillis Haggard}
Haggard, William Burl 11/16/1883-8/23/1969 (*Belle Robertson) {father of Bertha Kathleen Haggard Clark}
Hailey, Callie D. 9/25/1911-10/23/1985 “Wife,” “Mother” (*R.Harvey Henson) (note that Callie’s surname on her stone is “Hailey,” without indication, though she is buried beside him with a similar style tombstone, what was the relationship to Mr. Henson)
Hales, Little Abbie 7/30/1897-8/31/1897 “IO G.W. & S.A. Hales”
Hales, G.W. 11/5/1853-3/27/1912 “Woodmen of the World”
Hales, Homer H. 9/25/1906-5/20/1910 “SO J.H. & M.E. Hales”
Hales, Leather H. 2/20/1904-3/23/1904 “SO J.H. & M.E. Hales”
Hales, Sarah Abbie 5/1/1857-8/5/1929
Hales, Sarah J. 1/31/1903-3/3/1903 “DO J.H. & M.E. Hales”
**Haskins, V. Caroline 10/25/1846-3/16/1908 {Virginia Caroline Wilson, 2nd W/O Aaron Haskins}
Hasty, Eugenia 2/12/1860-2/1/1932 “WO S.B. Hasty” (next to S.B.)
Hasty, Flay 11/28/1902-12/30/1905“SO S.B. & M.E. Hasty”
Hasty, Nancy 11/7/1832-9/21/1906 “WO W.W. Hasty” (#W.W.)
Hasty, S.B. 11/7/1866-10/23/1909 “Woodmen of the World” (next to Eugenia)
Hasty, Winona 5/12/1888-5/18/1888 “DO S.B. & M.E. Hasty”
Ha____, W.W. (stone broken in 3 pieces, piled up, nothing else legible, but next to Nancy, “WO W.W. Hasty“, and same clasped hands design at top of stone: by July, 2003, 2 of these are missing, the name & the hands design)
Henson, Amanda J. 3/23/1872-3/8/1914 “Mother” (*James N.)
Henson, Annie Barfield 1/15/1898-2/7/1989 (next to Joseph L.)
Henson, Bonnie Ruth 10/19/1898-2/16/1902 “DO J.N. & A.J. Henson”
Henson, Everett E. 8/30/1889-6/27/1890 “SO W.M. & M.M. Henson”
Henson, Harriet 10/27/1840-12/29/1919 “WO J.C. Henson” (next to Joseph C.)
Henson, “Infants of J.L. & A.M. Henson,” no dates
Henson, “ISO R.B. & Lula Henson” 8/2/__3_-__2____(dates mostly illegible)
Henson, James N. 2/4/1868-7/25/1950 (*Amanda J.)
Henson, Joseph C. 12/7/1835-11/27/1893 (next to Harriet)
Henson, Joseph L. 5/25/1896-1/12/1956 (next to Annie Barfield Henson)
Henson, Lula 2/5/1880-3/1/1963 (next to R.B.)
Henson, Mildred 1864-1946 “WO W.M. Henson” (next to W.M.)
Henson, R.B. 3/22/1876-8/5/1934 (next to Lula)
Henson, R. Harvey 7/8/1908-4/9/1958 “Husband,” “Father” (*Callie D. Hailey) (note that there is no indication of the relationship to Callie, buried with her surname as “Hailey,” even though they are adjacent, with similar stones)
Henson, W.M. 1/30/1866-1/28/1934 “Father” (next to Mildred) “Woodmen of the World”
Hutton, “IDO C.R. & B.A. Hutton” 7/24/1908-7/26/1908
Hutton, “IO Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Hutton” 1903 (only date)
Jackson, Glenda Sue Anderson 9/12/1945-(blank) (*Joseph Edwin) “married 3/15/1954”
Jackson, Joseph Edwin “Joe” 4/7/1942-(blank) (*Glenda Sue) “married 3/15/1954”
Jackson, J.Pearl 10/4/1919-10/13/1999 (*Van B.)
Jackson, Van B. 7/6/1913-11/9/1991 (*J.Pearl)
Jones, Andrew Jackson 2/4/1949-6/24/1949 “ISO M/M W.T. Jones”
Jones, John Thomas 5/28/1937-2/23/1963
Jones, Willie T. 4/21/1908-8/13/1973 (*other side of stone is blank)
Joseph, Nealie Gillis 6/15/1908-11/8/1983 (*Nicholas Anthony)
Joseph, Nicholas Anthony 12/20/1909-6/15/1988 (*Nealie Gillis)
Kelley, Holcey 7/3/1876-5/15/1891 “SO W.D. & S. Kelley”
Kidd, Etha Presley 4/11/1897-2/23/1970 “Mother” (#Charlie T., Mollie Hales Presley)
Luke, “ISO M/M A.V. Luke” 5/18/1937 (only date)
Mahoney, Bennye E. Bethany 1/10/1923-3/19/1986 (*Thomas Frazier)
Mahoney, Thomas Frazier 6/27/1934-3/19/1986 (*Benny Bethany)
Malner, Annie Mae 12/22/1902-9/19/1936 “Mother”
Malner, “Infant R.J. b&d” 9/11/1936
Marshall, Ray 5/5/1912-5/13/1984 (*Rebecca)
Marshall, Rebecca /19/1922-(blank) (*Ray)
Mason, Eula 1/5/1877-10/7/1950(#George) “Mother”
Mason, Fredric Odell 10/9/1932-7/16/1981
Mason, George 3/15/1874-1/11/1945 (#Eula)“Father”
Massey, Jimison 5/8/1813-7/31/1887 (*Louisa)
Mason, Judy Lee 10/7/1940-10/22/1940 “Baby”
Massey, Louisa 8/21/1820-11/19/1894 (*Jimison)
Massey, Mernerva A. 11/7/1842-2/16/1907 (*Sarah)
Massey, Sarah F. 1/19/1847-2/10/1907 (*Mernerva A.)
McArthur, A.A. 2/23/1887-8/30/1907 “W/O H.G.”
McFarland, “ISO C.E. & Imo T. McFarland” 11/7/1908-11/7/1908
McFarland, “ISO J.L. & __McFarland” (dates illegible)
McFarland, J.L. 9/27/1860-10/15/1942 (* Rena Florence)
McFarland, Lee Andrew 1/21/1901-5/9/1976
McFarland, Mamie 12/30/1886-5/14/1910 “Mother”
McFarland, Melise E. 2/10/1840-7/24/1918 “WO Walter M. McFarland” (#Walter)
McFarland, Rena Florence 3/18/1861-3/25/1940 “his (J.L.) wife” (*J.L.)
McFarland, Walter M. 4/19/1839-12/1/1918 “H/O Melise E. McFarland” (#Melise E.)
Moffett, Ernestine Brown 8/15/1936-10/13/1990 [FHM had read “Mrs.”]
Palmer, Eula Hanna 9/1/1906-7/30/1995 (#Loris L.)
Palmer, Janie Blackwell 10/3/1877-2/5/1959 “Mother” (*Walter E.)
Palmer, Loris L. 10/13/1908-12/1/1959 (#Eula Hanna)
Palmer, Marie 5/14/1937-3/23/1939
Palmer, Walter E. 8/2/1875-11/27/1940 “Father” (*Janie Blackwell)
Palmer, Walter Morris 10/12/1903-4/14/1965 (#Pauline Perkins)
Partridge, Albert L. 1874-1929 (*Maggie M.)
Partridge, Alvis 1932 (scratched onto a blank FHM, no other date)
Partridge, Bertha Jones 8/31/1898-5/31/1986
Partridge, Carrie G. 12/29/1913-8/29/1999 (*John M.) {Carrie Gillis, D/O William Jasper & Ella Brack Gillis}
Partridge, Enos Truman 9/24/1921-2/14/1990 (*Joyce Gillis)
Partridge, Hattie 1895-1922 “Mother”
Partridge, Hattie Harbour 10/8/1909-1/3/2000 (*Henry Eugene)
Partridge, Henry Eugene 4/15/1898-8/23/1960 (*Hattie Harbour)
Partridge, “Infant twins of M/M Henry Eugene Partridge” (not blank but no dates)
Partridge, John L. 7/11/1894-11/28/1944
Partridge, John M. 8/30/1907-11/27/1977 (*Carrie G.)
Partridge, Joyce Gillis 7/5/1930-(blank) (*Enos Truman)
Partridge, Maggie M. 1867-1961 (*Albert)
Partridge, Margie E. 9/22/1918-1/23/1943 “Sister”
Payne, Marie Culberson 6/9/1930-blank (*Herbert Blakely)“married 8/16/1952”
Payne, Herbert Blakely 9/27/1920-11/9/1985 “Father” (*Marie Culberson) “married 8/16/1952” [SFC US Army World War II Korea]
Peden, “IDO A.B. & S.P Peden” 6/25/1903-6/25/1903
Perkins, Pauline 6/15/1905-7/7/1991 (#Walter Morris Palmer)(note that Pauline is buried beside Walter M. Palmer& with a similar tombstone, under the
Palmer family stone, but her tombstone itself does not carry the Palmer name, only Perkins)
Pickett, Earnest W. 5/9/1903-5/28/1980 (*Myrtha)[LT COL US Air Force World War II, same dates]
Pickett, Ernest Wade, Jr. 8/11/1936-1/15/1997
Pickett, “ISO E.W. & Myrtha b&d” 12/18/1930
Pickett, Myrtha S. 2/21/1904-11/19/1995
Pierce, Quinton Odell “Tuggan” 6/11/1918-2/14/1983
Pierce, Dorthy Lois 7/6/1922-8/1/1929 (#Lottie Mae Pierce Branning)
Pierce, James L. 1910-1971 [James Leon Pierce Mississippi CPL 155 Inf World War II 9/26/1914-1/9/1971]
Pierce, James (Tad)(sic) 1876-1955 (next to Minnie J.)
Pierce, Minnie J. 10/28/1880-3/15/1943 “Mother” (next to James “Tad”)
Presley, Charlie T. 2/3/1866-4/14/1943 “Father” (#Mollie Hales Presley, Etha Presley Kidd)
Presley, Lensy K. 7/9/l900-10/12/1901 “SO C.T. & M.G. Presley”
Presley, Mollie Hales 3/25/1880-2/23/1964 “Mother” (#Charlie T., Etha Presley Kidd)
Purvis, Juanita Clark 1/4/1928-(blank)(*Woodrow W.) “married 8/10/1946”
Purvis, Ronald 2/18/1949-3/26/1950 (next to Juanita & Woodrow)
Purvis, Woodrow Wilson 6/20/1917-8/23/1996 (*Juanita Clark)“married 8/10/1946”
Rainey,______ (rest illegible, small stone, perhaps a child)
Rainey, Andrew E. 5/22/1843-10/20/1934 (next to E.W.) {brother of Martha Rebeca Rainey, who m.John A. Gillis; H/O Elizabeth Rainey} (8 native stones in same area with A.E. Rainey family are by July 14, 2003 gone & replaced by concrete blocks)
Rainey, Bessie Haggard 9/1/1896-6/26/1951 “WO John A. Rainey” (next to John A.)
*Rainey, 2 daughters of John A. & Bessie Haggard Rainey (no stones) {both born dead, 2 separate births, not twins}
Rainey, E.W. 7/26/1847-8/broken/1902 “WO A.E. Rainey” (next to Andrew E.){Elizabeth, maiden name possibly Gillis, possibly sister of Annie & Ellen, but not proven}
Raney, John A. 3/22/1884-10/6/1962 (next to Bessie Haggard) {S/O E.W. & Andrew}
Rainey, Lawrence Andrew, Sr. 3/2/1923-11/8/2002
Rainey, Leon Edmond 11/12/1928-3/19/1940 (next to Bessie & John){son of Bessie & John}
Rainey, Sallie Adelia 3/10/1867-3/3/1911 “WO W.E. Rainey”
Rhodes, Nicey C. 3/1/1854-10/22/1913
Richardson, Alice Virginia 5/18/1873-6/20/1937
Robertson, “IDO J.W. & Queen Robertson” 2/23/1910 (only date)
Robertson, John W. 2/28/1883-12/9/1942 (*Queen Robertson Burton)
Robertson, William Earl 7/26/1913-9/27/1913 “S/O J.W. & Queen Robertson”
Robertson, William T. [Co D 11 Miss Inf CSA] (no dates)
Scott, Joyce B. 8/3/1924-(blank)(*Herbert L.)
Scott, Herbert L. 1/2/1912-8/21/1971 (*Joyce B.) “Farewell...wife”
Shelender, Marcia Palmer 5/14/1937-7/17/1988
Shepard, C.M. 10/13/1862-4/5/1931(*S.E.)
Shepard, Daratha Bethany 9/11/1879-4/26/1966 (*Hollis Milton)
Shepard, Hollis Milton 12/30/1881-11/23/1947 (*Daratha Bethany)
Shepard, Maude G. 11/12/1890-4/13/1964 (*Welton W.)
Shepard, Miriam 12/10/1913-5/26/2001
Shepard, Ora Irene 8/16/1903-9/19/1963 “Mother” (*Stephen Earl)
Shepard, S.E. 1/11/1855-1/20/1938 (*C.M.)
Shepard, Stephen Earl 2/23/1899-1/7/1973 “Daddy” (*Ora Irene)
Shepard, Welton W. 6/19/1885-10/14/1978 (*Maude G.)
Simonson, Randall P. [Mississippi M Sgt US Air Force World War II 8/12/1903-1/6/1969]
Smith, Amanda S. 5/9/1854-1/4/1902 “WO N.R. Smith”
Smith, Aerian Bell 6/17/1910-11/6/1910 “D/O H.H. & M.A. Smith”
Smith, Bonnie Ruth 12/17/1913-10/15/1914 “D/O H.H. & M.A. Smith”
Smith, Cullis 6/10/1915 (only date) “S/O H.H. & Mary Alma Smith”
Smith, Henry Otis 10/15/1906-11/7/1910 “S/O H.H. & M.A. Smith”
Smith, Houston H. 7/29/1877-10/17/1953 “Father” (*Mary Alma)
Smith, Mary Alma 1/25/1881-10/20/1946 “Mother” (*Houston H.)
Smith, Melvin 2/13/1920-(could be only date, stone is partly buried) “S/O H.H. & Mary Alma Smith”
Smith, Roy L. [Mississippi SSgt 28 AAF Materiel SQ World War II 11/1/1902-7/4/1942]
Smith, Vester Elmer 8?/17/1893-10/8/1894 (stone is broken) “SO N.R. & A.S. Smith”
Stephens, Alice Presley 1/19/1909-6/7/1994 “Mother” (#William Clinton, Jr.)
Stephens, Helen Esther Nicholson 12/29/1929-12/25/1999 “Wife”
Stephens, William C. [Mississippi PFC 1 QM Co World War II 9/9/1910-10/29/1951 BSM]
Stephens, William Clinton, Jr. 7/12/1947-(blank) “Son” (#Alice Presley)
Stewart, Henry Clay 4/17/1903-5/3/1991 (*Ollie Clark){only child of George W. & Mattie McFarland}
Stewart, Ollie Clark 8/30/1901-8/9/1993 (*Henry Clay) {maiden name Laura Ethel Clark, D/O Robert Calvin & Mary Jane Gillis Clark}
Sullivan, Bobbie Nell 2/29/1940-6/1/1948 (next to R.T. & Ola)
Sullivan, Ola 3/1/1922-blank (*R.T.) [FHM reads Viola Sullivan, d. 8/30/2002] (FHM is missing on July 14, 2003)
Sullivan, R.C. 2/4/1943-9/16/1996
Sullivan, R.T. 3/1/1920-12/2/1969 (*Ola)
Sutton, J.M. 8/19/1883-9/11/___3 (broken & repaired) “DO A.J. & W.D. Sutton” (next to Willie D.)
Sutton, Willie D., died 3/11/1939, “aged 94 yrs” (next to J.M.)
Teer, Dan 6/23/1907-10/14/1977 [PFC US Army World War II, same dates) (*Dessie Y.)
Teer, Dessie Y. (Young) 11/24/1909-6/21/2002 (*Dan)
Teer, Elbert L. 7/8/1906-1/20/1976 “My Daddy” (*no name on other side of stone, only date 4/24/1943)
Teer, Emma B. 3/11/1884-7/29/1974 (*J. Mannan)
Teer, Irene B. 11/3/1914-5/24/1997 (#Elbert)
Teer, J. Mannan 4/22/1876-8/16/1968 (*Emma B.)
Terry, Gideon 11/6/1799-9/16/1889
Terry, J.W. [“To the memory of J.W. Terry who died June 10, 1866, from a wound recieved (sic) near Atlanta, Ga July 20, 1864, aged 26 yrs., 30 mos., 15 ds”]
Terry, Sealy d. 8/10/18__(broken), aged 60 yrs., 8 mos., 3 ds.
Terry, Susan 1/11/1832-(broken)__n 4, 1896
Terry, W.M. 11/10/1828-7/26/1897 (all 5 Terrys are buried adjacent)
Thomson, James R. 10/15/1899-6/30/1900
Tisdale, E.W. 6/14/1827-4/30/1908 “WO Hardy Tisdale”
Tyler, Spencer Pleasant 6/12/1852-11/22/1939
Walker, Claudie 3/13/1896-5/24/1933 (next to Lucile)
Walker, Lucile 7/17/1915-8/25/1917 “DO Allen & Claudie Walker” (next to Claudie)
Walker, Mary 1840-9/18/1918 “WO O.M. Walker” (#O.M.)
Walker, O.M. 1830-9/1/1912 (#Mary)
Warren, Bell Louise 11/3/1916-9/15/1917 “DO Mr. & Mrs. B.H. Warren”
Warren, Birtha Elain 7/6/1923-6/15/1924 “DO Mr. & Mrs. B.H. Warren”
Wilson, Beatrice Gibson 8/11/1912-(blank) (*Harold)
Wilson, Harold “Berk” 11/6/1907-10/24/2000 (*Beatrice Gibson)
Wilson, Mary E.Burch 8/17/1853-10/24/1905 “WO T.J. Wilson”
Young, Alma B. 6/23/1897-5/13/1924 “WO J.D. Young” “Mother” (next to James D.)
Young, Anna E. 10/4/1871-6/26/1951 “Mother” (#James A.)
Young, Annie L. 7/5/1889-9/26/1967 “Mother” (*John T.)
Young, Dee 3/17/1869-12/25/1944 “Father” (#Nannie C.)
Young, Edithie 11/17/1835-8/2/1907 “WO J.G. Young” (next to J.G.)
Young, Edna Vinson 1/6/1901-12/29/1957 (#Ernest, Ernest, Jr.)
Young, Elizabeth A. (rest of stone illegible) (by Jul 14, 2003, I can no longer locate this stone; its face is perhaps now completely weathered away)
Young, Ernest 10/11/1900-7/2/1961 (#Edna, Ernest, Jr.)
Young, Ernest, Jr. “Infant” (not blank, but no dates) (#Edna, Ernest)
Young, Frank 6/2/1876-1/24/1947 “Father”(#Sallie)
Young, George W. (dates illegible) (next to Marthy)
Young, Herschell B. [CS1 US Navy World War II Korea 4/14/1917-9/23/1962]
Young, “IDO J.T. & Annie Young” 12/5/1913-2/8/1913 (sic...should be 1914? The months are quite plainly December and February, respectively)
Young, James A. 4/17/1863-3/3/1934 “Father” (#Anna E.)
Young, James D. 11/2/1894-2/16/1962 (next to Alma B.)
Young, Mrs. J.F. 8/14/1874-12/3/1906 “WO J.M. Young”
Young, J.G. 10/15/1830-6/21/1916 (next to Edithie)
Young, John T. 2/17/1891-4/30/1965 “Daddy” (*Annie L.)
Young, J. Zonie 5/10/1881-11/14/1965 “Mother” (#Marten G.)
Young, “ISO A.L. & Iva Young” 12/14/1921-12/19/1921
Young, “ISO J.M. & F. __ Young” (broken, with fire ants-no dates visible) (next to Mrs. J.F., WO J.M. Young
Young, Marten G. 12/13/1875-4/14/1947 “Father” (#J. Zonie)Young, Marthy 8/25/1853-11/26/1930 “WO George Young” (next to George W.)
Young, Nannie C. 11/27/1872-2/22/1942 “Mother” (#Dee)
Young, Sallie 5/15/1875-6/28/1918 “Mother” (#Frank)
Young, W.A. 3/6/1885-12/22/1905 “SO G.W. & M.J. Young”

These notes from visits prior to July 2003:
Broken off at its base, initials scratched onto the stone are possibly “LNH,” behind James and Amanda Henson.
Possibly a footstone, initialed “AJH,” with no headstone evident.(By Jul 14, 2003, I could no longer locate this stone.)
A small, broken and weathered stone, possibly “Annie Belle,” remainder of face is gone.
3 small stones, intact but with their faces completely weathered away.
A broken stone next to the fence furtherest from the church, no engraving evident.
A small stone marked “WDS” next to Annie Barefield.
Next to Floyd Lee Burnett is a broken stone with no name, dated 12/5/1912-2/8/1913.
(By July 14, 2003, I either could not find this or read it if it is still present.)

In July 2003, I found these blank concrete blocks:
-between Martin W.& Bonnie Allen
-next to William Jasper Burton
-2, between William Clinton Stephens, Jr. and the Young family stone
-2, between J.W. Terry and J.G. Barefield
-between Jettie & Anna Haggard and Dave & Ellen Haggard
-next to Malcolm Gillis
-between John Gillis (CSA) & Martha R. Gillis
-in the area between Preston Bailey & IDO W.J. & M.R. Gillis
-between Rosa & Raymond Gillis and Herschel Young
-in front of Menerva & Sarah Massey
-between the Luke ISO and Mary, WO M. Walker
-in the area between William Earl Robertson and J.Pearl & Van Jackson, and Sammie Dees and the Anthonys are 3 rows of concrete blocks, total of 21 blocks
-next to Mary E. Burch Wilson, WO T.J. Wilson
-at the end of the J.G. Barefield plot
-3, between Leon Edmond Rainey and Andrew E. Rainey
-5, in front of the above 3 (this row includes one small tombstone, illegible except for “Rainey”
-next to a base (tombstone missing) which is next to E.W. Rainey
-next to John L. Partridge

Evidences of other possible graves:
-2 small, plain, white marble blocks next to Alvis Partridge
-an unmarked red brick beside Nicey C. Rhodes
-an intact base, tombstone missing, between Mildred Henson & ___ “WO J.B. Barefield and WO W.P Brack”
-next to Edithie Young, essentially completely weathered away, 1-2 legible letters; 2 more next to this one, both lying on the ground
-a small blank column, about 4”x 4” & about 12-14” tall, next to R.B. & V.M. Anderson infants
-a base, stone missing, next to Louisa Arrington’s old stone (perhaps this was Henry’s?)
-3 blank white marble blocks, no inscriptions, next to Henry E. & Hattie Partridge (one has “Alvis Partridge 1932” scratched onto an old FHM)
-4 bricks (1 larger than the other 3), spaced evenly between Carl & Katie Denton and Nicie C. Rhodes
-a stone evidently completely missing from next to Maggie & James G. Barefield; 2 small stones are laid near the end of this plot, possibly footstones, but the initials on both are now illegible
-a native stone between Herman W. Fulton and Marshall Terry Anderson
-a base only, between Virginia Anderson and Margaret Anderson Davis
-a base only, next to E.W. Rainey
-a small top portion of a stone lying on a base, next to V.Caroline Haskins
-2 bricks between Pearl J. Jackson & the 3 rows of concrete blocks, one previously had letters glued to it, but illegible now

This is a very difficult cemetery to “read.” I have tried to copy the names, dates, and any other information exactly as they read on the stones. No row is straight: each wanders in its own direction, there may be several graves in between crooked rows, and stones even in the same row face either forward or backward. There were at one time a number of native stones obviously marking graves, some “home-made” concrete tombstones, a brick or two with names painted on them, many stones broken and repaired (or not), many with surfaces so roughened that even still-intact lettering is impossible to read, and many whose faces have weathered completely away. There have been some metal funeral home markers, some with legible information, but mostly rusted and with nothing in them, though some have flowers stuck next to them. Other stones lay in odd places, some possibly footstones displaced from their headstones or the headstones are missing.

It is extremely likely that I have missed graves due to the irregularity of the rows. I have even revisited to proofread and edit my original list several times. Despite my diligent efforts, I can see errors in the list even now, so corrections are more than welcomed!

On my visit of July 14, 2003, I saw that all the native stones that had marked graves for generations have been removed and replaced with flat, unmarked concrete blocks. I understand that this makes for easier mowing and other upkeep, but I deplore the removal of this part of the history of the cemetery, stones placed by my family members’ hands scores of years ago. There is no sign of where these stones have been removed to. There is also quite noticeable weathering of some stones, even just between May and July of 2003. A number of stones are noted in July to have been scrubbed, possibly to provide better legibility of the stones, and this would have certainly contributed to the extremely rapid deterioration of those stones with already very delicate surfaces. There were some pieces of broken stones that had been legible even though broken, but are now missing. It appears that a number of footstones have been taken up and some are propped against or stacked onto the base of their or even other headstones.

*Information on these two small children, as well as other detail on the Andrew E. Rainey family from Nancy New Griffin, grandniece of John and Bessie Rainey, and her daughter, Amy Dupree, and from Verlin Clark Cook.
**Information on V. Caroline Haskins from Dewey Smith <deweyjames@msn.com>

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